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Oct 24, 2001, 04:17 PM
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Sepecat Jaguar

Hi everyone.
I am a very regular visitor to the ezone site and this is my first post, with more to come, no doubt!
I am intending to build the Sepecat Jaguar using a 1 x MF480 and 1 x 480BB-race motor, which I already have, with 8 or so cells of 2000 (havenít quite decided on this yet) and a built up wing.
I am converting the traplet plan of the jaguar, which has a 60 size prop engine on the front and a wingspan of 48.5 inch, 1091 sq. in area.

I would like some advice please,

1. What would be the best size for this plane to be so as not to be too underpowered with the gear I already have?
2. How to calculate wing loading etc and what it means in relation to pwr/weight.
3. I have made a straight length of ducting from 64th ply before, but the jaguar intake is not in line with the outlet so what would be a simple solution here please?
4. Are cheater holes just holes made in the duct to allow additional air in, if the intake is too small?

Many thanks

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Oct 25, 2001, 12:15 AM
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Welcome Paul!!

Please, jump right in the water is FINE!

You have your work cut out for you as the Jag. ,as cool as it is, has a few things you will need to change from scale.

Don't get me wrong...any thing will fly if you put enough power and Money into it.

The wing is TINY, enlarge it, heck if a F-104 can fly as an electric, so can this! you will also need to enlarge the intakes from scale , unless you go with Ralf Dvorak's twin 480 fan unit

You will definitely need to scale those plans down as it is to big for the MF-480. Try scaling it so the fan unit will fit with a little more space at the sides say 1/2" each side of the mounting lugs.

With that motor it will have to be LITE,LITE,LITE

MOst of all HAVE FUN!!

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Oct 25, 2001, 10:20 AM
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Hi Paul,

I will advise you to forget the real intakes for the main air entrance, this plane really need a big cheat intake at the belly. If you choose to enlarge the real intake shape, it becomes a bad scaled thing.

For the size, not bigger that 80cm wingspan I think and if the fuselage scaled by %12 the wings need to be scaled as %10 for considerable wing loading.

You need to stay close to 500gr. for total fuselage weight except battery pack and you need a bungee.

A big calculation process is waiting for you

At least try it because it is also really funny to just test it !



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