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Sep 08, 2011, 06:53 PM
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My start in RC Helicopters.

My grandson asked if I would take him to the lhs and give him his $85 I was holding for all his hard work this past year. He was looking to buy a RC car. I was sceptical about what he could get for that little money but I am always game to go look at all the cool gizmos at the hobby store. (Back in the late 80s I was doing the electric dirt buggy thing, loved it.)

Well, sure enough, the selection was very limited, I saw some micro helicopters and asked Dom if he might be interested on one of those. He was excited so we asked the counter feller about them. He steered me away from the one we were holding and pointed us to one that he said they carried a few parts for and was reasonable in price. I knew nothing about these things but I did know it made no sense to buy something we couldn't repair. I then saw a set of two Force Battle Zone helicopters and asked about them. He said they carried every single part for those. Well, that was it, our decision was made. And I couldn't let my grandson fly alone now could I? I also bought a 4 cell charger and 4 150mah batteries knowing well how this was going to go.

We bought the set, took em home, charged em up and spent the afternoon flying them all over my drive, sticking them in trees, crashing on the street, running into everything. But it was a blast for the both of us. We didn't learn the finer points, but we could manage to make them fly in a general direction when the wind was down. Nothing broke, it was a good day.

Since then I have flown the heck out of mine, mostly indoors, and Dom flies his when he comes to visit. What a blast they are. I've had so much fun I bought two more off the net, these are in great condition, barley used and only $100 for the pair.

So far I have broken 5 center shaft heads and 2 stabalizer bars. Not too bad for the amount of flying I am getting in.

I bought a mcx2 with a bad 5 in 1 off the net for $26 mainly for comparison. What I learned was these Force helis are mCX2s, only difference being the landing skid and the 5 in 1 and of course the shell.

All 4 of these fly very well, I can tell a difference in performance between them but they are all fairly even. There is one that flies better than the rest so I set that one on reserve and I will beat the crap out of my other two until I hone my skills. Dom's is set aside just for his use.

I bought a carbon tail boom from the lhs and put that on one. Definitely made it fly faster in fwd. I played around with the weight but ended up just taking it off. Works so well I ordered 3 more carbon booms, some front canopies and a few tails to experiment with.

The IR gun: kind of fun, the grandson really likes it but I much prefer just learning to fly well and getting shot just causes more crashes. But I can tell there will be a time for that fun. I was telling Dom how the gun worked off Infrared light, like a channel changer. He grabbed the channel changer sitting there and promptly shot my heli down, lol, it was quite amusing.

It took me quite a bit of searching to finally figure out that what we had bought was in essence an mCX2. I typically do a lot of research before jumping into a new hobby, not in this case, I kind of fell into it. I'm glad that it turned out I got a heli that has so much support and options for enhancement.

Well, I got my mCX2 in the mail the other day. It brought good news and bad news. I bought this thing for $26 plus $10 because it had a "bad 5 in 1". It didn't work with the tail lights plugged in but it did work just fine without the tail lights plugged in. Lights plugged in and the servos did not function, unplugged and normal. Well that is just fine, for me the lights are not important. I had some canopies and tail booms to play with so I was good to go.

The bad news: There are some big differences between them I was unaware of. (Part of the reason I bought this was to do a comparison of the two types, the other was just to get a batch of spare parts.)

The differences I found so far are:
-The frame is significantly different, worst part for me is on mCX2 the pins for holding the body are spaced further apart than on the Force frame. That means all those new canopies I bought won't fit, dang it! In the Force they moved the 5 in 1 up higher, I guess just to make room for the IR gun. The battery is positioned further forward also.
-The fly bar on the mCX2 is a bit longer, and the link point is a bit further out from center which would make the flybar move the blade more during operation. Seems like it doesn't matter too much, after a few flights on the mCX2 I jammed it up into a cupboard and broke the fly bar, I swapped in one of the spares from my Force and it flies just fine.
-The landing gear is different, the Force needs a place to attach the IR gun, but the mCX2 is a bit wider and taller.
-The servo rods are longer on the mCX2, due to the frame difference.
That's all that I have noted so far. Obviously, the electronics are different between the two 5 in 1s since the mCX2 runs lights and the Force runs the IR gun. The connector are in the same location and both 4 pins.

Flying the mCX2 is different, I'm no good enough to be able to explain it very well, suffice to say they "feel different". One noticeable difference is when doing a pirouette, the mCX2 spins very rapidly while the Force is much slower. I actually prefer the slower Force turning.

I put a carbon fiber canopy, tail, and tail feather on the mCX2, left the weight off and it flies very well. I had some vibration problems but somehow they went away, no sure what I did to reduce that, maybe just luck or break in?

I may buy a couple mCX2 frames and swap the components over so I can use these canopies, or just use the cf tails with the stock force fronts. I'll probably convert at least one of the Forces over just for fun. I'm not much of a fan of these things looking like real helis, it's all about the best performance for me.

Having a blast flying around the house, buzzing the wife and chasing the dogs. Like all things I get into, I'm spending too much money and time on these, but it sure if fun. And really, considering I have 4 helis (plus one for my grandson) and a bunch of parts and canopies I have not really spent that much compared to other hobbies I have been in to.

Up to 3 broke fly bars now with this last little incident.

Flying this thing around the house is just pure fun and I am already looking at what my next heli will be but I will be having fun with these for quite some time I'm sure.
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