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Tower Hobbies F4U Corsair Brushless Rx-R Review

Tower Hobbies has a released a beautiful new Corsair to the EP market. The plane is a ready to fly model, receiver ready and value priced. Just add your receiver and 3s battery and you will be in the air quickly.



Wingspan:39" 990mm
Wing Area:271 sq in 17.5 sq dm
Wing type:EPO foam semi-symmetrical
AUW weight:Advertised 28-30oz 795-850g Actual 26.6oz 755g
Length:31" 785mm
Wing loading:~14.2oz/sq ft
Cube loading:10.3
Transmitter:Futaba 7c 2.4GHz
Servos:Micro included
Receiver:Futaba R617FS 7 channel FASST 2.4GHz
Battery:Flyzone 1800 3s 20c
Motor:1000kv Brushless Outrunner included
ESC:SuperTigre 30a ESC included
US distributor:Tower Hobbies
Available:Tower Hobbies F4U Corsair Rx-R
ARF Price:$124.98

Tower Hobbies has added an all new warbird to their lineup, a pilot favorite, the F4U Corsair. This model is Rx-R or receiver ready out of the box. You simply add the receiver of choice and a 3s battery and you are practically in the air!

With the popularity of ready to fly models it is no doubt Tower Hobbies would release this WW2 classic fighter. This is a stunning model molded from EPO (expanded polyolefin) foam that has a very tight bead. The final paint finish will have you really looking to see any imperfections or individual foam beads. It has a three-color scheme common the the Pacific theater and it looks fantastic! The markings are installed for you and I should note they are also very impressive. Instead of the normal stick on type decals this model includes markings that melt into the finish. They look painted on, very impressive.

What is even more impressive is the finish detail of the Corsair. It is a receiver ready model (Rx-R) and will be ready to fly in less than an hour. The servos, ESC, motor control surfaces, horns are all installed. All you have to do is add the receiver do the radio setup and select a battery of your choice and you are in the air.

Kit Contents

The review package shipped from Hobbico and it arrived in perfect condition. It was exceptionally well packaged, triple-boxed and the contents in the box were isolated and protected from shifting during shipment.

As expected with Tower Hobbies products, the there is an excellent, plain English, pictorial manual with complete step by step instructions Manual.

Kit includes:

  • Pre-built and assembled model receiver ready (Rx-R)
  • EPO foam with expertly painted finish
  • Horizontal stabilizer ready for attachment
  • Conventional landing gear
  • Canopy
  • Pilot figure
  • Factory hinged surfaces
  • All hardware installed and ready for flight (Pushrods and horns)
  • Decal type markings
  • Clear well-written picture assembly guide

Kit requires:

  • 3s Battery 1800 mAh recommended
  • 4 channel receiver

Included for this review:

 Futaba FASST 7 Channel Receiver
Futaba FASST 7 Channel Receiver
 The FlyZone 1800 mAh 3s Battery
The FlyZone 1800 mAh 3s Battery


The Tower Hobbies F4U Corsair is listed as a Rx-R airplane and was factory assembled almost ready to fly out of the box. You simply add the horizontal stabilizer, receiver and a 3s 1800-2200 mAh battery and you are ready to go! Most will find the Rx-R Corsair will be ready for flight in about an hour.

Done by the factory:

  • Entire model painted and attractive markings
  • Surfaces hinged by the factory
  • Servos and linkages are all installed
  • 30 Amp ESC installed
  • 1000 kV Brushless outrunner motor installed and connected
  • Magnet attached cowl for easy access and no exposed screws

The builder needs to:

  • Install the landing gear
  • Install the horizontal stabilizer
  • Install the receiver


The wing comes as one piece with dual servos for the ailerons. They are installed and ready to setup. Tower Hobbies has included a Y harness that is connected to the servo wires. All that is needed for completion is feeding the installed wires into the fuselage and using one small wing bolt to attach the wing.

In order to get the necessary throw it was necessary to move the pushrod to the outer hole of the servo horn for more throw. It was a quick task to disconnect and reattach with the EZ type connectors.

The landing gear plates are factory installed and you simply slide the wire gear into the accepting slots. Simple and quick!

The wing assembly attached with ease to the fuselage with a single nylon bolt. The front section is retained with a plastic flange in the fuselage.


The F4U Corsair fuselage is also EPO foam with an exceptionally tight bead. It is really difficult to see any bead separation at all. It was very smooth and made for an impeccable finish.

The servos for the elevator and the rudder were installed and ready for use.

Tail feathers

The vertical stabilizer is also of the same high quality as the fuselage and wings. The rudder and vertical stabilizer are installed with no work needed. You only need to attach the horizontal stabilizer to the fuse with a single screw. Once done you simply attach the clevis to the horn and your are done!

