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Sep 18, 2011, 04:05 PM
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HP6DSM Dip Switch settings

I bought a HP6DSM for my SR 120 and MCX2. Other owners of this radio said to use Dip switch 4. Using 4 I had no throttle. Another owner of a HP6DSM suggested I use 3,5,7 that what his settings. 3,5,7 are the dip switch settings that I had to use as well. Just thought I would post this for someone using a search for HP6DSM dip switch settings.
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Sep 18, 2011, 05:21 PM
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Thought I would add to this.

Originally Posted by Thunder2661
I found this but i don't know if it helps

E-flite HP6DSM 6-Channel 2.4GHz DSM2 Transmitter
Full range Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSM2™ technology
Mode II
Flight mode switch
Throttle hold switch
Dual rate switches
Trainer Switch
Adjustable Trims
Adjustable Stick Height
Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)

Airplane Mode Features:
Elevator/Aileron (Elevon) mixing
Rudder/Elevator (Ruddervator/V-Tail) mixing
Adjustable knob (fully proportional) for Chan 5 functions (Flaps, Retracts, etc.)

Helicopter Mode Features:
2 Mixing settings: 120-degree Cyclic Collective Pitch Mixing (CCPM) Or Standard mixing

2 Flight Modes: Normal or Stunt/Idle Up
Stunt Mode Throttle Curve Midpoint Adjustment (SM TCM ADJ) knob
Remote Gryo gain knob

DIP Switch Settings:
Dip Switch 1*
Up—Channel 1/Throttle channel reversed
Down—Channel 1/Throttle channel normal
*For safety, channel 1/throttle channel reversing can only be changed when the transmitter is powered off. All
other dip switch positions/functions can be changed while the transmitter is powered on.

Dip Switch 2
Up—Channel 2/Aileron channel reversed
Down—Channel 2/Aileron channel normal

Dip Switch 3
Up—Channel 3/Elevator channel reversed
Down—Channel 3/Elevator channel normal

Dip Switch 4
Up—Channel 4/Rudder channel reversed
Down—Channel 4/Rudder channel normal

Dip Switch 5
Up—Channel 5/Gear channel reversed
Down—Channel 5/Gear channel normal

Dip Switch 6
Up—Channel 6/Pitch channel reversed
Down—Channel 6/Pitch channel normal

Dip Switch 7
Up—Helicopter Mode (Channel 6 becomes pitch channel)
Down—Airplane Mode (Channel 6 becomes an extra aileron channel)

Dip Switch 8*
Up—120-degree Cyclic Collective Pitch Mixing (CCPM)
Down—Standard mixing
*Only functions when in helicopter mode.

Dip Switch 9*
Up—Rudder/Elevator (Ruddervator/V-Tail) mixing
Down—No mixing
*Only functions when in airplane mode, and no function if switch 10 is in the up position.

Dip Switch 10*
Up—Elevator/Aileron (Elevon) mixing
Down—No mixing
*Only functions when in airplane mode, and no function if switch 9 is in the up position.

Binding Process:
First power up your RX in Bind Mode (install Bind Plug, if applicable). To enter bind mode with the transmitter, pull the trainer (TRAINER) switch toward the front of the transmitter, then, while holding the trainer switch forward, power the transmitter on. You’ve successfully entered bind mode when the transmitter beeps and the red LED located under the door on the bottom left front of the transmitter blinks
rapidly. You can release the trainer switch after the transmitter stops beeping and the transmitter will remain in bind mode until the binding process is complete. Then, once the orange LED on the receiver glows solidly, the receiver is bound to the transmitter. Now you will need to power down the transmitter and receiver. (Remove Bind Plug from RX, if applicable).

This thread may also help

From what i've read for the 120 to work (as i don't have a HP6DSM)
it looks like there are two types of HP6DSM
needs dipswitch 4 up and the rest down

needs dipswitch 3 and 7 need to be up and the rest down
Oct 27, 2016, 02:00 PM
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Thanks for the post!

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