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Jul 19, 2011, 10:45 AM
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Quad Pod from Snelflight, Wind flying vids

I finished building the Quad Pod from Snelflight last night.

I actually had a great time assembling it. what a fantastic kit ! everything needed is included and organized in nice poly-bags. The color manual is excellent and well written. Everything is indeed plug-n-play no soldering needed. following the instructions I got the motor and prop rotations correct the first time.

Everything about this kit is very functional, everything has a purpose and well thought out use.

The frame is simple and effective.

I do not like the bubble but it is highly functional. it protects the flight computer AND acts as a structural member for the frame adding a lot of rigidity to it.

stock settings are super smooth for indoor flying. in fact they are just a little to "mellow" for my personal tastes, so this week I will be twisting the POTS in order to see what I can achieve in reaction speed.

I had a blast flying this in my living room last night. I brought it to work today so I'll try to get some GoPro video of it flying in the warehouse and production floor later today.

over time I will cut and shorten the wires, lighten it up, play with Body / Frame mods etc. but for now it's very cool how it is.

Good job Phil this kit is full of quality and attention.
now what can we do with this I2C header ?

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Jul 19, 2011, 02:40 PM
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Quad Pod videos

here are some videos I took with a goProHero mounted to my DX7.
so far all the videos are stock settings, I have not adjusted anything yet.

sure is fun.

GOPRO QuadPod 5.MP4 (1 min 16 sec)

GOPRO Quad Pod 6.MP4 (1 min 6 sec)

GOPRO Quad POD Pylon1.MP4 (0 min 41 sec)

GOPRO QuadPod1.MP4 (1 min 44 sec)

Jul 19, 2011, 03:28 PM
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Niiiiiccce sloooo flying in a tight space. Flying above the shelves between them and the ceiling and turning around is not easy. Looks smooooooth. Thought your Co-worker was reaching for his slingshot LOL but it was just his glasses
Jul 24, 2011, 08:47 PM
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Quadpod in the wind

Flying in the wind this weekend.

this little quad is pretty fun to whip around

Quad Pod in the wind (2 min 29 sec)

Quadpod 2 in the wind (2 min 45 sec)

Quadpod 3 in the wind (4 min 9 sec)
Jul 24, 2011, 09:39 PM
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Originally Posted by superdave42
did he end up giving you one free dave?
Aug 27, 2011, 07:01 AM
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now what can we do with this I2C header ?


i spoke to phil about this last week and i think he is working on AHRS and a compass so this thing is looking great if i am right
Sep 10, 2011, 08:00 AM
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Hello everyone,

After the move ( mother t a new house) and a lot of other things finally build the Quad Pod. I hadordered it befor that and received it after just a few days together with two Lipo batteries and two matching sets of propellers. Battery packs are nice and small and slim and fit prexise and clamps with a small piece of foam / foam tape.

The props come mounted on a propdriver and this has a reason. They are as balanced and run vibration free bacause of that. Moving the props on teh propriver could ruin the balance. They are balanced with pieces of black tape. There are two sets of prpellers . Two with a red sticker and two with a yellow one. That specify at which location they should be. All this was in a tiny box with only one sticker on it with the picture of the Quad Pod. No further luxurious shiny boxing.

The quad kit is including a carbon frame with two floors. A "bulletproof" lexan dome. 4 motors and 4 controllers and the main board. Everything is plug and play. Everything comes with connectors and there is a need to solder. The wireing could be shorter.. This is done deliberately so that less experienced builders have enough room to fiddel with the wiring. Later, if everything works you could save some grams by shortening thecables.

I have been "building" about 1.5 hours or longer at slow speed and built everything while looking at every part and constructiondetail.. Everything is well thought over without unnecessary decoration or something.

After building, using the beautiful and clear instructions with photos it's time for adjustment. On the main board has a pressure switch which has 3 functions, including the first calibration of sensors and controllers. (And then hold on. Release and red LED lights) on briefly for a calibration between the gyros. This is also possible from the transmitter.

A 4-channel 2.4 GHz is sufficient and a micro receiver is required. In my case a little Spektrum. A 5-channel transmitter is better because then you can hold on and heading off. Heading hold is facing in the last adopted recently. This flies in a Quad X. Instead of an + configuration. It is possible to change that but I left it so. It takes some work.

When I had a possible bad motor I have emailed Phil from Snelflight, who has helped me personal by email. .I think I've solved it but I was promised me a new mortor if it would not work. It worked so I have not taken the motor. I order spare parts soon but I just thought its service and information was more important than a free motor. (Brushless)

I tried flying all in the living room at 2 square meters. I don't know how the weather is in your area but it was rain and storm overhere.! The stable little quad rises straitup with just a few clicks of trim. That you can actually save on the Quad Pod, then you can return the transmittertrums back to neutral.

Within such a small space the four props make their own turbulence between the furniture. Then it becomes unstable by itself. I have a hole drilled in the lexan dome right above the switch to use a plastic rod (stick cotton swabs) to operate the switch so that i do not have to take the " roof" off each time.

Furthermore, I would order some extra props and at least one set of plastic screws (m2 and m3) They are the first things that break down and then you have to wait before you can fly again . These bolts go first and that is also done on purpose. If the engine let go because the bolts break then carbonframe will probably survive and keep the shaft straight. I'll find a larger space. Perhaps to the office after hours. (I'm Always the last one to leave). This has its advantages.

I think it's a wonderful little quad that can be yours for a modest price. It is defenately not a toy grade model!

The price is 199. You will need at least one battery and possibly a micro receiver. Battery costs 16 and 13 pounds for the props I believe. (
I thought it was not expensive. For the pictures I refer to as the links below..

Questions or comments are welcome.

Arie de Koning
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