The F4U Corsair had a nice included painted pilot figure. He is actually decent looking too and it was great to see this detail on a budget-priced model. Excellent work Tower Hobbies!

The canopy is very secure with strong magnets no worries about accidental loss while in flight.


The Tower Hobbies Corsair also includes a EPO foam cowl that has factory installed magnets to secure that to the model. It sure makes motor access easy. I like that there are no exposed screw heads to attach the cowl. This is excellent quality especially considering the budget price for this model.

Battery installation was the next task. The area was pretty small and you need the light pack all the way forward for the proper CG. I removed some foam so the pack could go all the way to the back of the firewall. A larger ElectriFly 1800 pack was easier to attain CG. 2200 mAh packs would be just fine after a bit of foam removal. Heavier packs will help with CG anyway. The model is very light in the air and can easily handle the extra weight.

Since I have pushed the pack so far into the nose using the provided hook and loop tape was a bit of a challenge. After thinking for a bit I think I solved the problem in style. I used a small dowel glued into the hatch to assure the pack could not slip back into the fuselage. It has worked perfectly for me!


The 1000 kV motor is factor mounted and installed. No work for you here!

Power system

The Tower Hobbies F4U Corsair has a 1000 kV motor and SuperTigre 30 Amp ESC installed and ready for use.

Amp draws

The included brushless motor is perfect for use with 3s packs. The 1800 Flyzone pack was used in testing of the power system. The powerful 1000 kV motor produced the following results:

Motor statistics on 3s
Included SlowFly Propeller Amps Watts Voltage
9x4.5 24 269 11.2v

These power levels gave the Corsair exceptional performance in the air. You can lift off in about two fuselage lengths. I found that the Corsair flew with authority with the standard power system. No need for upgrades on this plane!


The recommended Flyzone 3s 1800 MAh pack was used to provide power for the Corsair. This pack tips the scale at exactly 134g. Performance of this light pack was stellar as can be seen it provided good voltage with the 24amp load.


The Tower Hobbies F4U Corsair is foam but it has a very dense bead. This makes it nearly impossible determine that this is actually a molded foam model as the surface finish was very smooth. The three-part paint was very attractive and followed schemes from the Pacific theater. The attractive markings really helped to set the model apart. They were not the cheap "stick-on" type but rather looked to be sealed decals. Very nice for a model with a value price.


Some ground shots of the F4U Corsair. It is a stunning model and is represented well in scale detail. I am so impressed with the quality of the foam models that are coming out these days. The Tower Hobbies Corsair is a real looker! I was so pleased to see the correct color used for this Corsair. The Corsair blue is unique and this model represents it authentically.


In order to attain the proper CG the light 1800 3s Flyzone pack had to touch the rear of the firewall. That enabled the most rearward recommended CG. A larger or heavier pack will be right at home in the Corsair. The ElectriFly 1800 was a bit heavier and it put the CG in the middle of the range. 2200 mAh packs can easily be used and will help to attain a more forward CG if desired. With the larger 2200 mAh packs you will not have to push them as far forward to attain CG. I found even the rear most recommended CG was safe.

Rates and transmitter setup

The Futaba 7c FAAST transmitter was used to control this plane. Rates were set as recommended in the manual per the chart pictured below:

The manual does not have any recommended settings for exponential rates so I started out at 25% for the primary flight controls. I found that the elevator low rates were spot on but I increased the Expo to about 30% to soften them just a bit more to my preference. Aileron control was very soft on low rates and I now use high rates as my new low rate. That increased the aileron response that aligned with my flying style. Rates are very much a pilot preference - set yours accordingly.

The flight timer was set to count down from 5 minutes giving an audible warning to land before the battery was depleted. The Flyzone pack and stock motor were easily able to supply the Corsair with stunning power. I was happy the stock propeller provided decent speed as well. I was worried the 4.5" pitch would not yield much but was pleasantly surprised with the in-flight performance of the included propeller.


In the air the Tower Hobbies Corsair is remarkably well behaved. It felt very light and very agile especially when using the rear CG recommendation. I don't know why I was surprised as it is a very light model! It will perform any sport aerobatics you feel like doing and the Corsair did not exhibit any nasty snap characteristics. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy this model was to fly.

In flight pics come from me while Doug my flying buddy did an excellent job of posing the F4U. After flight number two he was off to home so he could go to Tower Hobbies and place his order. Yes, it is that impressive!

Takeoff and Landing

The F4U Corsair comes with large tires that make grass take-off's and landings an easy task. I was also surprised that is was easy to keep tracking down the runway with some rudder input. I found that take off power was reached before advancing the throttle stick very far at all. It will start to lift before half throttle stick position. There was a large reserve of power.

