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Aug 19, 2011, 12:48 PM
Registered User
Originally Posted by Zen09
Certainly THERE ARE NO BETTER batteries for the price than Zippy's and Turnigy's.
If you want to have slightly more performance/life and waste your money then 'brand name' lipos are the way to go.
That's a very bold, sweeping statement, which I don't agree with. I have nothing against Zippy and Turnigy, but compare their prices against the 'branded' Gens Ace's below and there's nothing in it.

I use Gens Ace and have heard/read nothing negative about them - only positive. The magazine review summery at the end is interesting too.

2200mAh 3S

5000mAh 4S


"Everybody and their Uncles dog is talking about Zippy packs. Every forum on the net has a bunch of Zippy fan boys talking about just how Zippy packs are just as good as everything else out there, and how they are all made in the same factory etc etc. Well, the Zippy isnít as bad as I thought it would be, but it certainly did not pwn the field like the fanboys might insist. Is it a bad pack? No. Is it a great pack? No. Itís a cheap pack that has average performance. Is it a better pack than itís price would indicate? From our testing, yes. But, while itís cheap price is a big up side, the lack of an American dealer network (and the accompanying customer service), negates that for many people. It finished fifth here for a reason, it just didnít have the performance to put it on top."
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Aug 19, 2011, 01:01 PM
Chris R
Turnigy Nano-tech and Turnigy 40c lipos.
Aug 19, 2011, 01:14 PM
Registered User
GregSilver's Avatar
I love seeing people fly greater than 500mah 40C packs on a <20A ESC.

Not even going to tell them about the weight difference.
Aug 19, 2011, 01:37 PM
Registered User
Zen09's Avatar
C'mon, the nanotech is 70C, the standard HK 3s 2200 is about $8...

Let's assume that A battery is 2 times more expensive than B battery.
Even if A is with 80% better than B it still wouldn't worth the money because you could buy 2 B's that would last longer than one A.

As batteries (from the cheappest to the ...) don't fail unexpectedly in flight but rather slowly use after use, I don't see the point buying A.
OK, I would understand the extra-price for a hardware whose sudden fail would be expensive (risk involved) even though the brand hardware may not last proportionally with the price.

But A can't be 80% better than B, maybe a 20% max.

You know what, don't get it wrong; I'd be happy if you can share a better lipo source than HK.
Aug 19, 2011, 03:18 PM
Registered User
Originally Posted by Zen09
C'mon, the nanotech is 70C, the standard HK 3s 2200 is about $8...
Sorry?? These are specs of the two 2200mAh I compared ??

Gens Ace - Discharge: 30C Constant / 60C Burst - $18.70
Nanotech - Discharge: 35C Constant / 50C Burst - $20.97

Originally Posted by Zen09
You know what, don't get it wrong; I'd be happy if you can share a better lipo source than HK.
What AGAIN? Really? Must I? Ok, but this time, please write it down... Gens Ace.

Gens Ace Battery Review (13 min 23 sec)

Last edited by Ian Davidson; Aug 27, 2011 at 11:13 AM.
Aug 19, 2011, 04:16 PM
FPV Desert Beta Test Center
I tried some 5000mah Nano-tech's and after 3 months of maybe 10 mild cycles they puffed up like they were expecting. Could send them back to ask about warranty, ya sure. I think I'll just wait to see what comes out.
Aug 19, 2011, 04:56 PM
Registered User
Unless I'm missing something in the bigsquid review, the retailers of gensace, hyperion, etc, easily could have sent the reviewer the best pack they had. The ones they actually sell might not be as good. Just a thought.

- Jeff
Aug 19, 2011, 05:23 PM
Formerly bUd~Fokker
vvV FANG Vvv's Avatar
Yep as they say you cant beat the turnigy and Zippy packs, if you want to spend a lil more get a Rhino from Hobbyking .... they rock a lil harder!
Hobbyking back in the day had no labels on their zippy packs, and it was no suprise that someone once discovered their "brand name" pack said zippy under the sticker!

There are only so many lipo manufacturers in the world, and many packs from different brands are infact the exact same packs.
Paying more for the same is just stupid!
Nov 04, 2011, 06:37 AM
Registered User
Hero's Avatar
Gens Ace +1
Nov 04, 2011, 03:33 PM
Registered User

Gens Ace

Originally Posted by Hero
Gens Ace +1
Gens Ace gets my vote when you want that punch! i run the 1550mah 3s 25c in all my planes. even my 4foot trainer gets 6 min flights on it! iv tried other company's and some are good for lazy flying but bang for buck is Gens Ace! all of mine have taken bad crashes one took a prop strike!
Nov 04, 2011, 04:10 PM
Registered User
Gamerjoe's Avatar
+1 for Gens Ace batteries!

I also use Sky Lipo, but in doing tests with a Watt meter, the Gens Ace batteries always hold a higher curve of watt output than the Sky Lipo's. For example, with a fully charged 1300mah 25C Gens Ace, holding throttle at full it will start at 340 watts and after 1 minute is hanging at 290 watts. With a 30C Sky Lipo 1300mah, holding throttle at full starts at 340 watts and after 1 minute is hanging at 270 watts. Also, if I hold full throttle until both batteries are drained, the Gens Ace will be warm and hard as a brick, whereas the Sky Lipo will be hot and a little puffy.

Both are excellent batteries for the price, but Gens Ace is the better of the two.

I have also used Thunder Power and they work great, but they do not perform any better in my opinion and they are astronomically priced out of being a choice for anyone that understands value.
Nov 04, 2011, 05:27 PM
Registered User
Hero's Avatar
Rustler Radar Tests-Gens Ace vs Maxamps vs Zippy vs Losi (2 min 11 sec)

This is a pretty interesting video. Gens Ace totally destroys the competitions! WOOHOO!!!
Nov 04, 2011, 06:53 PM
Registered User
Unrealpie's Avatar
Hello Alex, I have had the opportunity to try pretty much all the top selling batteries, That includes Thunder power all the way to the Spyders.

For the longest time I flew all my aircraft on Thunder Power batteries, I loved them! The only problem was they were way to expensive to keep buying with today's economy. Thats why I went searching for the best battery for a great price.

After days of searching and picking people brains like you are doing now, I found the best battery brand that tend to hold up really well and if treated with respect they will last just as long as any TP batteries out there. The brand I use now is GensAce, in both my Airplanes and my Helicopters.

When I first switched over to GensAce I was surprised right off the bat on how well they preformed in my 450 size helicopter doing all of the 3D maneuvers the helicopter never hiccuped or bogged at all and in my Airplanes you cannot tell the difference in performance, if anything they seem to last longer. So I started to buy more of there stuff and to this day I have never used anything other than GensAce.

To test the Gens Ace batteries I tryed my hand at using a watt meter, I noticed that they always hold a higher curve over other tested batteries.

+1 for Gens Ace for sure.
Nov 04, 2011, 07:41 PM
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BushmanLA's Avatar
Why pay top dollar for batteries when you are just going to crash them into a tree?

That's my philosophy.
Nov 04, 2011, 07:56 PM
Registered User
To me, in 3D heli, 3D hard flight, best for the buck, zippys specialy 2100mah 35c, works awesome! Im using them on my FPV sky surfer also. The Hyperion is slightly better but it was horrible to see how I made serious damage on a hyperion fourth flight That zippy that I use is 4c charge rate capable! At about $17.00 I have four of them and I simply dont stop flying when im on the field

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