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Aug 06, 2011, 12:32 AM
The Sweet Aroma of Fuel
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anyone ever have an airfield rc plane?

hey guys. i was browsing and found some nice 800mm scale planes from airfield. anyone ever have a plane from this company?
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Aug 06, 2011, 12:56 AM
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Prowler901's Avatar
Yes. Airfield is the same as FMS. I have the Skytrainer and the 1400mm versions of the P-51 and P-40. They are nice kits and they fly well.

Aug 06, 2011, 01:56 AM
easily confused
mu2freighter's Avatar
As I mentioned in another thread, I recently won an eBay auction that was posted by someone who didn't much have a clue, for a rather low bid I ended up with an Airfield 1400mm P-40 RTF, along with quite a nice 6S balance charger and two 4S 2200mah lipos.

The kit isn't bad, not Parkzone quality but has cleanly molded parts that aren't warped and has presentable markings applied. I helped them along by popping holes in them with an X-Acto knife and pressing bubbles out, cutting the shark mouth at the cowl so it could be removed and burnishing them lightly on areas that weren't stuck down too well. The nose markings at the cowl were applied a bit sloppily and once cut I secured the loose edges with diluted canopy glue...they were all bunched up at the seam and now they look good.

Some Loctite and TLC and it should be fine to get it flying along with a 6 channel receiver I can bind to my DX6i, though I do not care for this particular model's attachment method of the wings. If I ever get to fly it, I may just lightly glue the wing roots in to keep them from moving outward. Strengthwise they seem fine, especially with the carbon fiber single spar in them, but they use 2 little bitty screws to attach them on each side. One just applies friction to the spar and the other is to anchor the root to a plastic block. I don't trust 'em.

But more to the point...I've seen some of your posts and you have only a PZ Ember for flight experience, correct?

If so, I'd caution patience and getting some more experience before taking too big a step. A full house warbird, even (or especially) 800mm span, is MUCH twitchier and less stable than what you're used to and can get you into trouble fast.

Also, going by your thread on flying fields, I'd be leery of something that weighs a few pounds lashing around in a public or semi public area at speed. Hit a person with an Ember, they might not even notice. Hit someone with an 800mm brushless powered wardbird and you could easily kill them.

Having said that, if I ever get some mobility back in my life, I'm liking these. The new 800mm Tempest and Skyraider look great, among others.
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Aug 06, 2011, 08:32 AM
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yorkiepap's Avatar
Hey electricrc68,
Yes, I also have several Airfield 800mm warbirds(Corsairs) & the 1400mm(Corsair), & the 55" Skytrainer that are quite nice & fly well. I bought them all from Nitroplanes & not any issues with any of them. The 800mm need a bit more landing speed than the nice, lazy Skytrainer, so maybe some sim time will help you with landings. Also, the 800mm need a bit of nose weight, although when I upgraded to a higher mah battery, the xtra weight simply was a slight locating rearward to maintain CG. They do fly well.

Aug 06, 2011, 10:01 AM
The Sweet Aroma of Fuel
electricrc68's Avatar
prowler901- okay thank you.

mu2freighter- thanks. yes i only have the ember 2. of course if i was to get this, i would first buy a hobbyzone mini super cub to train on. and the field i fly at is very empty except for maybe a couple of people jogging on the track.

yorkiepap- okay thanks.

looks like airfield is a decent company.

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