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Sep 19, 2011, 11:38 PM
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Haven't started Nitro Sport in...years

First post on the forum, so be easy. I have been out of the R/C game for awhile and let my Nitro Sport sit for maybe a little to long. It has sat for give or take 4 years with no maintenance. I did put oil in it after each run but from the look of the intake tube and such it may be a little gummed with nitro fuel. Luckily the tank was empty so I think I can get what is still left in the corners cleaned. But my question is what should I do to get this back running? Do I need to do a complete tear down of the motor or just clean the fuel tank, check under the head and what is easily accessible and turn it over? I haven't tried to turn it over as I want to get some insight first. I need to get a few things to get it back going, ie: fuel, tires, glow plug etc, but want to know what else I may need to get while I am at it.

I guess I should state, it is the standard TRX .15 with upgraded head but otherwise factory set-up
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Sep 20, 2011, 10:24 PM
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I would flush the motor out with WD40, then let it soak in some after run oil for a bit. After that, see how it turns over. If everything looks/feels good, give it a start up to see how it runs.

If the bearings feel gritty, definitely don't fire it up.

If you want to be really thorough, tear the engine right down and clean it up. Re-lube the bearings and put it all together.
Sep 24, 2011, 02:55 PM
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What has worked for me is to pull the engine off the mount, pull plug and put ARO down the plug hole, leave it for day or so and see if it will turn over. If it does, then I put it back on the engine mount and after replacing fuel lines and cleaning tank, I try to start it using a new plug and a fully charged igniter. If it doesn't crank, I pull air cleaner off and dribble a few drops of fuel down the carb - if it starts and run briefly, I know engine is OK, and carb is plugged. After cleaning carb mine usually run.

If it won't turn over after soaking with ARO in the cylinder, it depends on how much time I want to wait - if I don't care about time, I pull backplate off and let soak in solvent like denat alcohol or fuel, several days, weeks etc until it frees up and I can turn it over. Then it comes apart to see what shape brgs and crank are in - sometimes reason they won't turn over is rust and if that's the case, its junk, few parts are good for spares, but not worth pursuing against the price of a new one. If brgs and crank are not rusted, clean everything, reassemble, seal and try to crank.

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