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Sep 10, 2003, 09:53 PM
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Rubber Servo Mount Bushings-Anyone Use Them?

Does anyone use the rubber servo mount bushings with the brass insert that comes with most servos?


I have on some and not on others, and can not tell a difference.

David J.
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Sep 10, 2003, 10:03 PM
Just an average RC'er
Jim McPherson's Avatar
I do, but only becuase that's what I was taught. Can't see any good reason not to. They'll provide a little give and could lessen the likelyhood of stripping, and the weight is nill. Plus they look nice.

Sep 10, 2003, 10:15 PM
Forever TMWT Pilot #11
LcJ's Avatar
I agree with Jim. I use them on the Pico and not on Hitec 55. Different size holes.
Orginally they were to protect the servo from the vibration of a gas engine.
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Sep 10, 2003, 10:15 PM
Motor Maniac
They also may be recommended for IC (slimer) planes due to the excess vibration. I think with electrics you can certainly get away without using them.
Sep 11, 2003, 12:30 AM
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SlowRider's Avatar

They seem to compress to easy (maybe I'm tightening to much?) so I didn't use them. I did have to go to a larger screw because the supplied ones kept slipping out of the notch. They're nice and secure now.

Sep 12, 2003, 01:56 AM
Grejen's Avatar
I don't use 'em. Figure with electrics you don't need the vibration protection and the servo needs to be held more positively to reduce the slop. Esp with the reduced arm travel on smaller servo's and control arms. 1mm of servo wiggling is not gonna make a difference on a .40 Kadet but it sure would on some of these higher performance parkies. SB etc.
Sep 12, 2003, 02:07 AM
Tacoma, WA, USA
William A's Avatar
I don't use them either, and what's worse, I save 'em. I don't know why, save all those extra servo arms too.
Got tons of both.
Sep 12, 2003, 04:09 AM
Leave me alone!
Martin Hunter's Avatar
I use them on Pico bb servos only to decrease the size of the hole and make a screw slipping less likely. I typically don't use the little brass collars that come with them, though.

Sep 12, 2003, 04:36 AM
drksyd's Avatar
Only used them in my moth after I put a servo tray in it and needed to screw the servos down. All my other planes they're taped in so don't need em.
Sep 12, 2003, 05:12 AM
It's a Great Day to Fly
LenBFP's Avatar
If I use the grommets I also use the eyelets, they work as a system to keep everything in place. Usually I just tape the servo or put it in a hole cut to fit. Lately I have been using the HS55 servos and they don't have the grommets and eyelets.

Sep 12, 2003, 08:14 AM
Mr Mootsie
Mr Mootsie's Avatar
I use the brass insert and the rubber....always did, it just seems to be part of my "scan pattern".
Sep 12, 2003, 10:00 AM
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redtiger's Avatar
I use them, but on my MPjet gearboxes. Without the brass inset, it makes it very easy to adjust the motor's angle if I need to - just compress the grommet a bit more.
Sep 12, 2003, 12:54 PM
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FredN's Avatar
If the servo comes with the rubber grommets I used them. If
they don't (like the HS-55) I don't.

Sep 12, 2003, 01:16 PM
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farnboro flyer's Avatar
I have used them in my MM Switchback but without the brass inserts.
The whole idea is to reduce vibration from the the case of IC , the vibration is an issue!

Sep 12, 2003, 01:18 PM
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pda4you's Avatar
Yep - I nearly always use them. My old slimer habits die hard.....