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Jul 14, 2011, 05:35 PM

G&P sales f-18 hornet

Well I have always wanted to do the jet thing and last weekend I got a pretty good deal on a G&P sales f-18 that was and I quote rx and fuel ready so I got her .well it is rx ready and I guess you could put fuel in it if the tank was hooked up but NO way in hell ready to fly . so I thought I would do a mini rebuild of the plane if anyone has any info on this please feel free to join in
Ok things that jump out the need fixed asap before even thinking about flying

1. the elevator control surfaces although they are hooked up with full up or down using the radio the tail surfaces move very free with the push of the finger. the golden rod used does not have enough support to keep the tail fins in-place . so what I did was put a servo on each side of the fuse and made some carbon fiber control rods now it is a very solid setup
2. gas tank I move the tank closer to the wings and made a support to hold the tank and I am also using a header tank in the back to keep a positive flow on the motor
3. steering servo broken off still needs fixed
4. the retracts ...well the nose wheel had something like 3/8 play if you grabbed it and moved it back and forth so I took it to work ( as a tool maker it has some perk's) and made some bushings to get the play out of the wheel assembly . You could have never steered this the way it was.
5. the air lines look like someone just threw them in there ... my order from tower can today with new line so that will be fixed
6.the ailerons and the servos have about 1/8 slop up and down I got new servos and re-hinged all the control surfaces with pinned hinges
7. needs a new canopy ...one is on the way
8. the holes in the fuse to align the wings are about 1/2 in diameter and the pins in the wings are 1/4 in diameter ...big big problem but I made some g10 bushings and im going to fiberglass them in
that's about all for now will post a few pics I have taken and the ones the guy sent me ...still feel I got a really good deal just more work than I thought it would be
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Jul 16, 2011, 12:58 PM
Official Boat Bum
Eddie P's Avatar
Well, you were lied to just like 75 percent of the used airplane sellers do to their purchasers. I bought my last "used" airplane sight unseen off the internet and by a known seller a few years ago - it will never happen again. The only way I'll buy another used airplane is if I see the owner demo the model in front of me and I can go over it with a fine tooth comb before paying for the "new" negotiated price based on what I see.

But - you have a great attitude and it looks like you will be successful based on what you've seen and plan to do. It's mostly time and expertise that will fix the previous owner's monstrosities and you will then have your own airplane that you essentially "re-built".

Have fun and good luck making this neglected jet the pride and joy of your fleet. My last used airplane that I got snookered on in the purchase deal turned out to clearly be one of my most significant and fun airplanes in my fleet when I owned it. I worked hard to get it there but I also learned a lot from the experience and truly enjoyed the model.

I ended up selling it for the exact price I paid for it - of course minus a heck of a lot of work, TLC and money for new components but I did put on a lot of time on the airframe so I enjoyed the heck out of it too. I didn't give it away but the pricing for used airplanes fell through the floor so at the end of the day, the "real" sales price was a lot more than I would have gotten for the airplane as it came to me back when prices were inflated.
Jul 16, 2011, 07:58 PM
well been working at her steering servo is now fixed ,air lines are new and out of the way new switch and charge jack are installed and the bushings are made for the wing here are a few more pics of the work being done ...EDDIE P I got a good deal and went to pick it up so I knew two things 1. the guy that built it did not know how to do it right (don't know if the guy I bought it from built it) and
2. it's never been flown (good thing)
I paid 240.00 for it with the os 75 tuned pipe ,retracts and servos (well they sere a freebee because they are not in it now) so I still feel a good deal and I like to build so it is fun i guess
anyhow here are some pics still need to trim the elev. rods down and get some more screws
Jan 28, 2013, 05:17 PM
Registered User
mshay's Avatar
What's the progress? Any videos in the air or on the ground????

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