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Oct 17, 2011, 08:23 PM
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New Heng Long Panzer III Owner

I just received a new Heng-Long Panzer III from ThinkGeek as a B-Day gift, and I have to say that I am moderately impressed with the model, especially considering that it is a "made in china" "toy".

Upon initial examination, i was tremendously impressed with the scale detail. This is my first model tank, and I was fully expecting a molded-plastic toy-grade tank with featureless hulls and only enough moving parts for basic function. Instead, I found that it has numerous fine details, which appear to be accurate to the original tank, and even (to my astonished pleasure) a fully-articulated scale suspension system designed around the same torsion-bar suspension as the original PzKpfw-III. Further inspection and comparing against photographs of actual Panzers revealed that not only are there many small details rendered on the hull of the tank, but that they are accurate to the original vehicle as well.

Mechanical functionality is good, but does have a few minor let-downs. The turret on mine hangs when traversing through approximately 30-40 degrees left of dead-ahead, sometimes enough to skip the drive gear. I have disassembled the tank (surprisingly straightforward) and found there are some rough patches on the turret-ring-gear and the hull where it rides causing this, but have not been able to smooth them out enough to completely eliminate the problem.

Next on the list, the smoke generator is practically non-existent. I had not noticed on the website that it was supposed to have one, so when the manual described it as having one, i was ecstatic. However, after operating it, the amount of smoke produced is pathetic, not at all visible while moving or against a light background, and it is so noisy that it drowns out the tank-sounds from the internal speaker. I took the SG apart to see what the problem was, and discovered that the heating element inside it looks like it could probably handle a whopping 4-5 mA of current. Seriously, i've seen fast-blow fuses with beefier wires in them. If anyone knows of a suitable replacement for the SG (one that is quiet and puts out a noticeable quantity of smoke) i would be interested in it.

Lastly, the wireless reception is.... sporadic. The driving controls work reliably, with probably no more than 5-10% incidence of fluctuation in a poor signal environment. However, the turret functions (traverse, elevate, fire) seem to be extremely intolerant of signal noise. Inside my appt, i can barely get them to function, experiencing probably a 60-80% glitch/non-reception rate. However, the control works excellently just about anywhere else, and i have discovered that while in a poor signal environment, i can "jostle" the turret functions by inputting a track command simultaneously, and then it will work.

I was somewhat bummed to discover that the Rx is integrated with the multifunction control module, and i thus cannot simply pop in a spektrum Rx and bind it to my DX-7. Overall, however, I am tremendously pleased with this model and find myself taking unexpected pleasure from operating it.

Plans for the future: I intend, at some point, to yank out the stock electronics, and replace them with a JR/Spektrum Rx, brushless drive motors, and maybe 1 or 2 other things. I just read the thread on the phone-line-swivel mod, and i really like that idea, so it will probably be first on my list of upgrades.

I have just confirmed that the Delta-Wing mixing on my DX7 will serve to allow right-stick to control 2 separate ESCs correctly for the tracks (fwd/back operates both chs the same direction, left/right operates them opposite directions) so when i am ready to change out the guts, all i will need to figure out is how to drive the traverse, elevate, and fire motors (probably just need some small brush-motor controllers). If anyone has experience doing this, tips or a link to a project thread would be appreciated

EDIT: Video and Pics
Video that i cant figure out how to imbed

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Oct 18, 2011, 11:38 AM
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HL Pz3 Converted to Tamiya DMD Units

Yes, the HL Pz3 makes a good rc conversion platform and I use a 4 channel Futaba 2.4 Skysport Radio.

There are many after market parts available also, scale main gun barrels, metal tracks etc:
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Oct 19, 2011, 04:15 AM
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You've made serveral good observation regarding Heng Long PanzerIII ShuRugal

Warning > if this is your first RC Tank
I'm sure you'll build on the collection
Oct 19, 2011, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by A N Z A C
You've made serveral good observation regarding Heng Long PanzerIII ShuRugal

Warning > if this is your first RC Tank
I'm sure you'll build on the collection
I am starting to feel the bug, as it were. I usually don't have any interest in ground RC, but this one has me hooked.

Been browsing around for useful mods from stock, and i like the idea of adding a swivel to the harness for the turret. I also noticed people modding the stock SG with a fan to increase output, and, more importantly, throttle-linking the SG. The fan mod i can manage, but i am curious to know how people are linking the SG speed to the throttle.
Oct 20, 2011, 04:02 AM
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have a look bhop73 build blog
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Oct 21, 2011, 08:36 PM
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I didn't like the position of the switches, so i moved them. The main switch is now in the un-used slot on the left side of the hull, and the smoke and volume controls are under the right-rear hatch on the upper hull:

Then i plugged the holes with grey RTV:

then i went on a water-proofing kick and sealed all 12 holes for the suspension guides:

and built a gasket for the battery compartment from RTV:

the sealing job is probably not perfect, won't be much defense against a serious puddle, but it beats the crap out of having 12 holes flush with the bottom of the hull plus the battery box.

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