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Aug 30, 2011, 07:40 PM
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Bob's Super Simple Shield - MWC

This shield was changed to a whole new unit:

After much discussion with many people, it turned out that adding the whole 5V regulated power line along with with the 3V3 if needed was not received as a simple solution shield, and looking back I now do see that . I went back to the drawing board (or computer) and removed anything that was not already easily available from items that would always be on a multirotor, be it ESC BEC power or whatever. Basically what was lacking was 3V3, so my shield would get its 5V from the ESC BEC/s and then I would put the minimum necessary components for clean 3V3 power. Care was taken and I searched for a 3V3 Regulator so that you could use the same capacitor type and value on the intake and output, and to be ceramic so you do not have to worry about polarity as the ceramics are non-polarity - so no worry about letting the magic smoke out.

What emerged is the 'Super Simple Shield', and thus far, everybody I have talked to and that has tested it agrees that this is indeed an extremely simple to assemble shield.

I had many discussions about what was wanted in a shield and also with the member and father of the MultiWii Project, Alexinparis and asked him what he had in mind for upcoming software for the ProMini.

As you can see, the shield has quite a few connections, all of which can be used in different arrangements making the shield not only simple but very versatile.

I have brought out pin D12 for those that enjoy the simplicity of just a WM+, pin8 was then used for Aux2, which is currently in the current release of the software so you can use a 6ch radio w/ regular RX and not need a PPM out RX and also to activate Aux2 to turn on/off different sensors as you see fit.

Pins A0 & A1 were put inline with the ESCs as again, in DEV software they are being used as motors 5 & 6 for hexas and allowing you to use a regular RX and fly a hexa - again, all of this is being implemented as I type this.

Last was size - I opted to go the standard 50 x 50mm square in an effort to be as light as possible. Some may say that is no big deal, and I thought this myself as routing would have been much easier with the additional space a round shield provides, but after building my first MicroQuad - BlueSkyRC's MicroQuad by Terry Balling, it was decided - go square and save as much weight as possible.

I hope you all enjoy the shield as much as I did laying it out and from the feedback I have received from the testers. The Super Simple Shield is being distributed by Qrome is an incredibly nice guy to deal with and as it turns out we are only about 20MI apart, an added bonus. Being that BlueSkyRC is US based, the shields are already here, so just a 2-3day shipment for most of the US.

Have a good day/night,

As always, any constructive criticism is welcome . My goal is to make the hobby as fun and as simple for everybody, from the guys who have been in the hobby for 50+yrs that taught me to fly 25yrs ago, to the guys like myself who have been in and out of the hobby due to life circumstances for 25+yrs, to the younger guys and girls that are just now getting into what will probably be a life long hobby.

edit: Board Revised to 1.0.1 - Addition of BT/Comm port

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Aug 30, 2011, 10:10 PM
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Originally Posted by bob4432
On the ESC side, only the Signal wire is electrically connected to the Simple Shield outputs, the PWR and GND wires are not connected. You no longer have to clip any wires from your ESCs and can connect all together with no worry about any ESCís BEC powering issue. This leaves the power from your ESCís BEC to power servos for your camera stabilization if that is needed. I do have one questions - does anybody know if any ESCs have an issue if you only connect the signal wire?
The only problems I've seen with ESCs is if they use a different ground than any of the other electronics. I'm looking, but where would I connect the programmer or Bluetooth module?
Aug 30, 2011, 10:41 PM
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Originally Posted by BigSpaceDaddy
The only problems I've seen with ESCs is if they use a different ground than any of the other electronics. I'm looking, but where would I connect the programmer or Bluetooth module?
LOL I asked the same question about the FTDI interface. Brian told me and he is correct that the FTDI pins are on the Arduino Mini Pro board.
Aug 30, 2011, 10:53 PM
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Heh, I have one sitting in my line of sight underneath my monitor and never bothered to look. I was thinking of the Quadrino board. This looks to be a long week...

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