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Aug 28, 2011, 12:59 PM
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The Start of the "Heli Child"

I'm not too sure how everyone here got started but I thought I'd just write this down so I remember how my heli corner came to be.

As innocent as it would seem it wasn't my idea that got me into this hobby flying helis - it was my 7-year old daughter's request to buy a 20cm 3-ch coax toy heli last August that I decided to buy 2 so that I could fly it around with her. 15 minutes after bringing it home we started it up and we learnt:

- These helis look really nice flying in the air.
- We were not used to contolling things in the air that actually flew and keeping it in the air more than a 20 seconds was a huge achievement.
- The helis were quite durable and were able to fly-crash-fly-crash.

A year on we find that:

- Between the 2 of us it is really Dad's hobby
- The hobby can expand and become quite expensive
- Larger helis cannot fly-crash-fly-crash the same way small ones can.
- There is so much out there that flies and so much to learn.

RC cars was something I always wanted to get deeper into when I was much much younger but I could not afford it. Today there are affordable and decent helicopters and other flying machines which add an extra dimension to my RC interests.

I didn't know it then, but 1 year ago the "Heli Child" in me was born. And thanks to this forum and the people that make it, there is room to grow.

I suppose this starts my logging activity. Being a working person I hope to find more time to add more stuff where I can.

Happy flying!
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Aug 28, 2011, 11:25 PM
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My Heli Hangar

My Heli collection has a range of helicopters and I've come to appreciate all of them in different ways.

I am going to list them one by one with some thoughts and notes on whether I like them or not and more notes about each of them.

In summary they are:

3-Channel Coax Helis
- Syma S032

4-Channel Coax Helis:
- HuanQi 852
- MJX-F27
- Esky Co-dauphin
- Esky BOL

Fixed Pitch Helis:
- Walkera CB180Z
- Walkera V200D01
- Walkera 4F180

Collective Pitch Helis:
- Skyartec Wasp V4
- Esky King 3
- Esky Belt CP CX
- Walkera 60#B
- Mybuild 450 pro tt (WIP)

Multi Rotor:
- Gaui 330x-s

I couldn't possibly write about them all in one go so I'll update with additions to my fleet as time goes on with photos and videos.
Aug 28, 2011, 11:27 PM
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HuanQi HQ852 (now "Walkerized" to "W852")

I'm writing about this first since this is still my favourite coax heli for "flying around the house".

-My first 40cm 4-ch heli, purchased for the complete trainer package (training kit and spare blades [which turned out to be terribly brittle btw]) that it came with on ebay for USD80. This is the heli that really got me going since it was the first heli that I could fly outdoors in very little wind and was strong enough for me to strap a camera on to it, essentially starting me off on my heli cam and FPV interests. On a full battery it's able to carry a 30g camera for about 6-7 minutes before the red light showed on the low voltage indicator (i.e. less than 3.5V per cell of the 2S). Today I still fly this in my living room since this is the only one which I can fly low in between the furniture and sturdy enough to take any crash indoors without bending or breaking something.

-UPSIDES are (1) it's probably the cheapest 4ch coax heli of this size and capability that's really stable out of the box, (2) quite powerful for the 180 size motors that it runs on, (3) robust (but still not indistructible) - except for the main shaft, some of the other parts that I would expect to bend or break, like the skids and flybar are made of a relatively soft plastic. Later I found out that this fact had saved me a fair bit of time and money during the learning stage. (4) Long flight time with a stock load of about 9-12 minutes per battery (900mAh-rated) before the buzzer (i.e. 3.3V/cell) goes sounds on the low voltage indicator. (5) It has a proper swash with regular servos and push rods.

-DOWNSIDES are that (1) It runs on brushed motors so they need a 5 min rest between packs and they eventually burn out in about 2-3 months if you fly them for 2 packs a day everyday. Original parts have become more expensive since they're only sold out from China. This is probably only a problem only if one has bad crashes often. And alternative parts like blades and motors may be used [I'm yet to find an alternative motor or know someone who can confirm that an alternative works] (2) Most significantly so the reliability and range of the FM radio system that it came with gave me a max range of maybe 40-50m max before the signal cut causing an abrupt end to enjoyment.

-MODS TO DATE: (1) low voltage indicator, (2) deactivated flashing disco lights and replaced with a single ultra bright white front-facing LED (so that I can see it "heading home" at 100m away), (3) cut battery cage so it accomodates larger capacity or sized batteries, and (4) changed blades for flying better outdoors). (5) changed FM rx-tx system with a 2.4Ghz Walkera system. With the Walkera receiver RX2423D I've flown without signal loss 50-75m away with a wk-2402 and wk-2403 tx and 150-200m away with a wk-2801pro tx.

-IMO the HQ852 is a low cost stable coax trainer (@about USD65 RTF shipped) for orientation practice with a robust toy grade build. The main problem of range when attempting outdoor flight may be overcome for probably another USD35-75 (USD35 for the receiver, shipped, and USD20 for a wk-2402 tx from ehirobo, plus postage), depending if you have another Tx.

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