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Mar 01, 2013, 06:08 PM
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Originally Posted by SkyCadet
Tom, what kind of gear are you using? I use Dubro 123 sport wheels now on my Beast and have them tinted black to match the color scheme of the plane. I find that these clear in grass up to around 2" fairly well, though any thicker grass sometimes even catches my plane.

Try keeping up elevator just as you flare and that should help the tail sit down. I also use a dubro 1/2" tail wheel replacing the stock wheel. I find it rolls nicely with the mains, and also help the plane handle grassy landings better.

I use that same wheels as my runway is a high school field track, made from recycled tires. Great to run on but very abrasive and rough. I painted the spokes like yours, but red on outside and black on inside (it was a rainy day).
Nice wheels, i use them on my Sbach also.
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Mar 01, 2013, 09:40 PM
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SkyCadet and Shastamike,

I ordered the Dubro 1.23 main and 1/2" tail wheels yesterday. They should be in my LHS late next week...hopefully. Can't wait! Thanks for the recommendations.

I'll be working on my landing skills. Again, I have no problem landing on pavement. Grease in almost every time. And I have no problem bellylanding smooth-belly planes such as my UMs Spit, P-40, and the larger F4 Wildcat and Radian gently and smoothly on the grass. The little ones just plop gently down and stay there. Never an ESC squeek. (Which is why I asked...never heard it before on anything I've been flying!)

When I try to slowly hover the Lil Beast in, sometimes it works great. But sometimes the motor is spinning faster to keep her nose up (and I use the throttle for altitude control) and when she lands, even though I cut power, she drops down into the grass before the prop stops spinning and over she goes.

Practice, practice, practice I guess!

Mar 01, 2013, 11:05 PM
Segelfliegen bedeutet Freiheit
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Great Tom!

I look forward to your impressions when you get the retrofit done!


Mar 11, 2013, 10:33 AM
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Great news, guys!

My Lil Beastie's 1.23 main and 1/2" tail wheels came in and I put them on last night. Painted the mains' rims semi-gloss black. They look GREAT!

Was worried about additional weight due to the paint, but figured that might not be a problem since none of you reported it making much difference.

Took her out to a local park's kids baseball field this morning. No wind and pretty clear sky. Ran through 2 RC Babbel Hyperion (2S) 180mAh 25C batteries and did multiple takeoffs and landings. Results?
-- Smooth ROG off the infield sand/dirt! (found a short smooth section)
-- Beautiful flights!
-- No noticeable flight characteristics change!
-- No noticeable additional drag or CG change!
-- Smooth, beautiful landings and rollouts on the "grass"! (not a golf course!)
-- She did tip over onto her spinner at the very end of her rollouts when her wheels stopped as they gently bumped up against a clover or grass patch. But her motor had long-since stopped so there was never an ESC squeal or any physical damage. And she did not tip all the way over onto her back as before with the stock wheels!

The main field I fly at has much rougher grass/weeds. So I'll use this park to practice my landings on until I can set her down in the grass with no rollout. And I may need to get plastic servo covers to keep dirt and grass from being slung up into the servos, especially when flying in the morning and the grass is wet.

But this new LG arrangement definitely opens up some fantastic new fields to fly her safely on. You all REALLY pointed me in the right direction! THANKS!

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Mar 11, 2013, 04:46 PM
I'd rather be flying!
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Originally Posted by SilentPilot
Oh yes!!

The 5043 / 2300 combo is about as good as it gets, it's quiet too
It works even better using 3S packs, but be warned, it will turn you into a lunatic in no time at all...

+1000! Most pilots still have that lunatic grin pasted on their face when they get home after a 3s session. I let one of the guys in the club who usually flies larger-scale unlimited aerobatic planes try the B3D on 3s with the 2300/5043 combo. He had flown mine on 2s, and was impressed with how big it flew. He had also watched me windsurf on 3s many times, so he was aware of its capabilities. Nevertheless, I could hear him laughing as he opened the throttle for the first time, pulled back on the stick, gave it full aileron, and watched the plane accelerate like a rocket while doing a rolling vertical climb. He carved up the sky until the fun-timer went off, laughing loudly quite often during maneuvers. He was still grinning like a kid in a candy store as we walked back to the pits afterward.

