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Jan 18, 2013, 08:52 PM
It worked realy well and cost $1, including the paper, not the beer I had sitting in the sun and sanding.
Next was to get the mast pointed. I looked at some pics I had from the original ( the PDF is posted at the beginning of this thread, great resolution, even at 800% it ist still pretty good ).
The mast starts to slim down after the gaffel boom and is not realy pointed, it has a metal cap, to which the gaffel boom line attaches.
Great detail.
Since mast is hollow I glued in a rod at the bottom, got a cordless drill out attached the mas to it and than ran it on the belt sander.
Double action sanding, worked perfect.
Afterwards I used again the pipe with sandpaper to finish it off.
Before that, as long as I had a straight piece of wood, I drill the holes for the fittings tah will lead the lines into the mast. The holes will give me a start to cut the openenings.
I have never built a mast so it was one of those projects were I had to invent the wheel for myself.
I am pleased with the result.
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Jan 19, 2013, 09:26 PM
Still sanding.
I installed today the upper inlets for the lines in the mast.. I had seen those on bay a year ago and just baught them and put them into the jewlery tray, 4.

the top is for the Gaffel, the bottom for the jib.
Naturaly at the bottom of the mast there will be 2 more outlets, with the same hardware.
Jan 20, 2013, 01:58 AM
Taking care of the pond.
Very nice.
Jan 24, 2013, 08:10 PM
I post this link again, because the pics in the pdf are prety good quality and can be inlarged to 400% without major pixeling.
I use the pics to built the hardware for the mast.
The top of the mast has a alu cap, to which all the stays attach. Actually a prety neat idea on a wooden mast.
I took a piece of 1/2 inch copper pipe heated it and than drove it overa pointed
iron rod. That way I widend the pipe so it followed the shape of the mast.
Afterwards I cut the proper length of. Split the top, 8 times, and folded the pieces inward and than silver soldered every thing shut.
Than I toped the pipe with PC-7 Epoxi, put it inthe stove at 200 for 30 minutes, to cure it.
Sanded everything.
Next I drilled 4 holes, 90 degree offset, 10 mm from the top of the pipe and inserted Pekabee eyebolts. Attached nuts on the inside, grinded the threads al the way to the nuts and than filled the pipe about 2mm above the nuts with epoxi.
That should make a very stout anker for all the stays.
Next it will have to be primed and sprayed alu silver.
It is probably not 100% like the original, but close enough.
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Jan 25, 2013, 10:03 PM
Today I was waiting all afternoon for the call from the trucking company, which had my solar panels on the truck.
Delivery between noon and sunset.
Nothing much you can do about it, but wait.

So I built the spreader.
3/4 inch copper union and 1/2 inch flat brass, was the starting material.
First I had to mark what I think is a proper place for the attachments on the hull and than look at a enlarged picture in thet PDF.
The Spreader is not very large, small. It is all guess work and what I think will work. Acording to the picture one line, the one without the Spreader, comes down parallel to the mast, front, the spreaders line goes to rear, countering the front pull.
So the spreader had to angel away from the mast.
Since the spreader is rather smallish, I decided it would be half the distance between anker on the hull, form the middle line of the hull.
Drew it all up on the hull, than placed some transparent paper over it, drew the lines I had guessed, ran it through the copier and cut a template.
Transvered it to a alu plate on which I would do the soldering.. Threw 20 fits placing the materials and soldered them in place.
The panels came in I unloaded them.
Than finished the spreader.

I still have to drill the holes for the lines.
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Jan 26, 2013, 02:05 AM
Taking care of the pond.
Jan 26, 2013, 09:23 AM
Thanks Millertime.
Jan 28, 2013, 09:30 PM
I installed a chain plate at the bow, Pekabe. It will give me hopefully enough adjustment room for trimming.
First I hade to sand a little bit to get a more plane area. Than I drilled two holes all the way through the center ply, the width of the heads of the stainles screws I intended to use, than pushed the screws head first into the holes and filled them with West.
That shoud make good ankers, I hope.
After curing I checked if the srews still fit the chain plate and drilled 5 pin holes for the wood screws. How much good the woodscrews will do I have no idea.
Than I epoxied every thing in place, attached the nuts and the wood screws. I used West again, because it is very thin and will go down the smallest hole and has 15 to 20 min potlive, which gave me enough time with the nuts and screws.

One major problem that I had to solve, how do I attach the Main to the Mast and the Gaf(fel). I do not have tools and not the skill to built one of those sliding things into the mast.
The Problem how do I get a stable and secure mounting to make the batons work as they are intended, to bend the sail into a wingshape.
May way. Every 4 inches I will have a pieces of pipe mounted to the mast, through those pipes I will run a carbon rod, 4mm for the mast and 3mm along the Gaf.
The sail will have a pocket ( 4mm and 3mm ) with cut outs every 4 inches, were the pipe pieces are mounted to the mast and the gafboom.
The carbon rods go through the pockets and the pipe pieces, similar to a piano hinge. That way I will get a very stought conection.
Feb 01, 2013, 09:07 PM
Feb 02, 2013, 01:40 AM
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Hi Schrott

Beautiful work.

Kind regards
Feb 08, 2013, 09:21 PM
Thanks Tim.

Since I am now realy flying by the seat of my pants. No plans, except a scale sail plan, and scale ruder and breaks, just pictures. I have to constantly check what I am doing on the modell, if it works and looks right and has kinde the right proportions, it is right.
Yesterday I mated the mast with the hull and made the shrouds. Naturally I found out that the rear eyebolts for the shrouds with the spreader were not far enough to the rear. They did not produce any tension on the shroud going to the bow.
That sucked, because I got holes in the deck and plugging them would look crapy.
I decided to leave those eyebolts, were they are, later use, Genua? and just install new ones 50mm to the rear, 2 inches.
I lucked out on the shrouds, did not have to built new ones.
Now the rear shrouds are pulling the mast backwards.
Just a hick up.
When I built the mast it looked kinde fat, but on the boat it looks right.

Next boom and Luemmel
Feb 09, 2013, 02:24 AM
Taking care of the pond.
Looking good.
Mar 20, 2013, 09:36 PM
Right now I got a sever case of shingles and it has kinde handycaped all the things I want and have to do.
Trust me it is no fun and can be prevented by a vacine, had I just known I would have had the shot..

I was able to do some more work.
The gafbeam and the fork. I cut the fork out of rosewood, extremly strong.
Than after varnishing all, Mast, beam and boom I installed all the hardware and rigged it up.
Next will be templats for the sails.
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Mar 21, 2013, 02:18 AM
Taking care of the pond.
Boat looks great, I hope your feeling better soon.
Mar 23, 2013, 09:01 AM
Thanks Millertime.
This shingels stuff is realy nasty. I have not been realy sick for 20 years, no flue or anything, just broken bones or so. I take a couple of broken ribbs any time compared to this.
I am sure glad to have health insurance, because some of the meds are mind boggling expensive, by now without insurance I would have been 3000 in the hole. Since the docs around here have not seen a case like that, I feel they are experimenting with the meds. Day befor I got a new batch. I took one yesterday morning, fed the Horses and than went to work in the office, 6 hours later I woke up. That stuff is a no go.

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