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Sep 11, 2003, 08:11 PM
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Hi all im making this post on behalf of a good friend ,he placed a large order with rchobby.co.uk, but has waited ages for his shipment ,every email he sends is not answered,its been over 1 month now and they wont give him even a Tracking number for the shipment ,or even a email back.. any stories anyone could share bout them would be a great help...My freind has been very patinent with them and very polite, but this eventully runs thin,, thanks in Advance

i tried posting this last night but ezone had some problems and wouldnt post the message body..
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Sep 12, 2003, 06:16 PM
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Well, to answer your previous question, they are genuine. They have bought some of the stuff we import into the UK. However I've never bought from them, so I don't know what they are like on that end.

What was it your friend was buying?

And: have you tried phoning them? They give a phone number (+44 1274 355800) on the front page of their web-site. I know it's a pain from Oz, but it might be worth it.

Sep 12, 2003, 09:33 PM
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ok update to be fair ,, after 5 weeks of not hearing from them , my freind has yeasterday recivied a email from them ,, yep he tried calling the phone number for weeks but no answer ,, it says on the web page they were moving ,ok i can handle this but they are a internet company and should of had some sort of plan in place, if they new that they would have no computers of phones in the time they took to move ,, they could of put up a message on the site saying yep they are moving and a Alternate email address could of been provied say a hotmail one ,not to take orders but to communicate with the people who had outstanding orders, i think this would of been fair to the people who had outstanding orders so they new where they stood..anyway they reckon my mate will get his stuff in 13 days ..all he can do again is wait to see if they make good on their word ,, in my opinon very very bad customer service to take orders and payments then close down shop and move and leave everyone wondering!!
Dec 09, 2003, 03:39 AM
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In response to this thread..
I purchased a GoldEagle XXL from RcHobby.co.uk a good 4-5 months ago..
After receiving the product in 2 weeks, I assembled it to find the canopy didn't fit and when the rubber bands were attached for the wings, the fuselage bend inwards on both sides and thee bands supplied were too tight causing theem to dig dints in the wings.
I fixed the fuselage bending problem by reinforcing it inside with foam and used slacker bands.
First flight, Plane took off ou of my hands and flew about 5 meters forwards on a steady climb then i lost control and the plane went near vertical, i managed to get in control again and just bring it down to catch it.
I then took it home and inspected thee control surface movements and motor response, and to my amaizement , the control surfaces had a mind of their own and would not respond properly to my transmitter inputs.
I gave them a call and they offered me a replacement, but I thought no, I would rather change it for an ARTF electric model..
So I had 180 of credit with them after sending my XXL back, and ordered a Challenger ARTF plane from them with motor, esc, and battery pack this came to 99.99 as indicated on their site. So i had 80 left over. I said I wanted 2 servos and an rx for it so they included those and the original BMI peak charger and said they had sent it all off to me.
2 weeks later nothing had arrived, I called them again and again, then after 3 weeks I received my plane, with motor, esc, battery pack but no radio gear. I phoned them that day, and they said they would get them sent out that day, another week and nothing had come, so I gave them a call (again) and they said that the stuff had been sent out, so I waited, and after 3 weeks received my radio gear. Or Sort Of!!!
I found that the servos had no horns included, so had to buy some from a model shop (yet again another inconvenience!!!).
I got to work that weekend assembling the model, it looked very good structurally. Until i came to installing the control rods, they seemed incredibly flimsy and weak. I attached them in nevertheless and had the model all nicely built and very titdy inside. I turned it on after charging the battery with a crappy wall charger, as the BMI one i was sent out had the wrong connectors, and turned my tx on. I moved my stick to the right, and all the servos were chattering eratically, same with all directions, I ran the motor at different revs and after 30 secs it stopped. I turned the model off, changed the rx for one out of a IC model of mine, and the servos responded correctly.
I told them the problem, and they never replaced it for me..

I now have a lovely challenger electric sport model sat there, waiting for a rx, some decent batttery packs, and a good charger!!
This is 5 month down the line now!

May 27, 2005, 05:44 AM
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Website not updated for over a year worryingly (see news section of site).
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