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Oct 18, 2011, 12:37 AM
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Piccole Ali .60 size Reggiane RE 2005 Sagittario

Well folks, here is my next ARF build in electric power, a .60 size Reggiane 2005 Sagittario offered by Piccole Ali out of Venice, Italy.

wingspan - 1650mm (65")
length - 1440mm (56.7")
electric motor - 1250W brushless
glow engine - .61 2 stroke/.90 4 stroke
flying weight - approx 10 lbs
radio - 6 channel/7 servos

I decided to purchase this model after seeing a thread in the Fuel Warbirds section here on RC Groups. After some conversation with a nice gentleman from Piccole Ali, named Stelvio, the money was sent and the parcel was shipped. A week and a half later, it arrived.
The parcel was shipped post and arrived in unmolested condition. Piccole Ali took the time and care in double boxing the the model box (in essence, triple boxed) to ensure it arrive in the condition it did. Upon opening the 3 boxes to finally unveil the model parts, I noted that all the parts were securely tape to the inside of the box to ensure nothing got banged around inside.
I removed the packaging to inspect each part: 2 wing halves, 2 horizontal stabs, the fuselage, the cowl, the rudder, and all the small bits & pieces and hardware.
First impressions upon looking at the individual parts and the fiberglass fuselage, the model reminds me of a CMP model. although the model is listed as a Piccole Ali exclusive, I wonder if it may have been produced by CMP.
One thing that impressed me was the huge servo tray inside the fiberglass fuse; you can put just about anything you want in there.
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Oct 18, 2011, 12:49 AM
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Hardware includes all the bits and pieces you would normally see in an ARF of this type. Fixed landing gear, foam & plastic wheels, plastic retract inserts, a pilot bust, pin hinges, a plastic spinner, and all the nuts, bolts, and screws.
One thing the model doesn't come with are the fiberglass or metal control rods for the elevators or the rudder, instead it uses pull-pull cables or if you insist, you can build your own control rod using wooden dowels supplied. I think I will scrap both and just purchase a good set of gold-n-rod control rods instead.
The instruction manual supplied is in Italian of course. However, for those you cannot speak Italian, the building steps are clearly illustrated with color pictures of the model as it is being built, so , following it shouldn't be a problem.
EDIT*** Stelvio at Piccole Ali sent me the English version via email afterward which was translated well and easy to read.***
Now, even though the model is advertised as either a GP or EP model, it does not include the hardware to make it electric powered. No motor mount or standoffs, and no battery hatch. It does have the hardware for the GP version. For this reason, I placed this thread here because technically it will be a true electric conversion.
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Oct 18, 2011, 01:01 AM
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I then dry fitted the pieces together to get an idea of how the fit and finish is on this model. To my dismay, I ran into quite a few issues right away.
1. The horizontal stabs do not line up perfectly with the roots on the fuse.
2. The wing ( when put together) will not fit properly into the fuse.
3. Certain areas on the model such as the left aileron, and the bottom of the 2 wing halves have mismatched paint. The model is painted in what looks to be olive green and light gray semigloss enamel. However, the left aileron and one of the wing halves is finished in a matte paint (the gray on the wing half is actually lighter in color than the other half.)
4. The threaded bolt holes for the wing's nylon bolts are misaligned and one was cross threaded.
5. The cowl is too big and doesn't properly fit the fuse. Also, for whatever reason, unlike in the fiberglass fuselage, the manufacturer cheaped out on the detail in the cowl.
6. The left aileron seems warped and does not align properly with the wing.
7. The plastic spinner supplied is too small in diameter for the cowl (not a big deal because most of us will chuck the plastic spinner and replace it with a quality aluminum one.)
With regards to the wing not fitting the fuse properly, I had to cut out a piece of the fiberglass and widen the slot in the wooden bulkhead behind that by 300 thou. Once that was done, the wing fit perfectly.
for the nylon bolt holes, I had to open them up in the wing to allow alignment with the threads in the fuselage. I also had to clean up the cross threaded thread.
I have no idea what to do about the cowl. Maybe leave the gap on the bottom of the fuselage in order to make it less pronounced?
I will probably repaint the light gray underside of the model in order to have it matching and apply a dull-coat to the semigloss enamel olive green.
Oct 18, 2011, 01:11 AM
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After I managed to sand, cut, and fit the parts together in a test fit; despite the shortcomings of model's quality, I have to say, the airframe itself is quite striking. I think once all the bugs is worked out, Sagittario will look fantastic. Hopefully, it will fly true also.

More to follow....

