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Sep 24, 2011, 11:57 AM
Right Rudder
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Park Zone Spitfire Mk IX with E-Flite Electric Retracts

Before Retracts:
Flight Summary:

I had so much fun with this model early this morning that I ran 5 batteries (5 Flights) through it and unbelievable flight manners!!!

Control Settings:
Completely as it came out from the box and I did not have anything set for expo, however, a little more UP elevator travel would have been nice to avoid the dreaded nose over on grass landing but, for some reason the last two landings (not on Video) were perfect as I found a shorter patch of grass and brought her in with a little more airspeed and she did not nose over.

I am SUPER HAPPY and PLEASED on this model's flight characteristics that I am going to keep her exactly like she is now. The Retracts really are not missed as the STOCK Fixed gear wire does not stick so much out and you can hardly noticed the gear when she flying, at least comparing it to others like the P-47.

A few high res pictures from my Buddy's (Gerry's) Digital SLR Camera. (Thanks Gerrry!)

Park Zone Spitfire Mk IX 2nd Maiden Video 09-11-2011.wmv (3 min 48 sec)

Hi guys!

My models wheels certainly came out miss-aligned with some ugly Toe-Out and the Model leans due to too much angle at the wheel axle from Stock conditions right out the package with respect to the Pre-Bent Struts (PKZ5717).

You can see the Pictures clearly that the wheels are certainly not in a correct alignment for good carefree take-offs and most importantly, landings!

keep an eye on which strut goes where. The Coiled Spring should be facing AFT.

Another tip, for those that have not done the Retracts yet is to make sure you feed the extra Retract wire within the Oil Cooler Plastic housing and do not leave the Mating of the two connectors to lay underneath the Retract as you will not be able to screw the Retract Assembly down!!! I did this by carefully tugging the wire from the other side of the wing and feeding it carefully.


After careful and with lots of patience, I was able to bend the axle wheel portion of the PRE-BENT strut wire and it did not break and found it soft but, not that soft like other piano wire products

Please, please, after the fit checks do take out the Pre-Bent Strut out from the E-Flite Electric Retract housing to not cause any stress on the retract themselves.

A few pictures and VIDEO:

Post adjustment results!

Park Zone Spitfire with E-Flite Electric Retracts Post Adjustments 09-24-2011 (3 min 3 sec)

Park Zone Spitfire with E-Flite Electric Retracts Post Adjustments2 09-24-2011 (3 min 37 sec)

The PRE-BENT Junky Struts (PKZ5717) are all "BENT TO SHAPE" as I like em.





WEIGH-IN of my model fully Flight Ready with the FIXED MAIN GEAR.

I am not saying she will not fly terrific just amazed on the total Weight.

2 3/4lbs. means she weighs at your scale at: 2lbs. - 12 oz.

as 12 /16 = 3/4th

My model without retracts and just FIXED MAIN GEAR tips the digital scale at:

2lbs. - 11 oz. or just shy of your weigh-in observations and your model has the retracts.

I am of course using the Turnigy 3-Cell, 2200mAH, 25C, Li-POLY pack and curious to find out what Battery did you use to come to your posted Final Flight Ready Weight??

Okay, here's a few Pictures of my model's WEIGH-IN:

Now for the shocking COMPARISON of my 2+ year old PARK ZONE T-28 NAVY that has sustained 4 Ugly crashes and has various extra items such as larger wheels and Plastic Gear Covers for Nose and Main Gear Struts and just look at the WEIGH-IN Results.

So, therefore, my 2+ Year Old Park Zone T-28 model with the STOCK power system except for a heavier 3-Blade Master Airscrew 10 X 7 X 3 propeller, Plastic Gear Covers and some Glue with the same Turnigy 3-Cell, 2200mAH, 25C, Li-POLY is only:

2lbs - 4oz. "or" 2- 1/4lbs.

Well, I don't get it, as I feel that the SPITFIRE has much more plastic parts than the T-28 then, to account for the extra Weight?????

