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Sep 27, 2011, 07:32 PM
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Extreme Flight Vanquish MK II - 48" version - A couple of questions

Hello all,

Earlier this summer I bought one of these little planes with the intent of flying it at my local school yard when I did not have the time to make out to the field. Now that I have flown it, I have come to realize that it is probably a little too big and fast for the school yard; however, it is a terrific flying plane. I am surprised to see that very little has been written about the MK II. At any rate, tis is the set-up that I am currently using:

Motor: Hacker A30-14L (newer version with the cooling fan)
Prop : APC 11x7, 11x8 and 12x6 (there will be a question regarding the prop)
ESC : Castle ICE 50, the 8S version
Battery: Hyperion G3 4S1P 2500 mah

The AUW is of 52 oz which is a little heavier that what the specs call for; however, the plane does fly quite well. Out of the props that I have tried, the 11x8 gives the best power and vertical performace. However, the plane can be pretty fast for its size. With the 12x6, the speed is quite a bit less but very constant: the plane does not speed up signifcantly on the down lines (I am not using any brake). However, the plane could use a little more power on the verticals. I am currently flying the intermediate sequence and the plane struggles to make a nice crips corner off the vertical upline on the square loop. Since the recommended Torque motor has a slightly higher KV I was wondering if it would make a little more power than the Hacker when spinning the 12x6 prop. Any thoughts?

I have also noticed that the plane has a tendency to pull to the left on the uplines, so I increased the right thrust slightly. The pull I believe is more noticeable with the 12x6 prop. This change seems to have helped. Has this been a common issue?

And finally, I have noticed that the plane will pitch up while flying inverted if I go heavy with the rudder correction. Is there a way to trim this behavior away?

All of these I consider to be minor issues and I really like this little plane.


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Sep 28, 2011, 01:40 PM
Hubb's Avatar
Hi Teo,

a couple of thoughts to your questions:

I fly mine on 3cell set-up and a 13x6.5 Prop. Firstly, my AUW is about 48oz. it seems the lighter this plane is the better it wants to fly. Secondly, the 13x6.5 prop gave me a little more consistant speed up / down / rolling figures etc. as you have found the plane can get pretty fast. for me flying on 4cells and 12x6 prop the plane was just a rocket. I like it much better flying a tad slower with more consistant throttle. I fly mine for 8 minutes on 3000mah batteries.

like always, I work hard on thrust angles and balance when I set-up a plane. it took a few fllights to finally work in the up/dwn right/left motor angle. Finally my balance is what I would call very neutral. it will hold an inverted 45 upline with little to no input (but not climb). it feels a tad sensitive at first but I found needed to be able to fly the rolling looping portions in FAI. At this CG I do have some pitch to the belly on rudder imput so I do have little Rud-Ele mixing programmed in as well as just a tad of Rud-Ail mixing to overcome a slight roll coupling.

I can get you more precise deflections and then %'s if you need

I love this little plane and now that we are done flying the big birds for the year this plane is back in the van as an everyday flyer.
Sep 28, 2011, 02:52 PM
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Hello Hubb,

Thanks for the reply. I decided to get the plane after I saw you fly it at the Torks event earlier this summer. I do not recall seeing a large gap between the cowl and the spinner so I am assuming that you are running the recommended Torque motor or an earlier Hacker.

I did try to fly mine on 3S. In the process I tried a 12x10, 13x8 and 13x10 prop. I think that I liked the 13x10 prop best, but to get the power I neded the current was pretty high, in the upper 40's which is a bit much for the motor. I am surprised to see that you could get away with a 13x6.5. Maybe I need to try it again. Do you have any idea of how many watts you are getting with your set-up. Prop RMP data would be very useful.

I believe that my CG is pretty close to where it should be, the plane will hold a 45 degree inverted upline with little or no elevator input and the plane can hold a vertical dive (no power) with no input. My throws are pretty modest, about +7/-6 degrees on the ailerons and about +8/-9 degrees on the elevator. I did not measure the rudder, it is pretty much as much as I can get. I do not use much expo, about 15%.

I am just getting started in pattern so I cannot claim to know how to trim a plane properly; even so, this plane flies quite well. I am surprised that it has not been more popular; very little written about it.


Sep 28, 2011, 03:34 PM
Hubb's Avatar

The motor I am running is a Scorpion 3014-22, I think it is an 820 Kv? perhaps that is why it is happy runing the bigger prop at lower current? Motor choice would definitely have an impact when choosing Battery and Prop combinations. I have never run it on a Watt Meter, I am curious now and will post back here once I have the chance to get some data for you.
Sep 28, 2011, 03:38 PM
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Hi Teo,

I have a Vanquish Mk II also...got it as a travel airplane, something that will fit in my wife's car when we visit our daughter in North Carolina at various times through the winter.
Mine is just slightly lighter than yours at 51 oz using a 2350 mAh 4s Rhino. I'm running a 12x6 on it right now. About the only trimming I've had a chance to do so far is getting the cg where I like it and getting the control throws right. The throws I'm using are way less than the recommended low rates.
One thing I've noticed is that it gets very vague in yaw if you let it slow down on an upline...like after the roll in a 1/2 reverse Cuban. My fix for that right now is to use a little more throttle than I think I need. Maybe a different prop will help that.

I'm watching this thread with interest to see how others have set theirs up.

Sep 28, 2011, 07:48 PM
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You might be right about keeping the speed up while flying, maybe that is why the 11x8 seems to be better. I have been told that I fly a little too fast anyway. Ideally, I should learn to fly it using the 12x6 because the speed seems more appropriate to the size of the plane.


I ran the numbers through pcalc and I was surprised by how little power (by comparison) you are able to get by. For the 3014/22, on 3S and a 13x6.5 prop, the amp draw is in the 37-39 amp range and the power being consumed in the 380-400 watt range. The motor has a Kv of about 890 which a bit different from the 820 of the Torque motor or the 800 of the Hacker. What really surprised me was the pitch speed of only 45 mph. In the air, it might unload a little but my guess that your speed is no more than 50 mph. In contrast, the Hacker on a 12x6 on 4S is closer to 500 watts, 43 amps and a pitch speed of about 54 mph. And to me, when flying the plane, it seemed slow (see comment about flying a little too fast...).

Intersting information. I might take out the larger props once again and give them a try this weekend.

Thanks for the info,

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Dec 31, 2011, 10:38 PM
bucket of prop wash
garrcass's Avatar
flying with the torque motor 12x6 Xoar and Hyperion 4s 2500's. i think this is the perfect setup for true pattern style flying. my plane is trimmed perfect. i used a incadice bar kit and digital gauge to set it up check my blog.
Sep 30, 2012, 09:07 AM
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Vanquish & F13

Reviving an old topic I am putting the big birds up for hibernation and pulled out my Vanquish v1. In beautiful calm air it was a lot of fun through f13 but did not want to finish the ke loop! The roller also takes way more rudder than my 2m plane. I increased the throw but I think the servo arm is flexing and will need to be reinforced. Anyone else experience this?

Using a Fury 800kv motor, 12*8 prop, zippy 40c 2650 4s and CC 45. Downlines are much better but still fast with 60% brake. Flying weight is a little over 50oz.

It is almost 700 watts but too much power is just enough!
Oct 06, 2012, 06:41 PM
Registered User
Flew in some huge wind today and it was better. I laminated a piece of 1/32 ply to the top of the servo arm and added some 1/8 lite ply to the servo tray to strengthen things. It was too windy to do any real trimming but it was a lot of fun. Would love to try it in some calm weather but at least I am moving in the right direction.

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