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Oct 05, 2011, 05:18 PM
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Double Horse 9101-cog not engaged on shaft and...

I am a novice RC helicopter flyer and I recently purchased a Shuang Ma Double Horse 9101.
The cog keeps coming a free from the shaft (this is the one on the external shaft.) I can't seem to get the screw into the thread on the shaft. I have tried super glue and this worked for a bit but then it came loose again. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a fix?
Also sometimes in flight I hear crack and the helicopter falls from the sky. I assume it's the balance bar hitting the blade. Am I flying it wrong or is there anything I can do about this?

Thanks very much to any help. It's much appreciated
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Nov 30, 2011, 11:07 PM
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The screw will slowly be forced out of the gear the more you use it, usually stripping the thread the screw uses in the gear, it's pretty normal.

I use a screw locking compound like Permatex 425 Blue Loctite to help lock it in place, but it only works with a new gear. The hole the screw goes into doesn't have a thread cut into it when molded, as the screw "self-taps" when it's inserted when it's new. I have replaced my main gear, re-using the old screw, self-tap the old screw in, then get a soldering iron and gently apply heat to the head of the screw, this will slightly melt the plastic surrounding the screw threads and when cooled will mold a corresponding thread into the plastic for a better bite. Remove the screw when cold and apply a very small amount of loctite into the hole and the screw threads, then screw it back in, leaving it to set overnight. The screw can then be removed later with a little force later if you need to adjust it or replace it.

The "clack, clack" noise you heard just before the heli fell and crashed IS the balance bar hitting the blades, it usually happens when the heli make's a sudden move. It's pretty normal. I find it usually happens on a tight or sudden turn, or when I'm trying to get it to travel forward too quickly, the helicopter "rocks" back and forth, as if suspended from a string, and the balance bar is trying to counter that rocking, to get the heli back to level, unfortunately, the balance bar will often get in the way of the rotor blades and they will hit, usually the balance bar will get bent in the process and wrap around the blade and un-balancing the heli and slowing down the rotor blades enough so they can't generate any lift, therefore sending the heli crashing to the ground. Not much can be done as the balance bar has been placed in this position purposely to provide the best stability for the helicopter. It's just one of the short-comings of a cheap helicopter. You aren't really doing anything wrong, other than maybe pushing it too much, which is quite normal. These helicopters are really just like a balloon with rotating blades, they just sort of float in the air and can't really move anywhere very well, other than up and down, even on a completely calm day. Don't expect them to do much other than take off, land and hang in the air.

My advise is, go slow on the sticks, no sudden movements and try not to go forward or backwards fast (not that it moves very fast anyway) and no sudden sharp turns. Fly it as smoothly as you can.

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