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Dec 04, 2011, 02:34 AM
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I have been following this thread and I am great full for the effort you folks are putting in to test these recorder.

I was going to order an 860e but semsons wanted $40 to ship to Australia.

I have bought some engines from the US and a 10oz engine usually cost approx $10.

Why the extra money

Cheers jq
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Dec 04, 2011, 08:29 PM
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Try other distributors, I got mine from Bedox:

Shipping was $5 to USA addresses. I see they will ship to Australia for $25.

These things come mostly from China and Indonesia (my Canmore is Taiwanese), so if you can find an Aussie supplier or a Chinese connection, you may get a better rate on shipping. Also, some distributors may allow multiple units for a set amount for shipping if you can find others that want them.

Good luck & cheers,
Jan 24, 2012, 12:47 AM
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In early January I managed to drop and kill my Canmore GT-730F(L) USB GPS logger, so I've been forced to shop around for a replacement. I ended up buying this generic SkyTraq based USB GPS logger from DealExtreme in Taiwan. It has half the logging capacity of the Canmore device, otherwise it's comparable to the Canmore logger, and for $26 shipped.

For comparison, here's configuration output from a Canmore (before it died):

skytraq-datalogger --info -device /dev/ttyUSB0
kernel version: 1.3.8 -- ODM version: 1.10.23 -- revision: 2009-01-22
log_wr_ptr:      10770
total sectors:   510
sectors left:    510
max time:        3600 s
min time:        0 s
max distance:    10000 m
min distance:    0 m
max speed:       1000 km/h
min speed:       0 km/h
datalog enable:  1
log fifo mode:   0
AGPS enabled:    1
AGPS data left:  none
baud-rate:       38400 bps
And here's the new logger:
skytraq-datalogger --info /dev/ttyUSB0
kernel version: 1.4.8 -- ODM version: 1.8.22 -- revision: 2008-10-23
log_wr_ptr:      29980
total sectors:   254
sectors left:    249
max time:        3600 s
min time:        0 s
max distance:    10000 m
min distance:    0 m
max speed:       1000 km/h
min speed:       0 km/h
datalog enable:  1
log fifo mode:   0
AGPS enabled:    0
AGPS data left:  none
baud-rate:       38400 bps
On a GPS related sidenote, some loggers, at least the ones I've seen, will log speed in km/h, not m/s (I suppose that's the car configuration vs. pedestrian configuration?), and may show altitude to be below sea (or surface level). If you're generating KML files (Google Earth), you can correct this by adding (or subtracting) altitude from a data set, and forcing speed to be calculated between waypoints, instead of read from the data set:

gpsbabel -i gpx -f <INFILE> -x track,speed -x height,add=<ALT_OFFSET> -o kml,units=s,floating=1 -F <OUTFILE>
For those of you who may be using Linux, skytraq-datalogger works very well for downloading data from the device, however SkyTraq's native Windows application appears to work better for configuring the logger. I'm currently using SkyTraq v0.4.663 ("GPS Viewer.exe") and it works well under Wine in Linux:

wine gps\ viewer.exe

Jan 24, 2012, 10:35 AM
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That is certainly a good price for a GPS logger. One thing for others to be aware of with that logger is it does not have an internal battery. Power for the unit is provided by a USB connection to an external power source. Therefore to use it in an airplane you would have to purchase a separate battery device such as this:

As long as you have the space and the added wt. is not an issue this would work fine. Or I suppose you could wire directly to the receiver and use the airplanes receiver battery.

Jan 24, 2012, 09:40 PM
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I am one of those people that refuses to haul an extra battery, unless it's in a camera. If it cannot run off the ESC/BEC, then it's not worth strapping onto the aircraft.

Since the GPS logger runs off a USB port (5V), it will runs off the BEC without any issues, and uses less than 70mA. The USB port is removed for easier connectivity to a header pin connector. I have a custom 12" USB cable (made from a dead mouse) connected to my notebook with a header pin on one end (also compatible with Eagle Tree devices) and use it to access the GPS logger.

Attached are images of the original logger and how it ended up looking.
Jan 25, 2012, 12:11 AM
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In case anyone is interested in the logger (model no. SJ-5282DL), here's some additional info (from

GPS Chipset: Skytraq Venus 6
Frequency: L1,1575.42 MHz
C/A Code: 1.023MHz chip rate
Channels: 65-Channel all-in-view tracking
Tracking Sensitivity: -160 dBm
Re-acquisition: -157 dBm

Voltage DC 5.0V, USB bus power
Current < 55 mA

Dimension: 30x12x75 mm (Lx Wx H))
Weight: 24g (Device only)

Coordinates System Datum: WGS-84
Baud Rate: 9,600 bps

Acceleration Speed: Less than 4G
Altitude Limit: 18,000 meters max.
Velocity: 515 meters/ sec. max.