Oct 18, 2011, 11:34 AM
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Joespeeder's Avatar
Hey Peter,

Really cool subject... It has it's warts but a little TLC it'll really shine.

Nice find.

Oct 18, 2011, 03:06 PM
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Re 2005

Hi Orvis,

Just got back from Italy where I bought and shipped 2 Piccole Ali Re 2005, one for me, and one for a friend in s. cal. I should receive them in a few days. I am very interested on how your project continues and how you will solve the kit issues. I am hoping mine won't have them. Stelvio seems quite gracious and helpful. They some interesting new products coming up
Oct 18, 2011, 09:38 PM
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Thanks Joe. I think so too. I'm really excited to finish this one and get it flying; hopefully before the snow falls.

It will be curious to see how your models turn out quality wise. Hopefully, mine is the exception and not the norm.
I heard there were rumors of them coming out with new products namely a G-55 Centauro and a Fiat CR-42. The G-55 would definitley be cool.

Back to the Sagittario; I am going to take the Power 90, the CC Phoenix ICE 100amp ESC, the E-Flite electric retracts, and all the servos removed from my destroyed Dewoitine and put it into the RE2005.
Unless I encounter more issues, it shouldn't take long to finish.

Oct 18, 2011, 10:15 PM
Bypass Ratio = Infinity
scatsob's Avatar
Its funny that you mention CMP because the exact same thing when through my mind when I got my ESM Spitfire.

Cool project and an interesting subject matter. The Italians produced some interesting aircraft. It looks like it should be easy to fly. With an aspect ratio like that you might have trouble getting it back on the ground .
Oct 18, 2011, 10:41 PM
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Actually I read on one of the Italian Rc forums that the wing area is only 43dm2 (667 sq-in) and will have to be flown fast and snared out of the air instead of landing.... Thank goodness it has large flaps.

Oct 19, 2011, 09:33 AM
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max fox's Avatar
Ciao Piter,grazie per avermi segnalato il nuovo topic,io aspettavo tue notizie negli aerei a scoppio.
Mi dispiace che l'aereo sia arrivato con dei problemi di assemblaggio e di verniciatura (si vede dalle foto)questo a me fa pensare che in fabbrica hanno mischiato due lotti differenti,e che qualcuno avrà il tuo stesso problema,se scopri chi è potete scambiarvi i pezzi,scherzi a parte,spero che non ti comporti problemi con la costruzione.
Ho letto con piacere che sono volati oltre oceano altri due Re2005,volevo precisarti anche che piccole ali,ha in programma il prossimo anno un Mc200 1600mm apertura alare e un Re2005 più grande,noi abbiamo proposto un G55 Centauro e un CR42 Falco,il CR42 quì da noi ha più successo,anche perchè non si trova in nessuna parte del mondo,il Centauro in Germania lo trovi,se ti interessa ti mando il sito dove guardare e chiedere foto,so che ha la fusoliera in fibra e ali in balsa,penso simile al Reggiane che hai comperato.
ciao Massimo
Oct 19, 2011, 11:40 AM
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Ciao Max,

Tutti i problemi con il Sagittario sono risolvibili con l'eccezione del cofano in fibra di vetro, io sono sicuro di cosa fare con questo. Comunque, io non sono preoccupato, la cellula sembra grande e sarà sicuramente ottenere commenti al campo di volo locale.
Il kit Centauro dalla Germania, che sarebbe il modello "Top Rippin" con le ali anima la schiuma?

Oct 19, 2011, 12:42 PM
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max fox's Avatar
Si e quello!
intanto ti mando un sito,un signore ha costruito il mio sogno,se lo vende vado in banca e mi faccio prestare i soldi e lo compero
sempre in questo sito potrai vedere un Re2005,purtroppo lo hanno venduto
Ciao Massimo

Oct 19, 2011, 05:25 PM
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Hello Peter, I'm glad to see that you are building an RE 2005 Sagittarius. Sergio also has a built with a wingspan of 2200mm and you can see in our blog that you were referred. I also built a hunting Italian Fiat CR 42 Falco. And 'visible on the blog. Good job.

Daniel, Admin www.rcaeromodellismo.it

PS Excuse my English not good.
Oct 19, 2011, 05:40 PM
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max fox's Avatar
Salve Daniele,ti ho fatto i complimenti per il tuo CR42 sia sul vostro sito che su Baronerosso,spero che tu non l'abbia presa a male se ho postato il vostro sito.
Ciao Massimo.
Oct 19, 2011, 06:07 PM
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Ciao Massimo,
Nessun problema, ci mancherebbe altro
Sei tu che distribuisci i prodotti della ditta Piccole Ali? E quindi il RE 2005?


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