Speaking of lunacy, I even flew a few laps on 3s at our indoor spot. At WOT. The lap times sorta reminded me of DSSing in RF. And they're coming to take me away, ha-ha. They're coming to take me away, ho-ho-he-ha-ha-ha...

Originally Posted by kalmon
My Beast is finally grounded...

.................Ever have one of those days?

Sorry to hear about that. Here's to hoping she will fly again one day - even if only in essence, as parts on another airframe....

My original first-batch B3D became a hangar-queen last season. She's still flyable, but the last round of repairs pretty much ruined her great personality. Few things in RC are worse than discovering that one of your favorite planes, which used to have razor-sharp neutral handling, now flies like more like a poorly-built sport-plane after a major repair. I'm not up for doing a full rebuild to get the airframe straight again. I pulled the 2300Kv motor I had installed & dropped it into Sbach 3D #2. I'm now flying my newer B3D, which I had previously optimized for indoor flying.

Yeah - I've had a few days like that, too. Mine are usually caused by my 'thing' about not ending a flying session with a bad landing. It bites me every so often. I got bit pretty good last season. Glad it was with the micros. But then I typically use a bit more common sense when flying my larger stuff. It was one of those hazy, low-contrast days, when details like wires tend to disappear into the background at any appreciable distance. But I just had to fly something, so I took the B3D up for a late afternoon 3s flight I ended up hitting my ham radio antenna (again), which put the plane out of commission for the day. Can't end the day with a flight like that - right? So I decided to take the V1 CC up. After flying a few relaxing low & slow circuits, I figured it was time to have some fun. I decided to fly under the clotheslines & do a few figure-eights between the poles. Great idea, considering that I had just hit a wire antenna with the B3D due to poor lighting conditions. Sure enough, I clipped one of the clotheslines with the port wing during a steep turn, completely severing the wing. It broke right at the root where I had repaired it a couple of times before, and is not repairable again. She needs a new wing, struts, and top fuse.

The light was crappy, remember? It was getting late, so the lighting was even worse. Nevertheless, I was even more determined to end the day on a good flight. I decided to fly the 130X from the deck. I figured I'd just fly a few easy circuits around the backyard & bring her back to the deck for a smooth touchdown so I could 'properly' call it a day. Nothing can go wrong with that - right? I made a few lazy laps around the yard & then cranked her up a bit. A few laps later, I nailed the antenna with the main rotor during a full-speed pass, which grounded the 130X until I could get to the LHS. More determined than ever to get in at least one decent flight, I went back in the house & fired-up the mQX just so I could end the damned day with a good landing. Which I did.

Days like that make me wish I had left my transmitter in the case & fired up the sim instead. It has been said that there's a fine line between determination & stubbornness. Determination sounds a lot better.

Mar 11, 2013, 05:24 PM
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Oh dear Joel

I think we all have those days where we run out of talent before we run out of planes!
Mar 11, 2013, 07:29 PM
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"Yeah - I've had a few days like that, too. Mine are usually caused by my 'thing' about not ending a flying session with a bad landing."


I completely resemble that remark! I have the same 'thing' about landings. And it has bitten me on more than one occaision!

Keep the faith and keep 'em flyin'!

Mar 11, 2013, 08:42 PM
Parkzone junkie
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Welcome back Joel! Haven't seen you here lately. I bought two new aileron servos and installed them. While I had it apart I decided to try to straighten the wings as best I could. Some foamsafe CA along the creases then spread with a toothpick to get it thin but filling the crease. I haven't had weather to fly yet but she looks straight again. After I got it all assembled one of the brand new aileron servos was VERY nervous. I'm talking 50% deflection each way bouncing at center. I hate to deoxit a brand new servo, and I don't want to take it apart again. Hopefully after a couple flight it'll wear in.

The Beast sure looks rough and the LHS has a brand new one sitting on the shelf....

Mar 11, 2013, 11:03 PM
Segelfliegen bedeutet Freiheit
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ice flying today!!!

