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Sep 05, 2011, 11:50 AM
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UMX beast beginners POV and phoenix sim

g'day folks, just here to write up my impressions of the UMX beast from a beginners point of view.

My experience before buying the beast was 3ch parkflyer which i could never fly as it was a light pole magnet down the parks.

Went to the hobby shop about 4 weeks ago looking for something new and left with a very cool looking plane called the beast and a DX6i spektrum transmitter.

Came on this forum looking for advice and was told it wasnt the best plane for me but i was not determined to be put off, i mean come on im a gamer i got hand eye cordination but taking to some advice i went and bought a copy of phoenix simulator.

first impressions of the phoenix simulator, wow, very real graphics but as a novice i could not comment on realism comparing it to flying a real plane, so i flew a bunch of different planes on there and clocked up about 20 hours sim time.

Feeling confident i grabbed my beast, fully charged and headed to my local park. These next few steps i will attempt to recreate the best i can for you.

So initially what i was not prepared for was trimming and the plane not being perfectly trimmed, a misconception that i had locked in my head due to too much flight sim.

I turned on my DX6i, set my plane choice to beast, and checked my duel rates and expo setting them to 30/50. connected the plane, completed my pre flight checks, ok launch time, grass is to long so i had to hand launch it, 3/4 throttle and a gentle throw into the air, straight away it banked to the left so i corrected, it pulled to the right so i corrected back, then like it was not even me flying it the plane shot off to the ground, crash...... damage, a broken wing, and two big cracks in the fuselage....

home i go to repair

2 days later, i went back down the park, with the plane all fixed i completed my pre flight checks and proceeded to hand launch again, straight from hand launch the plane went into an epic continious barrel roll and crashed into the ground, damage, small crack in wing, but it didnt deter me, i pre corrected the trim, and went again, off she goes, flying a little straight, i trim my ele rud and arilon at a nice high height so that i have time to correct and off i went, completeing loops around the park, it felt exactly like i was flying the simulator, i had a smile ear to ear, having fun with it, now came the landing, something i practiced hours with on the sim, i slow down to bellow half throttle making circles and slowly decending, get to a good height, less and less throttle, and about a meter from the ground cut the throttle and glided the rest of the way in for a 100% text book landing, i was over the moon.

I have now had 9 flights with the beast, and am running my duel rates and expo at 100/50. This plane is out of control, the most fun i have ever had, i am able to barrel rool, loop, snap roll, inverted flight, and im not sure the name for it but slowly flying the plane on its side haha... I would never have been able to fly the plane without the simulator experience, so to anyone who is umming and arring a simulator, i would recommend it so much, so so so dam much.... Im very happy with how the plane handles, its very stable in the air, very responsive, i still use 30/50 on my DR and expo to land it just for my benifit so i make a nice precise landing, this plane has taken a bit of a beating but i just glued it back together, put a bit of tape over it and its stronger then new.

As a novice flyer though, i would not recommend it, i can now see why they said its a advanced pilot plane..... but i have a nack for picking these things up easily its always been like that for me.

If however your willing to put in the sim time, yeh i would say get it give it a go, keep your duel rates and expo set to how i had them set or set to how the manual says, and be prepared that its gonna cash, if like me you went there knowing its gonna crash it makes things alot easier, there very easy to fix, and are hell of alot of fun to fly, my brother has a parkzone P-51 and the beast eats that thing up, it out performs it in every way shape and form.

So on a final note, and bit of advice from a non experience flyer, i would say defiently everyone needs to own this plane, if your a novice, buy that simulator, get your hours up and then jump in, if your experienced, i can guarantee you would not get bored of this plane, the aerobatic capabilities are very smooth and look great, the overall look of the plane is fantastic, they done one hell of a job designing this

rating it out of 10

Look: 9.5/10
ease of flight for a beginner: 3/10
aerobatic performance: 9/10
flight stability: 9/10
fun factor: 10/10

this here is just my little point of view as a new comer,and speaking of my experience as a new pilot attempting to fly out of his league.

i have also ordered a UMX Extra 300 3D so i look forward to flying that and will let you guys know how that goes
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Sep 05, 2011, 01:38 PM
Way to many airplanes!
Originally Posted by keithy351
i have also ordered a UMX Extra 300 3D so i look forward to flying that and will let you guys know how that goes
I have RealFlight simulator and the Electrifly Pluma is great for learning 3D on it. If it's available on Phoenix, start practicing right away... The Extra is slow, but it's not any easier to fly, particularly if you want to do some 3D... Simulators are the way to go, so find yourself a great "light" 3D plane on Phoenix and go for it. (hopefully, somebody can suggest a good one?) Start in simulated outdoor with no wind first, but then, it's always good to use simulated indoor gym so you get used to avoiding walls and ceiling.

