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Oct 25, 2001, 11:14 AM
Libertas in Infinitum
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great science project for kids.

Okay, as I work in the space industry and am a member of the Planetary Society, I try to spread as much interest as possible about space exploration and astronomy.

there is an outfit that makes excellent card-stock satelite kits. They are easy to build and are of outstanding quality. They are all laser cut and require only an exacto and regular white glue. This would make a great project to do with your kids for science class or even just to hang above their beds.

The Planetary Society sells them for about 17.00 bucks a pop, but you can get them direct for about 9 dollars! Please check out

I'm not affiliated in anyway with them .... I just like to see children get excited and get involved with our country's space program.

As of now, they have ...

Lunar Prospector
Hubble Space Telescope
Mars Global Surveyor
Mars Polar Lander
and the Keck Telescope (in Hawaii)

The site is also chock filled with space and astronomy information. And while you're at it please check out the Planetary Society web sit ..

thanks for your time.

Oct 25, 2001, 11:26 PM
Master of disaster
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It appears that card or paper models are becoming more popular.
A company called Fiddlers Green offers a wide variety of
card stock, full color printed, aircraft models. I also found that
my LHS was looking into 1/250 scale warship cardstock models.

It's quite appealing as one does not have to use paints or
special glues to create a nice display model.

When I was young I had a cardstock model of the lunar lander.
It was fun because you could lower it with a string (like landing on
the moon) and once landed the bottom unit would detatch from
the module and you could do a realistic moon liftoff!