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Oct 25, 2001, 03:06 PM
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Windows XP installation

Being the techie type, I rushed out and bought the WinXP
software today. The installation went automatically with only
a few questions asked during the install. Didn't lose too many
of my previous settings but I didn't have to reinstall or
reconfigure anything except 1 printer driver, which it installed
for me. I did lose my wallpaper, startup audio, and the desktop
icons were all messed up. The internet connection was done
for me, I didn't have to use 'the wizard' again, and no questions
were asked.

It's an entirely new look from previous editions and is gonna
take some getting use to. My mouse movement was slower than
before so I thought I'd change it. It took quite a while before I
could find the right place to change it.

It boots a little quicker and so far no 'fatal exception' blue screens.

Good luck with it.
Oct 25, 2001, 04:09 PM
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DNA, I also have XP loaded at home. Luckily, we work with
Microsoft and they use our equipment in their core network.
So, my copy of XP was nil. If your running Power DVD software,
you'll need to upgrade it. There are a few other gotchas but,
haven't encountered them yet. Also, if you have Links LS installed, you'll have to reinstall it.

Oct 25, 2001, 04:38 PM
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Just had a 'gotcha'. My compact flash card reader plugged into
the USB port didn't work. Went to Sandisk's web site and
dl'd the driver for Win ME. That didn't work, so I went back
and dl'd the driver for Win 2000 and that one worked but gave
me an error message that it wasn't approved for XP.

It said something about an internet firewall when it was installing,
but I'll be darned if I can find any info on it. Anyway I just dl'd
the latest edition of Zone Alarm and installed it instead.
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Oct 26, 2001, 02:25 AM
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who would want windows xp anyway???????
Oct 26, 2001, 09:53 AM
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Only those who are interested in a stable operating sytem. Of course, some people might miss the occasional blue screen of death for which Windows 9x is so famous.
Oct 26, 2001, 11:17 AM
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I heard that XP doesn't support fancy video cards with more than one processor. Is that true?
Oct 26, 2001, 12:43 PM
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Btw, save the plastic container it's packaged in, it may have
some good uses for modeling.
Oct 26, 2001, 08:42 PM
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I agree with Dave H. I'm not a Microsoft fan becuase of their "money hungry monopolistic practices" but I've been running Windows 2000 since it was released and low & behold it has NEVER locked up on me. In fact I haven't booted my computer in at least 3 months, standby works flawlessly. If an app crashes the OS does not go out to lunch. The only drawback was lack of hardware support.

I've been running the beta of XP on another machine and it's been great. I upgraded to the XP home version last night too. Aside from some trouble getting my sound card recongnized at first the install went fine. I am experiencing some hardware not having drivers yet but it's still early.
Oct 26, 2001, 10:22 PM
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Hey guys i know your gonna love this with XP you can only install it like 1-3 times and it registers all your hardware and sends it to microsoft automaticlly. I got a copy of the Pro version about 3 months ago (dont ask dont tell ) and i like it so far except for that one registering part.
Oct 26, 2001, 10:40 PM
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Beware the "passport" function of XP. Just think of it as "Big Brother" version 1
Oct 27, 2001, 12:12 AM
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Originally posted by JStory
Hey guys i know your gonna love this with XP you can only install it like 1-3 times and it registers all your hardware and sends it to microsoft automaticlly. I got a copy of the Pro version about 3 months ago (dont ask dont tell ) and i like it so far except for that one registering part.
Then you got a bad copy
Oct 30, 2001, 02:02 PM
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So I guess all the marketing hype has paid off for you guys that love XP. This is Microsoft's latest cash cow, and you guys are gobbling it up.

XP is NOTHING more than a refresh of Win 2000 (Cute new graphics and a few more bells and whistles, but nothing really new!) True it "looks" good and is more Mickey Mouse, but come on, who is MS fooling?

Privacy? Why do they think they want you to register on their servers? Not only does it take an image of your hardware to "prevent" piracy, they are building a hardware trend model on all their users. As far a Passport goes, it's for the birds. I don't trust Microsoft one bit, not even with my personal information. Good luck on the average user finding out how to turn off the Passport reminder button. They hide it so you will get sick of it and register.

Microsoft would not be in the position they are in today if so many people did not pirate their OS. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in favor of ripping of Microsoft, but there are much better ways to go about this.

With every new OS release, they are continually screwing their customer base with lack of privacy, choice, and inovation.

This is the beginning of an never ending string of "forced" OS updates to keep MS in business.

My next OS: Linux!
Nov 05, 2001, 12:19 AM
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I couldn't agree more about MS. I used to like them but they have made me hate them over time. The biggest money hungry mongrals (Sp?) out there. They consistently put out crap and make us pay for it.

But then came 2000. Unbelieveably stable! But not much hardware support for home use. Now XP bridges that gap.

I'm all for Linux too but until there is any software base out there we have to buy MS.