GPS Fix Time / Acquisition Time

Hot Start: 1 sec.,average
Warm Start: 25 sec.,average
Cold Start: 29 sec.,average < 4 seconds fix with A-GPS support (Option)
Reacquisition: < 1sec., average(with power save mode OFF )

GPS Antenna: 25 x 25 mm, Patch Antenna


GPS Output data: NMEA-0183 V3.01 - GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC
USB Protocol: USB2.0


Horizontal Position: 10m 2D RMS (without SA)
WAAS enabled: 5m 2D RMS(without SA)
Time: 1 micro-second synchronized to GPS time
Velocity: 0.1m/sec 95% (without SA)


Operating Temperature: -20 ~ +60
Storage Temperature: -20 ~ +80
Humidity Range: Operational up to 95% non-condensing
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Jan 25, 2012, 12:33 PM
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I bought one of those a while ago to evaluate. The SkyTraq is one of the better GPS chips and the onboard battery makes for quick lock on start up. I've found that anything much smaller than the 25cm antenna can be a problem.

I simply soldered a JR connector to the board, the outer 2 contacts on the USB connector are +5V and ground. Go here, scroll down a bit, to see the USB pins:
Feb 14, 2012, 07:19 AM
the answer 42 is
Well Guys I just ordered mine. I was wondering have you noticed interences with the receivers?? where did you place your loggers??


Feb 14, 2012, 09:49 PM
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I have had a gps logger in all my XC flights over the last 10 plus years. With over 2,600 cross country miles flown on both 72 mhz and 2.4 , I have have not experienced any interference from the loggers. During the last few contests I have flown with 2 loggers. Even when I was using a full-size garmin gps to log my flights I had no problems with radio interference. I generally place the loggers on top my batteries.

Feb 15, 2012, 03:55 AM
the answer 42 is
Hey Jhon

thanks for your reply. In the recommendations from the Skytracer GPS (no longer available) they said 2 inches from the receiver is better to be too safe then too sorry

I am looking forward to test the GPS


Mar 13, 2012, 05:37 AM
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Hi All

I have found a company in the US that has the CANMORE GT-730fl-s USB Track Stick data logger for about 39US$ plus $16 post.

Much better cost than another company.

Is this logger still considered a good choice in view of all the testing you folks are doing over there?

I have down loaded the GPSBABLE software. I found the tab to click to create the output file but I could not determine what model I should click if I were to buy the above logger.

Could some one help?

Thanks for your help

Cheers John Q
Mar 13, 2012, 08:37 AM
the answer 42 is
I got the gps logger on the post last week. Now I have to make some time on my busy builgin sheculde to test it


Mar 29, 2012, 02:36 AM
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After searching the vast ocean of Internet I finally found this forum which actually talks about gps data loggers, especially about the Canmore 730 fl S. I just received one yesterday and I have some questions.
First it doesn't seem to charge, the yellow light doesn't show up and it also doesn't get warm when plugged into a wall socket or a usb port in my computer. Anyway, I let it plugged in for a few hours and when turned on a red light showed up for a second and then dissapeared.
After that I did 2 tests walking. One with a "car configuration" to log every 3 seconds and every meter. The route was around 400 meters, it recorded quite accurately, except for a corner near a tall building where it cut directly through it.
But the big surprise was today, on the second test, again walking 300 m and then turning left 1000 m. The configuration was set on hiking to record every 10 seconds. So when turning left, the receiver turned right and went for around 2 km in the opposite direction and 1800 m below sea level and then came back to my actual location and from there the route is ok. So a 1.3 km walk turned into a 4.5 one. What surprises me is that the waypoints are saved randomly, after 5-10-20-60 seconds. I keep it in my jacket front pocket and my cell phone is in my trousers front pocket, maybe 40 cm away. Could there be any interferences from that? Or I have some bad configuration or bad device.
Thanks for any opinion on this.
Mar 30, 2012, 08:12 AM
Red Merle SJ VIII
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Here's a couple threads/blogs that may be of interest:

GPS Visualizer Settings:

Using GPSBabel to extract Canmore GT-730FL-S data:

Some of my testing with the Canmore unit above:

Apr 03, 2012, 06:19 AM
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Thanks to all the above replys and effort.

I have only made one test with the logger. I think I need to do it again.

Cheers John Q

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