The lack of a steerable tail wheel was a big oversight. It is the only feature of this plane I don't care for. It is such an excellent performer to be locked into a fixed tail wheel was a bummer. I did notice that the tiller was plastic and when I lifted that you are able to allow it to free castor. I have not tested with that setup but it is an option.

Landings were a piece of cake with the Tower Hobbies Corsair. It is a good size park flyer type model and it slows very well on landings. It is totally predictable and does not exhibit any bad behavior right until stall.

Special Flight Characteristics

The Corsair does not have any bad habits that I can coax out of this stunning performer. It easily managed 4 channel aerobatics with no complaints. Understandably, it is a scale model not a 3D ship in any way and was flown very much using the wing.

Loops required barely over half throttle setting and were easy to keep very round and large. The Corsair rolls well with the increased rates I used for aileron throws. The rolls were mostly axial with a tiny nudge of down needed at the half point.

I am having a blast flying the Tower Hobbies F4U Corsair. You will be hard pressed to find a small warbird that is this well behaved. You will also have a hard time finding one that looks better - it is simply stunning both in the air and on the ground. I was very happy with the budget priced model in every aspect.

Recommended power system

Power on 3s voltages was stunning with the included 9x 4.5 SF propeller. I was fantastically impressed in fact with the vast power of the stock system. It is guaranteed to put a grin on your face and is very "fighter" like.

Is this plane for a beginner?

The Tower Hobbies F4U Corsair is intended for pilots with basic flight skills. You do need some comfort with flying but it is very easy to manage due to the light wing loading.

Flight Video



The lines of the classic, beautiful Corsair are impossible to miss. While this a molded foam model you will not easily detect that fact due to the sharp looks of the Tower Hobbies F4U. The foam beads are very dense and the paint is impeccable. It is a very sharp model both on the ground and in the air.

The Corsair was a snap to assemble, and it went together faster than quick. The hard work was done for you at the factory, leaving you with little to do. A few short assembly tasks and radio setup are all that was needed.

Ground handling of this small model was not the best due to no steerable tail wheel. It was easy to disconnect and allow the wheel to castor freely. I strongly prefer the steerable option. The main gear was a strong point with the large main gear the Corsair was able to handle grass with ease. Once the tail is in the air it actually steers very nicely.

In flight the Tower Hobbies Corsair really comes to life. Considering its heritage as a prized WW2 fighter in the Pacific it was no doubt performance was in the genetics of this model. The model is a pure joy in the air. It will do any sport aerobatics and yet was very easy to handle.

It was great that the designers kept this model light and with the pack all the way in the nose the balance was fine with no additional weight needed. A larger 2200 pack works well too so if you have a stash of those like most of us do have no fear a small amount of foam removal will have those fitting perfectly.

It is lightly loaded and floats very well on landings. Wind handling was excellent and this spring was a real test of its ability to cut through the wind. I could not have been more impressed. This plane has quickly earned a spot in the car every time I go to the field. It is remarkable!

The Tower Hobbies F4U Corsair Rx-R is a real treat to assemble and fly - get yours today!


  • Magnet secured battery hatch
  • Magnet secured cowl
  • Complete hardware package
  • Essentially ready to fly out of the box
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Short assembly time
  • Great fight performance


  • Lacks steerable tail wheel
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Sep 18, 2012, 05:17 PM
If in doubt, add accelerant
Lberry.88's Avatar
Nice review, plane looks good though those wheels do look pretty conspicuous, maybe a plastic part to model the real faring may have helped... That magnetic cowl attachment is a really neat idea though, nice to see it make it down the budget end of models!
Sep 18, 2012, 06:50 PM
Registered User
tailskid2's Avatar
Good review!
Latest blog entry: Next!
Sep 18, 2012, 07:03 PM
Registered User
Wingman26's Avatar
You Tube video seems to be missing?

Streaming videos on You Tube are great, downloading 81 mb videos at the 30-40 k this board often downloads at sucks.
Sep 19, 2012, 12:21 AM
They call me Lipo.....
Justwingit's Avatar
Great review Mike!

This is a fantastic model; after letting one of my buddies fly mine (several times) he now owns one! He even called me the other day just to say he flew even more batteries through his and is loving every minute of it...a bona-fide home-run by the Tower Hobbies/Hobbico crew !

Lberry, I put PZ Spitfire tires on mine, that I bought on sale at a LHS. Looks a little more scale IMHO. Don't wait....order's electric !

