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Sep 08, 2011, 08:11 PM
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Recieving a Negative iTrader rating, when you did not Buy, Sell, Trade or communicate

I have am having a problem with a user here by the name of User-X, He posted a derogatory statement in 3 out of 4 for sale threads in the "electric heli" section of the forum that i have listed. I had to actually delete one listing because of his post. It was then I decided this is not a person I want to do business with, obviously right?

Not wanting to deal with this non-sense, I deleted his many post in my "For Sale" threads. He became irate and started sending me private messages and continued reposting lies about my items in these for sale threads I had started. Eg.. that they were defective items, I charged him extra shipping and so on. How could they be defective to him if I never sold or shipped him anything? I sent a post to the mods before he edited it, so you guys should have that one on file. I also have some of his PM's, feel free to check them.

As an example I have this in a post reply email from RCG that came from User-X, this post was in the Novus CP Double Brushless Thread I currently have listed in the "Electric Helis" section;
"This heli can't fly well at all. He sold it to me and I had to send it back because it didn't work. He also ripped me off and never refunded me in full. He charged me for shipping. Avoid at all cost. Just a fair warning.

This was posted here and then edited, but not before I could send it off to a mod;

An out and out lie, there is no record of a sale between User-X and myself and I bought this heli new. This is also the first time I have tried to sell it, He then......

Sends me a negative feedback explaining that i was "very rude and deleted his questions about my items listed". When in fact what I deleted were his negative statements and jokes about the items I had listed. I did not return his PM's or the negative feedback for his, as I am hoping the feedback he left me could be removed. Im not sure if there is a way for you to see the history of the threads but its all there. I dont really have anything to link too since in the interest of keeping my sale threads clean, I deleted his post. But I do have his orginal post in PM and email alert form.

Finally he ended his tirade by asking me how much it would be to ship my item to him in Taiwan, this is how he edited his above "This guy is a ripoff dont buy from him", post in my sales thread. Now this is a micro heli that is made in China (Novus = Walkera) and I am in the USA. Naturally the cost to ship my item there would be close to half the items selling cost, and so why someone would order a used heli from USA that lives in China (Taiwan) where the heli is manufactured new, is beyond me.

Thats how I knew he was just being insulting, disruptive and trying to hassel me, but i did not think he could or would leave me a negative iTrader rating and resort to screw around with a mans wallet by trying to ruin a great sales record in retaliation. I have 33 perfect sales in almost 3 years with 100% positive feedback and I take great care and pride in making sure people are happy with the used items I sell here on RCG. Like many of the longtime sellers, buyers & traders here. I just got blessed with this individual for some reason

In this case I felt User-X abused the system and I dont think he had/has anything to lose with a 0 (zero) iTrader rating in doing so.

The concern is that someone out of uncontrolled anger, spite, rage or any other one of the malady's that plaque society can just arbitrarily leave a negative feedback score in the "For Sale" section iTrader Rating system. Someone who you have not bought, sold or traded with let alone had any negotiations, contact or conversation with can just leave you a negative feedback. I know many people would see a rating like that and look past it, but some wont - and this could cause problems. Not only for me but for others who try to deal with people who like to cause trouble. How can we delete a disruptive post in a self moderated "For Sale" thread and not come under fire with negative itrader feedback as a retaliation?

If its the honor system, then I realize there will be holes in the system, but is there a way to have a definate transaction to rate as opposed to an opinion rating? Some of these guys have 300 sales with 100% positive feedback, I think it's too easy to ruin someones record just because they might of had a bad day and/or have no respect for the "For Sale" section of the forum......Again there was no sale, purchase, trade or any negotiations here, Just Pure Hassel. I am not sure how else I could have responded other than deleting his post and closeing one of the threads as i didnt want to go back and forth rapid fire with him.

I worked hard for that perfect rating by going the extra mile and it's ashame someone would try to ruin it just because they can.

I would ask that you please remove this negative feedback score due to this user being out of line and taking things way too far.

And I would also like to thank you guys for giving us a place to buy, sell and trade our RC Gear so we can keep getting new gear and enjoy this hobby.

Last edited by HeliFlyer711; Sep 10, 2011 at 04:17 PM. Reason: Removed Name as situation has been resolved, but left post intact in case it happens to someone else for reference.
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Sep 09, 2011, 09:44 AM
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We try not to get involved with sales on the site BUT this appears to be a trolling issue and not a sale issue since no sale was ever made.
Please continue to report any posts by this user that breaks site rules.
I will take a look at the trader feedback and if necessary delete the feedback and issue a point to Bobpine.
Sep 09, 2011, 09:58 AM
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Thanks a lot, appreciate your help in this matter very much. I did send him and email this morning asking him politely to remove the negative rating himself, but so far have not heard back from him. I would be happy just to have my clean rating again.
Sep 09, 2011, 09:59 AM
♘ Heli's Lives Matter ♘
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Thankyou! its back.....Have a good one JTG

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