Good luck. Nice review.
Sep 05, 2011, 01:41 PM
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Welcome to this addiction. Be prepared to keep the wallet and/or credit card handy.
I did almost the same thing as you last fall, buying the Sukhoi as my first airplane and I am really old, don't have great hand/eye coordination and can't even play pacman or the simplest computer games. I did spend months on a sim before the purchase, but like you first flights were a few second disaster. I still have the original Sukhoi flying with all it's original parts but with the help of a bunch of glue and tape. I still practice regularly on the sim and try to work on specific things over and over before trying them with a plane.
Locally there are some really long term rc pilots that just swore that I could not learn anything about flying a rc plane with a simulator that I believe deep down, are eating their words a bit, but they would not admit it and in the interest of keeping relationships as good as possible with fellow pilots, I will not offer the "I told you so" but deep down really want to some times. Of course these same ones are the ones that had other written in stone rules for learning to fly - You must start on a 3 channel, large, slow high wing trainer and You will never learn how to fly an rc airplane by fooling around with those little toys like the Sukhoi.
Sep 05, 2011, 07:39 PM
CrashMeUp's Avatar
thats right the trimming is something the sim doesnt teach and can lead to crash. although the UM usualy don't need a lot of trim from the factory setup, it can happen. It reminds me when I started flying Learning lessons the hard way :P

Also imo 4 channels + sim is the way to go. The sim to have a feel of how things work and then off you go. 3 channels is harder to control (no roll) and just there because you can let go of everything if you panic and hopefully it'll self correct.
Still, something easier than Sukhoi/Beast with 4 channels would probably avoid some early crashes :-)

Thanksfully the Sukhoi is actually super resistant (not the beast)
Sep 05, 2011, 10:51 PM
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thanks for your reply guys, yeah i am starting out with flying eflite 4-site micro and the eflite enticement to learn with before i fly the extra 300, i have been practicing indoor on the sim, not with the most success but getting there, getting very conscious about the limited amount of space.
i understand that wanting to say i told you, where i bought the plane from had one guy in there give me a bit of stick, but you let these things go, i wish i had more cash to throw out on the hobby, im at college so it takes me 2 months to save for one plane lol....
yep crash its a lesson learnt there but heck i really dont mind it i was just happy i didnt have to buy anything to replace it, as i said, i would recommend the sim for sure, i still fly sim twice a week for a few hours practicing tricks, i learnt to hover really well and torque roll on sim, wanting to put it to practice now.
Sep 06, 2011, 09:46 AM
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the 4site is fragile but pretty easy to fly and easy to repair
make sure you move the sticks gently since it has huge surfaces
Sep 07, 2011, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by CrashMeUp
the 4site is fragile but pretty easy to fly and easy to repair
make sure you move the sticks gently since it has huge surfaces
thanks for the advice mate
Mar 10, 2013, 05:09 PM
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Best model in Phoenix to simulate the UMX Beast 3D

I read your review of the UMX Beast 3D, and it was very helpful.

I originally purchased a 3 channel Super Cub to learn on, and quickly decided the cheapest route would be to get the simulator and do most of my practicing there.

From there I have learned to fly my Cub upside down, do loops, roll it (sort of anyway, it is after all only a 3 channel.)

Anyway, I got to a point where I was ready for a new plane and really wanted to move into a parkzone sukhoi, but they have now been discontinued. The clerk at Hobby Lobby International suggested I try the Beast, as they were both pretty strong planes, and this was more suited to my interest in 3D.

TL;DR: I read where you had learned to fly the Beast in Phoenix, and was wondering what model do you feel best simulates this plane?

I know this thread is rather old, but I get the feeling that your personal experience could be very valuable in this endeavor. Thanks so much.
May 12, 2013, 03:42 PM
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well i have the champ and was looking at the UMX Extra 300 3D as well as the UMX Carbon Cub SS.So as a beginner it looks like i should go with the beast?.I was hoping for a plane i could fly in my back yard"1 acre" or fly in the field.and yes i use a sims and my favorite plane is the p51

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