Latest blog entry: E-flite AT-6 1.5m!
Sep 19, 2012, 02:54 AM
Registered User
seeingeyegod's Avatar
ooh. I think I might just want this.
Sep 19, 2012, 05:33 AM
Registered User
Ldm's Avatar
mike great review but i have to wonder from a marketing stand point why Tower/great planes is so late to the epo format and introduce a corsair with a 2 blade prop, giant wheels, no flaps ect , when there competition is on version 3 and 4 in all sizes 1100 and larger with all types of scale detail ?
Even Horison is on there new version , and just wondering what the marketing team at Tower/Great planes is thinking ?
Sep 19, 2012, 05:55 AM
If in doubt, add accelerant
Lberry.88's Avatar
Ldm that's a good point; I know they are unfair comparisons but for $10 more you can buy a Durafly 1100mm Corsair with flaps, retracts....
Sep 19, 2012, 10:33 AM
They call me Lipo.....
Justwingit's Avatar
Sometimes simpler is better...

No retracts to worry about fiddling with, and this thing doesn't need flaps. It's extremely floaty as it is. And running lights; seriously, when can you even see the things

I could've easily bought the Durafly, but made a conscious decision with purchasing the T-H Corsair --- and I'm glad I did!

Last edited by Justwingit; Sep 19, 2012 at 02:02 PM.
Sep 19, 2012, 10:46 AM
Registered User
Thanks Mike. Nice review, great pictures. And yes, sometimes simpler is better. John
Sep 19, 2012, 11:54 AM
Registered User
WRXpilot's Avatar
Originally Posted by Ldm
i have to wonder from a marketing stand point why Tower/great planes is so late to the epo format and introduce a corsair with a 2 blade prop, giant wheels, no flaps ect , when there competition is on version 3 and 4 in all sizes 1100 and larger with all types of scale detail
I think they're simply going after a different segment of the market. The Tower F4U is a smaller, lighter, plane that conforms more to the true "park flyer" ideal, and at a lower price point. And coming from a company that many are comfortable with, and have had a good CS relationship with for years.

Originally Posted by Lberry.88
Ldm that's a good point; I know they are unfair comparisons but for $10 more you can buy a Durafly 1100mm Corsair with flaps, retracts....
You can get the Tower F4U for $125, with free shipping, and another $15 off by coupon if you're in Tower's "super saver club". That's $110 to your door. There's no way you're getting a Durafly F4U to your door for "$10" more than that.

Durafly is clearly going after ParkZone, I think Tower is targeting someone who doesn't want all those features (and the weight they bring), and is looking to spend considerably less on a true park flyer.

By all accounts, it looks like a great little plane, and a huge improvement over the old GP Electrifly Corsair, my example of which has been sitting broken on a shelf for years after a very unsatisfactory maiden.
Sep 19, 2012, 12:01 PM
Registered User
I just bought this model from Tower Hobbies and am pleased with the overall looks and eas of setup. However, my model, for some reason required 42 grams of lead in the front to get the CG right, even with the battery fully forward. I have since begun to use a Parkzone 1800 mah battery that comes standard with the PZ T-28 Trojan. The combination of lead and heavier battery puts the CG spot on as per the manual, however, I have flown this plane twice and have had an electronics failure both times. The first time it was the original Flyzone 1800 battery that was shorting out in flight. The second time, the ESC simply quit working. Both failures resulted in a crash, although nothing catastrophic occurred except to the landing gear, which I have since repaired. Tower is sending me out a new ESC and I should have it by today or Friday. There are reports of other ESC failures on these forums with this model. Both of my flights though, have been great up until the electrical failures, with the plane flying nice and stable. I hope my new ESC holds up since I can see this becoming one of my favorite warbirds. If it does, I may buy another. I do this with all my favorite planes.
Sep 19, 2012, 12:14 PM
Registered User
After 20 successful flights with mine, it has begun to do some weird acrobatics on it's own with no obvious reason, so I am planning on changing out the esc as well. By the way I use a 3s 2200 fully forward and have not had to add lead. On an 1800 it is a bit tail heavy.
Sep 19, 2012, 12:54 PM
Registered User
Yes, with 42 grams of lead in the nose and the 1800 battery, the CG is spot on. If I get the same issue with the new ESC, I am going to ask Tower for a new plane as this one is getting banged up due to the electronics. I hope they cap on the fact that I have spent $2500.00 with them since last April of 2011!
Sep 19, 2012, 05:05 PM
Registered User
pda4you's Avatar
Thanks for all the comments gang. This airplane is really becoming a fast favorite, it really performs well.

I think the marketing of the plane is PERFECT as they have a nice budget price on a excellent, light model that looks great. They don't want to be the super scale model to the market they want to hit a good price point. Fully agree that many want that "simple" option.

Sorry I didn't do a YouTube video I typically don't do that for my reviews. I guess I could attach a lower quality but most have the ability to manage 80 meg pretty quickly. I will consider that in the future

And on the CG point - I am not sure why you guys are having to add so much weight. It flies really well at the rear CG point. And with 2200 mAh packs I am toward the middle of the range. I fly with the recommended pack with the battery all the way to the back of the motor - zero issues.


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