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Oct 21, 2012, 04:20 AM
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There is ventilation - just blow through the hole in the cowling and you will feel air coming out of the front Pilot position, assuming you haven't blocked it off. This cools the ESC, battery and motor from the prop blast. My FC 28-22 motor has a slightly better better front cooling opening than the stock motor and only gets warm. Maybe you have some friction in your motor/prop mounting?
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Oct 21, 2012, 07:50 AM
Maybe but I cant see anything, and it was hot after 1st flight with no thrust lines adjusted, I think its just a cheap motor and not very efficient. I suppose my batteries are pretty bulky and probably blocking a lot more airflow then a lipo would. But I think the airflow over the esc is fine but the motor is pretty much enclosed when you put on the battery cover and the little hole above the motor will do no harm anyway.
Well this morning managed only 1 and a half batteries b4 the footballers turned up so I had to call it a day.
But the cooling must have done something cause I used only 500 mah for a 10 mins flight where as yesterday it was 700mah, or I may have just been flying different lol.
I was practicing landing and taking off and did lots of them, touch and goes are not really a good idea as I cant really garantee that my take off path is clear of people/dogs/and the lamp post lol so I just land, turn around 180 degrees and take off using the longest stretch of "runway" what ever way the light wind is coming-makes for good practice of cross winds etc, only once did I scrape a wing on the ground but no damage and no nose overs.
This is really a nice plane now its sorted out a bit better, I was considering getting a big plane with big wheels so I could practice landings etc on the rough grass but that would mean carrying a heavy plane and lots of heavy batteries down with me but now I'm quite happy with this as I have 6 batteries to fit it and 10 mins each I can play for an hour with quick charging too, just have to limit it to very light winds and no footballers.
Oct 21, 2012, 03:37 PM
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( It looks as though you have screwed the motor directly from behind - the X mount would be better but maybe it doesn't fit. )

Thanks Richard, you have got it on the nail, it is screwed in from the rear and the x mount would not fit.
I will have another look at the x mount, will have to melt some foam to fit it, but may be worth the work.

Oct 23, 2012, 03:34 AM
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Sad news from the front, binned it on take off and ripped off nose.
Very sad, "out with the epoxy" and it will be as good as new.
I think I have ended up with down and left thrust due to the firewall warping as it really went over to the left on take off.
Maidened the Hell-cat as well and that made up for the sadness.
I now have a grin from ear to ear!
I am so glad I have this Tiger Moth though as the two are just so much fun and as you can imagine, trainee pilots in the commonwealth would of learnt in Tiger Moth before moving on to Hell-cats in the later part of the war.
Oct 23, 2012, 09:59 AM
Sorry about yr broken nose, I 'm sure it'll fix right back on and not be too wonky!
She need right and down thrust so if you had some left thrust that will have caused a problem!
Your hellcat looks smashing, does it fly as well as it looks?

Ran 4 batts through this morning and did 2 take off and landing on each pack, great fun, I found that I put back 750mah in one pack though and around 700 in the others and the motor was hot after each flight, so the cooling hole did not solve anything, the previous flight must have just been very tame, I think the weather has a big impact on battery use, any wind at all and it must use a lot more power to push through it, I have noticed this on other planes but not to such a great extent as this.
Oct 23, 2012, 02:27 PM
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Thanks Nigel, I cant get over how strong this plane is!
Two decent cartwheels with a good whack as it bit the ground and only damage to the front of the plane.
And yes the Hellcat fly's just like one of those airshow war-bird displays!
Highly recommend it!
It does fast and slow just as well.
It actually has helped learning to fly the Tiger as you actually have to do the flying and not let the plane do it for you, if you know what I mean.
That's what it feels like anyway, when I got the Hellcat up, I had a lot more ability to sense what it was going to do before it stalled etc.
Oct 24, 2012, 03:41 AM
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All back together and 40 minutes flying at sunset.
I think also that the ailerons were reversed when setting up for the the Hellcat so that lead to my mishap.
Just as good as new again and starting to get rolls now.
So much fun.
Oct 25, 2012, 10:28 AM
Good to hear it's all fixed and flying! An yes reversed ailerons are not good, I flew a P40 ww2 fighter for a newbie and he had reversed the ailerons after I set it up for him properly, he decided I was wrong and he knew better and neglected to tell me B4 the maiden, I climbed out and tried to do a coordinated turn but nothing really happened as the rudder and ailerons were just fighting each other I just powered off and ditched it in the field as it was heading for the houses, luckily no real damage to plane as it was epo but it took a few years off me I can tell you!

