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Aug 23, 2011, 02:09 AM
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Traxxas 1/10 Summit and Lipo Batteries

Hello , can someone tell me how to setup my 1/10 Summit and 2 lipos so I can run them in my stock Summit. I do not want to do any modifications to the stock truck. It's the 1/10 scale Summit.
What size lipo's will work and fit in the battery compartment? What size lipo's can I use? Is there an adapter i need to connect the lipo's?
Any links to a video showing how this is done would be great also.

I want to get atleast 2 hours of run time. I don't know what kind of run time I'd get with the batteries that come with the truck. My truck was ordered and shipped out.

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Aug 26, 2011, 10:19 AM
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i cant be positive but i believe your esc wont let you get two hours of continuous run time because i believe it will enter thermal shutdown before you can achieve that kind of run time...i know i have an emaxx and i get about 45 out of her and shes red hot by the end, altohugh i would go with gens ace lipos
Aug 26, 2011, 11:32 AM
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No way are you going to get 2 hours of run time, even with Lipos. Any good lipo from a reputable company will work although if you plan on running two they need to be exactly the same make and rating for best results. With the standard NiMH batteries that come in the box you should get 10-15 minutes of runtime. You're going to need a good charger too, the one that comes in the box is a trickle charger and takes at least 6 hours to charge one battery. It will not charge Lipos correctly either. No special connector is needed, but, you will need to make sure the Lipos have Traxxas connectors installed.
Aug 26, 2011, 03:50 PM
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Depending on the type of driving you're doing, you might be able to get 2 hours out of a charge. I get over 40 minutes on less than a full 5000mah pack in my stadium truck, and that's with WOT blasting around.

If it's a crawler running around at very low speeds, 2 hours might be feasible. A brushless system will help with runtime as well since the motors are more efficient.

I think you would need 4s10000mah to get anywhere close to 2 hours of useful driving though, and I don't think those will fit in the stock truck?
Aug 26, 2011, 04:33 PM
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Yeah, I get about 40-45 minutes of runtime in my XXX-SCB with a 5400 2s 20c Lipo. The 1/10 Summit is a fast 4wd, HEAVY vehicle. Maybe if all you did was crawl with the thing, but who could resist opening her up on the trail, not to mention the full lighting system that is installed on the truck. 2
Aug 26, 2011, 05:50 PM
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I have 2 6000mah lipos in my summit and with what I consider normal driving I put back about 5000mah after 45 minutes. That's right on the 80% that you don't really want to exceed. The only problem with brushless is that they are really efficient at around 70-80% of their top speed. So I can't see anyway to get 2 hours without 3 sets of batteries. My 6000mah are pretty tight fit already, not sure how well a 10,000mah would fit. Even if 10,000 mah would fit that's only an increase of 66% and therefore would only increase the run time to 1 hr 15min.

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