The beast did a dandy job taking off and landing near a hockey rink (outdoor) close to my home...

What a Hoot! A couple of TnGs, and some hovers, loops, KEs, you name it!!!

Can't wait for full spring to arrive here!


Mar 12, 2013, 02:34 AM
I'd rather be flying!
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Originally Posted by SilentPilot
I think we all have those days where we run out of talent before we run out of planes!
Or common sense. Or both!


Glad to know that others have the same.....umm....affliction. As the saying goes, misery loves company! Fortunately, I typically use more common-sense when flying my larger stuff.


Thanks! I've been out of town for awhile. Just got back yesterday. Still catching up with the threads! Glad to hear that you were able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Here's to hoping she flies straight & true. Not sure what to say about that servo, though. One of the aileron servos on my second B3D did that a couple of times before the maiden & then seemed to settle-down. It went nuts & locked full-down during a low inverted pass down the runway at WOT. The plane did the drill-bit right into the asphalt at full speed. I didn't even have time to cut the throttle. Wasn't pretty. HH gave me a new plane. I'd be a bit reluctant to trust a new servo if it bounced around that much.

Having a nice, fresh Beast is always a good thing. I highly recommend that you help your LHS make room for more planes & pick one up ASAP. I can't imagine having only one Beast. Sort of like martinis and a certain part of the female anatomy - one's not enough, and three's too many. They really aught to come in pairs.

Still no decent flying wx around here. Haven't flown fixed-wing outdoors since early January. Just the MV in the house. I get in a few flights from the deck with the 130X every so often, but that's it for outdoor flying. Oh - I did get in a couple flights with the 300X in the cul-de-sac. Winter sucks. I am more than ready for spring!

Mar 12, 2013, 10:10 AM
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Maiden flight.....finally!

Hi Everyone,
Off topic......since my last post, went on a 2 week vacation thru the Brazilian coast (Guarujá/São Paulo to Buzios/north of Rio de Janeiro), enjoyed the beautifully warm and crystalline water beaches, arrived yesterday and maidened the B3D

First warmed up with the UMX Trojan as I am very used to him

My COG concern was not an issue
As i am not experienced with this kind of "high response" plane, was a bit shaky to not crash on the maiden because i did not know what the behaviour would be, but all went fine
Got it into the air and did a few circuits of easy flying and loved it
It's response and stability are amazing
It goes exactly where you point it!

It was pulling a bit to the left and gave it 2 clicks on the rudder but had no time to establish if it was rudder or aileron that needed adjustment because it started raining and I landed it
Landing it could not be easier, especially on the hard and flat low tide beach sand where i flew it
Will check it now for visual alignment of the moving surfaces

It is a lot faster than the Trojan, so i took it easy on the throttle

So far, i am delighted with my first aerobatic/3D plane and now I just need to loose the fear of flying it and get used to it

Thanks again for the help on my queries

Mar 12, 2013, 10:36 AM
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Congrats on your successful maiden! Oh, what a feeling!

Yes, check her trim visually and trim her manually as close to "0" as possible for the AS3X's benefit.

Once you get her trimmed up and get some flights on her, you'll be amazed at how well she flys and how much fun she is!

I enjoy flying her "fast and furious" and doing patterns and high-speed aerobatics, but I also love slowing her down for "almost-harrier fly-bys" chest/shoulder high and close to me. Looks SO sweet! She can actually slow down as slow...and slower...than my UM T-28!

You've got a whole lot of fun flying ahead of you. Enjoy!

Mar 12, 2013, 10:58 AM
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Thanks for the push and encouragement Tom

I am looking forward to all of it

Will keep posted on the progress............which at my age doesn't come naturally any more, although a beer or a cachaça/caipirinha (cane spirit shaken with just about any tropical fruit juice or lemon and sugar; Brazil's national drink), helps to relax before the flight!

Mar 12, 2013, 11:42 AM
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The Mig15 is insane on 3s - completely different plane!! I'm about to try the Beast3D (repaired but near it's end of life) on 3s... should be awesome.
Mar 12, 2013, 12:18 PM
BMFA 190658
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Oh it is

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