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Jan 24, 2012, 05:34 PM
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I'm about where you are Madratter. The MSR in RF5.5 is almost uncontrollable (from the swap pages).

I've been thinking of upgrading to RF6 anyways, but it's good to hear that it should be on par with reality now.
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Jan 24, 2012, 05:38 PM
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I think the micro helis in RF6 are still a bit touchy in the physics. Did KE include a micro heli for RF? I don't even know. I'm more into planks. It's hard to get the physics right on a 1 oz. helicopter, like the mSR. Actually, I just spin my computer chair around to fly my real mSR.
Jan 24, 2012, 06:33 PM
Registered User
I don't remember any micro helicopters being included. I just looked over the list and I don't see anything that comes standard. There does look to be a Micro in the Helipack although it is a Coax. There has been an MCPx recently posted to the Swap pages for RF6 but I have not tried it yet.

Personally speaking, I prefer to fly 450 class helicopters in the simulators (Phoenix or Realflight).
Jan 24, 2012, 08:46 PM
Skaluf's Avatar
Originally Posted by jtaylor996
I'm about where you are Madratter. The MSR in RF5.5 is almost uncontrollable (from the swap pages).

I've been thinking of upgrading to RF6 anyways, but it's good to hear that it should be on par with reality now.
Many of the models found in the swap files are very good, some are better than others of course. The point is that they don't all represent the actual model accurately. However, with tweaking within RealFlight you should be able to dial the model in to get the feel you are looking for (if the model is rendered accurately).

Feb 19, 2012, 10:43 PM
Registered User
Just upgraded my RF 4.5 to RF 6.0

I'm amazed at how bad the upgrade software is. No settings are carried over from your previous version of RF. Almost all the software I have, even the free stuff does this.

Moving over the add-on disks that I paid for is even more of a pain. The instructions don't mention how to do this, it should be done automatically of course. Searching on the web, I find the information on the Knife Edge forums - but how will people know they have to look there? Then I find I have to register to download the two utilities required. My account no longer works, so I had to create a new one and wait until it is authorized. I can wait, but I paid for this software, why all the hassle, put the utilities on the upgrade disk and include instructions about them.

Phoenix does it so much better. And so far, I haven't been charged for upgrades, even from 2.0 to 3.0.
Feb 19, 2012, 11:25 PM
Registered User
Now I'm really beginning to regreat upgrading from 4.5 to 6.0.

I fly airplanes and helis, 3D only. I use Phoenix for helis and RF for airplanes. I was hoping for significant improvements in the physics for airplanes moving from RF 4.5 to 6.0.

Maybe there is some improvement, but it is so minor it isn't worth the cost of the upgrade. Still no wing rock modelling (I didn't expect this to be modeled). High alpha flight still doesn't model the greatly reduced effectiveness of the ailerons - is that so hard to model?

I've read that the weird rudder behaviour was fixed. In RF 4.5 the rudder was at times realistically effective, and at other times, such as in knife edge loops, almost completely ineffective. RF 6.0 very marginally fixes this. Since I can't get my expansion disks imported yet, I'm stuck with the crummy default selection of 3D planes. With the 35% Sbach, with the rudder travel increased from 35% (who flies a plane like this with 35% travel) to 45%, I can just do a knife edge loop using full throttle. I don't own this plane so I can't say for sure, but my 30 and 50cc 3D planes can knife edge loop without full 45% rudder and throttle.

Now I find that Phoenix is close to releasing a new version 4.0. And of course, because Phoenix believes in giving their customers value for their money, the upgrade is free. Hopefully Phoenix 4.0 improves the physics on the airplanes, if they do there will be no reason for me to own RF 6.0.
Feb 20, 2012, 06:31 AM
Registered User
I have seen people on the RF forums make their first post after being a member for several years. If your "account no longer works," I'm betting you forgot your username or your password. Or you were banned.

I did find it a little amusing that you found out how to migrate the AddOns files for yourself, and then wondered how people were supposed to do it. If you have the AddOns working in G4, you've already done that file copying. I think it's reasonable to assume you'd have to do it again. (Installing Expansion Pack 6 also will install the 5 free AddOns.) Whether you paid for the AddOns is irrelevant. The AddOns discs can only be installed in G2 and G3. The content is available to anyone who has G4 and up, for free. But you have to do a bit of file wizardry, as described at, to get them to work.

People also have to stop thinking of RF6 as an "upgrade." I know that's what the box says, but it's really not. It's new software. Installing RF6 does not overwrite previous versions of RF. Both can exist on the same computer. Aircraft loaded for one version would not be available on the other version. I'm assuming that Phoenix upgrades replace prior versions. RF6 (and G5 for that matter) do not.
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Feb 21, 2012, 12:37 AM
Registered User
I think my account did expire. After getting my new account authorized I tried to log in with the password I selected. It didn't work, even though I wrote down the password I used. So I tried the "I forgot my passord" feature, which makes you type in a Captcha. No problem, sometimes it takes me a couple of attempts to type these in, but how hard can it be? Ten attempts later, I got a little annoyed. Finally found one I could type in correctly. Thank goodness they protect their site so well, there so much valuable stuff there.

I'm sure most people could eventually find out how to migrate customizations/add-ons, but why make it difficult. Despite running both migration tools I still get an error message about something missing. Oh well, par for the course for RF.

I've finally more or less got everything configured like it was in 4.5, except somehow the switch mapping for helis is wrong. More fiddling required I guess. Switch mapping is still a mess, just like it was in RF 4.5.

I wish I had a chance to see RF 6.0 before buying the upgrade, I could have saved myself $50. I'm having a hard time noticing any improvements in the physics for airplanes, I would think after two major upgrades this would improve. There are very marginal improvements, but they are very slight.
Feb 21, 2012, 06:35 AM
Registered User
KE said that the airplane physics for RF6 were slightly improved, just like you said. RF6 is about heli physics. If you read through the forums or their website, you would've seen that.

As far as your password difficulties, I was able to log on with a very old account. It was not expired. You said you even had troubles logging in with your new password. I think there's other things at work here, not their log in server. The reason it's difficult to register and post there is the same reason as many other forums. It would get inundated with spam, otherwise. It has nothing to do with "protecting valuaable stuff."

I'm sorry you don't like RF6, but you come across to me anyway, as someone who's blaming everything but himself for a purchase he doesn't like. If you would've done your homework, you would've known RF6 was about helis, not airplanes.
Mar 08, 2012, 10:20 AM
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muscleflex's Avatar
anymore people impressed with realflight 6?
Mar 08, 2012, 10:57 AM
Registered User
Every day. There are also people who don't like it. Go to a hobby shop and check it out for yourself.
Apr 04, 2012, 04:04 PM
Registered User
I decided not to buy it because it would not migrate the 100 planes I have downloaded from the swap pages. Those are what I fly 80% of the time. I am also waiting for RF to improve simulation of landing stalls that occur with my high WCL planes, otherwise known as pigs. I would buy it if they added a tab for quickly changing CG. I have to wonder if they talk to customers [RC pilots with extensive experience] and ask them what they want.
Apr 04, 2012, 05:06 PM
Registered User
People offer suggestions for RF all of the time. Some of the ideas are implemented.

As for your migrating 100 planes, the feature does exist. The is a separate migration tool available at the RF forums. Which tool you need depends on which version you're migrating from.
Aug 10, 2012, 07:34 PM
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Any chance of realflight going to digital distribution? Not a single store within 20 miles with an upgrade copy in stock....
Aug 11, 2012, 10:53 AM
Registered User
Doubtful. Buy it from

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