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Sep 29, 2011, 10:13 PM
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Woody FUN Contest, Oct 2011

Woody FUN Contest
October 15, 2011

Do you long for the days when an expensive glider was maybe $200? Do you you miss the beauty of a polyhedral ship covered in transparent monokote (for those of you that do not recognize "monokote" it is a heat shrink film for covering models) flying overhead between you and the sun? Do you remember where the balsa tree grows or even what balsa wood is used for? Then the October 15, 2011 Woody FUN "Contest" is for you!
The key word for this contest is FUN - back to the good ole days of when you had to build your own model from a bunch of parts and a lot of glue and a lot of sanding. With that in mind, the only models allowed to fly in this "contest" will be three function ships made of balsa, liteply, monokote or similar covering, and carbon fiber spar reinforcement or in a weak nose or tail section. The cost of entry will be a new modeling "something" such as a bottle of glue, a package of #11 blades, etc. The guide is that it should be worth around $5-$10 (or more if you would really like) and new or at least unused. So what is going to happen with all that stuff? After flying we will hold a drawing where everybody is a winner. Then we will have a swap meet where you can try and trade with someone else if you don't like or need what you won. Sound like FUN yet?
The contest portion will take us back to the days of 3-5-7-9 minute tasks in order each normalized to 1000 points. There will be a 30 minute window for each task (may be adjusted if needed based on the number of pilots). The landing task will be a 25 foot in or out circle for 100 points per round. If you can put your aircraft down within the mowed landing area but outside of the 25 foot circle you will earn 25 points for that round. If you land anywhere on the mowed SVSS mowed field other that the landing circle or landing area you will earn 10 points. In case you don't get the point, everybody should be able to earn landing points! In case of a tie score for one of the top five places a 2 minute flight with landing points will be flown and repeated if necessary until there is a winner.
Thanks to SVSS and a generous member there will be gift cards from RC County for the five top scores - 1st $50, 2nd $35, 3rd $25, 4th $15, and 5th $10. Interested yet!
But we are not done! There will also be two more FUN flights for bragging rights and a couple of somewhat funky trophies. I can't give away my secret tasks but they will be FUN (and they should not be harmful to the health of your model).
We're still not done! For all those flying in the contest (and those of you that might crew the winches), lunch will be provided. Not that I don't like Chef Bob's cuisine, but I have a very special treat for you. Carl Vega, aka Iron Chef Juan Moto, will be preparing his absolutely delicious pulled pork and famous beans. Chips, salads, and soft drinks & water will also be provided. This has to sound like FUN now!
Between now and then I would appreciate a confirmation e-mail about your attendance so that we can make sure to have enough food for everybody. Hope to see ya all there!
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Sep 30, 2011, 11:35 AM
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I am in! Just finished refurbishing my Mirage this morning. Now to the field to trim it and practice sliding landings.

Oct 17, 2011, 11:32 AM
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OK Carl, what was the red sauce for the pulled pork??? You made some outstanding BBQ. I think one of his secrets was using a couple of woodies to start his BBQ.

The contest format was from the 70's, (3,5,7,9). The air was very still, which is weird for the SVSS field.

There was a pretty good turnout for the contest and not everyone flew. The promise of lunch brought out a bunch to watch and help with the winches. Thanks everyone.

There was a little carnage which is to be expected but overall the woodies held there own.

I had just completed building my Paragon, I bought it in 1998 and decided to start building it earlier this summer. Today was it's first flight, both hand toss and winch launch. It flew pretty well

Ron thanks for a fun event and Carl for some awesome BBQ.


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