Therefore, the DELTA is 11 - 4 = 7oz. ( in observing the Comparison) that's like flying with two battery packs on the T-28!!!
Well, my SPIT is ready for the morning dawn patrol and Maiden plus my Shooting Glasses (with yellow tint) are ready and packed.

Here is a picture showing my location of the Spektrum AR600 receiver. It is pretty tight but, the cover closes just fine.

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Sep 25, 2011, 04:08 PM
Right Rudder
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VIDEO Showing E-Flite Retracts in Action!

Flying at a place we all affectionately call "EDWARDS" due to the large smooth Concrete surface (High School Band Practice). Somewhere in Central Florida and enjoying a very nice early Sunday morning on 09-25-2011. The model did nose over after some wing wobble side-to-side action but, no paint was affected what so ever! The 2nd landing was a charm. Just a fantastic model with super airspeed and especially with GEAR UP!


Park Zone Spitfire Mk IX with E-Flite Retracts 09-25-2011.wmv (3 min 58 sec)
Oct 15, 2011, 07:25 AM
Right Rudder
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Friday, 10-14-2011 @ Moon Port Modelers RC Club

Hi there guys,

I have a wonderful time at my one of my RC Clubs in Central Florida known as Moon Port Modelers RC in Titusville, Florida and near the Space Center. Lots of people and it looked like a Fun Fly but, it was lots of new members and the Northern Birds are coming back down for the winter.

I was able to fly my Spit in the early morning hours before the wind came up and those there were just amazed how well it flew and they Loved the Retracts.

As I was flying, the wind picked up and I did not noticed as the model tracked very well and I commanded to perform all kinds of "Scale" moves and those there cheered, especially when I landed as there was a good amount of wind at the time.

Later in the early evening I came by for some more action and I had the entire RC Club to myself and took the time to take some pictures after flying my Spit for another two wonderful flights.

I did notice that the Right Retract was having trouble going inside the wheel well all the way and had to place the model upside down on one of the Model stands and I carefully took off the Side Strut plastic cover and with two pliers I bent back the "Pre-Bent Strut" so, the wheel NO longer made contact with the edge of the wheel well opening.

Other than the adjustment, all went as planned and it was a terrific day with great weather conditions.

Here are a few pictures from early evening before the Sun went to bed.

Oct 15, 2011, 11:56 PM
Right Rudder
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Saturday morning RC Flying at Orlando, Florida


Just another Super Morning / Day in Central Florida and especially Orlando, Florida where I visited a new RC Club that I made myself a member of back mid last year and they have installed a runway made of recycled Concrete material and padded down using a large machine.

From all of the places that I have flown my Park Zone Spitfire Mk IX, I can tell you that this is the best type of surface I have encountered to take-off and land. The model's ground handling looks so realistic and I flew the Spitfire for 4 spectacular flights of 6 minutes each and it was balls to the wall flying in rather calm conditions and right next to a lake. This is the only thing about this club that you really can not be weak at the knees to fly out of this location as a result from the Lake.

The model took off in less than 15 feet on this surface and it was applying gradual throttle and it did NOT veer off to the Left and it lifted it's tail wheel just like the Full size and made a super scale take-off that everyone enjoyed flight after flight.

The landings were something to see as this place does have trees surrounding the field and perhaps helped in keeping the wind down without any cross wind thereby, allowing perfect Landing facing the North and was able to command the model to gradually sink in level flight right at the edge of the runway for a smooth and super scale run-out and most especially without nosing over (never did the model even come close to exhibit a NOSE OVER!). As a matter of fact I was able to command the Spitfire to perform some neat one wheel main gear landings / touchdowns.

Again, a few pictures from this morning at the Orlando, Florida RC Club.

Looking North

Looking South and almost at the edge of the Runway

Over Looking the Large Lagoon!

Closeup Over Looking the Lagoon!

My Methods of securing my Spitfire

My bat-mobile charging station - no time to waste while driving

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