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Oct 07, 2011, 12:07 PM
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Wasp v3 from ParkRCModels.com

I just wanted to post to give my initial impressions of this helicopter and vendor. Let me premise this by saying that this is my first RC helicopter, and I have never flown planes before.

After doing a *lot* of research on my first helicopter, I knew I wanted CP because I figured I would get bored pretty quickly with FP. I was aware that it would be a much steeper learning curve though. I also knew I wanted a 250-sized heli because I wanted to be able to fly indoors, and outdoors with light wind. My yard is too small for a 450.

So I had it narrowed down to a Wasp v3 or a Dynam E-Razor 250. I heard bad things about the razor, including weak servos that strip easily and flimsy tail servo linkage (with no guide on the tail boom), the TX was not programmable and in idle-up the mid-stick throttle is way too low, the tail boom breaks easily, no throttle hold, etc. The only upside was the metal head, which is a questionable upside for a beginner because repairs will cost more.

But the Wasp v3 (new 2011 version) didn't have any of these problems. The TX is very nice and can be fully programmed, the build quality is fantastic for such a budget bird, it comes with SIM cables and software as well as training gear so it came out much cheaper than the razor. I watched the factory flight test videos and they all hovered unbelievably well. No brainer!

So now I had to decide where to buy from. After some poking around on the forums I found Max from ParkRCModels.com. I saw how incredibly helpful he was, even for people who ordered from a cheap China distributor and hadn't given him so much as a dollar. He also had free shipping, does his own test flights, and the price was right, so this was also an easy decision.

My v3 arrived on Wednesday and while taking it out of the box I noticed it was very well packaged, Max re-packaged it better than the factory. I spun the main blades by hand, and noticed the tail rotor didn't spin. I charged the batteries and gave it a little throttle, and still no tail rotor movement.

I emailed Max, and within 10 minutes he called me back, diagnosed the problem (loose belt), and walked me through fixing it over the phone. I used a battery pack just scooting around the floor on the training gear with the skids off the ground, and by the time I was done the belt was loose again.

This time I am pretty sure I didn't tighten the tail boom holder down enough. Before I tried to fix it a second time, Max had already mailed me a set of screws, which was good because I stripped a screw trying to fix it again. Anticipating my problems and helping before I have them... pretty amazing. He also sent me a new tail boom holder, and a set of hex drivers, and didn't even charge me for it. I am waiting for those to arrive so I can get back to playing.

So my initial reaction from my purchase is that I am extremely pleased. It seems to be great quality for the money, was the least expensive option out there in this price range and definitely the best, Max's support is unlike I have ever seen before (don't buy anywhere else!! trust me... when you need help the China distributor won't be there), and I can't wait to get a rock-solid hover like I saw in my factory test video.

My only complaint is that the training gear need to be zip-tied on which seemed a little hack-ish, and obviously the belt issue. Hopefully the belt issue will be resolved soon, and the training gear will be off once I get the nerve up, and then everything will be absolutely perfect.

I'll keep you guys posted as I fix the belt tension and start learning to fly this thing. I'm very impressed so far though.
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Oct 10, 2011, 12:50 PM
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The parts Max sent me arrived on Saturday, and I spent about an hour and a half taking apart the tail, removing the boom, replacing the tail boom holder, and buttoning it back up as snug as I could. I used this video (starting at 3:30 mark) about a Belt CP as reference, while it obviously didn't match exactly, it was pretty close and gave me the basic idea. If I had to do it again it would probably only take 30-45 minutes, and it was pretty simple even for a novice. Doing this fix definitely upped my confidence in working on a heli.

Since I did the repair, I have flown the first two batteries of the RADD method. Keep in mind that after my first attempt at tightening up the tail boom holder (before Max sent me parts) I couldn't even fly half a battery through it before the belt was very loose. So after these two batteries since the repair I am happy to report the belt isn't loosening at all. Problem solved, my sincere thanks to Max.

I also decided that this heli is a little too big and powerful to be flying inside as a complete beginner (Max did warn me from day 1 to take it outside). So I bought a Wasp 100 today, which is FP and less than half the size of the v3 with much less power. I'm going to continue learning on the v3, but it'll be nice to have something I can mess around with inside, relax, and not worry as much about crashing.
Oct 24, 2011, 04:15 PM
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Here's another update as I talk to myself, lol. I got my Wasp 100 in several days ago, and man that thing is easy to fly. On the first battery pack I got two hovers that were well over two minutes and very stable. By the 5th or 6th battery pack I was easily hovering the entire pack without issue. It really can fly great right out of the box. I've crashed it a few times on take-off and it is taking a beating like a champ.

But the best part... because it is still more complicated than a coax, it is actually teaching me to fly my v3 but without the fear of crashing or chopping off body parts. I just went back to my v3 today, and I'm getting very stable 30 second to 1 minute hovers inside, something a few weeks ago I thought wouldn't be possible. I feel very much in control and I'm only stopping the hovers so I can relax and clear my head again.

I'm so thrilled with both my Skyartec helis Thanks again Max!
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Oct 27, 2011, 10:01 PM
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I spent some time today learning to properly set up a helicopter, and quickly discovered that my Wasp 100 wasn't set up terribly well from the factory.

When the servos initialized, the horns were both pointing upwards about 15 - 20 degrees. The swash was also tilted slightly back and to the left, which required trim on the TX for forward elevator and right aileron. This combination reduced my ability to go quickly forward or to the left.

So I started it over from scratch and removed all the trim from the TX. I took off the servo horns once the servos initialized, and put them back on so they were parallel to the ground. This threw off the swash even more, so I adjusted the links to make the swash as level as I could.

The change was ridiculous. It was already pretty darn stable, but now I can seriously do what they do in the demo video, which is take my hands completely off the TX for 5-10 seconds and it'll hover all by itself in a pretty confined area. It is also much more responsive when I give it left aileron or forward elevator.

I'm really happy with this thing now. I think I'm going to do the same for my Wasp v3 because it seems to have some slight setup issues as well. Hopefully I can get the v3 flying even better than it already does.
Oct 30, 2011, 10:42 PM
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I can now easily hover entire packs on my v3 inside. Starting to learn side-in hovering on the Wasp 100. The 100 is a great trainer, way better than a sim. It is really under powered though, if I try to piro it can't keep altitude hardly at all. I guess not having much power is why it is so easy to fly though. I think I'll be buying a Genius CP once I've learned all four orientations of hovering on my Wasp 100, I think that will be better for learning forward flights and circuits.
Nov 15, 2011, 10:39 AM
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Nice info. I just scored a Skyartec WASP v3 from a contest on Facebook RCHelicopterSelect.com was doing. This has been the first "review" I've been able to find on this bird. Keep the info coming.

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