The hellcat looks a bit similar to my gws fw190 and that it lovely to fly as long as you keep the speed up, droped into a spin in a heartbeat though if you get it too slow, but I installed flaps and retracts in the end and then it was even more fun until the retract caused the rx to brown out and crashed the plane, all fixed now though but not flown since due to the field being very poorly cut this year, hence me getting the tiger moth which can take off and land on the little car park. I would be tempted to try the fw190 from car park with it having the flaps but it really does need a lot more runway and I dont think it would end happily!

I actually find the faster ww2 planes easier to fly then the tiger moth to be honest, they are faster and more responsive and cut through the wind better so I feel more in control rather then getting knocked about by the wind. But the tiger moth is soooo nice on a calm day and looks quite majestic in the air. I had a comment yesterday from a frequent onlooker, she said "that's a very posh one I bet that cost a lot of money". She was quite surprised when I told her it was the cheapest one I've had yet. I think people think the dlg blaster that I fly a lot at the moment is just a cheap plastic toy but that actually cost nearly 400 to put together!
Looks can be deceiving lol.
Oct 28, 2012, 05:55 AM
Been checking out the orange 3axis stab that I bought and not really very sure I'm gonna use it at all to be honest, I put it in a little epp 3d foamy and just set it up, took me about 5 mins tops messing about and the esc was very hot just from the 4 x 9g servos moving with a 2 amp bec.
So it's need a ubec to supply the 5v-more wiring and expense but more the problem I think it will just burn out the servos if it's using that much power.
I may put it in a powered glider when I want some to do fpv or something, as reading up it limits the aerobatic performance. Oh well it was only 10.
I noticed the red tiger moth is now in stock in UK.
Oct 28, 2012, 11:29 AM
OD123ify Snake
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Maiden flight,very lightweight,but easy to handle.
TigerMoth 912mm Maiden Flight Jerry (7 min 12 sec)
Oct 29, 2012, 11:38 AM
Originally Posted by Morodie
Maiden flight,very lightweight,but easy to handle.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKMu...I&feature=plcp
Hi M8, she will fix easy, frail in places maybe but for a biplane she is very tough!

It looked like you had it a bit tail heavy, it flies better with more nose weight, my batteries weigh about 130grams and balance her out quite well with no extra weight.
Get the cog right and fly on a clam day and you will love this plane.
She does not like the winds though!

Took my 900mm spitfire out today as it was windy again, the spitty does not mind the wind as much, especially now I just changed out the esc for a 30 amp on and put a 9x7 prop on, the extra speed just cuts through the winds and I can climb vertical forever now lol, but I can land this one on the little car park like I can with the tiger moth.
Nov 04, 2012, 02:47 AM
Freezing outside today but perfect flying, managed 4 x 5 min flights using 2 batts this morn b4 my hands were too cold, I need to mix in some throttle - rudder mix to get rid of the last bit of thorque steering in the air but it was to cold to mess about so I will try to remember to do it b4 I go down next time and then just alter the amounts to get it trimmed properly.
Nov 05, 2012, 12:23 AM
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Maybe you need one of those Transmitter gloves HK sells:
Nov 05, 2012, 03:23 AM
Defo, I could use them, but this is the only plane I would be able to use them on as all my others are hand launch, and the main one I fly is a dlg and I dont think I could catch it with those gloves on!
Nov 12, 2012, 07:05 AM
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Strengthening Wings with Carbon Fiber

I received my HK Tiger Moth kit. Looking at the wings, they appear to be fairly fragile. Has anyone tried inserting carbon fiber rods into the wings?

My thought is that I could cut a 3/16's channel into the bottom of each wing. Then insert a 20" x 3/16" rod in this channel and glue it in with Gorilla glue. The weight of the rods and the glue would add only about 15 g to the entire plane near the cg.

Any opinions?

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