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Sep 01, 2003, 10:27 PM
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Which airfoil to make an AMD SU-35 to fly?


I purchased an AMD SU-35 a while back, despite peoples recommendations not
to buy it....It's a cool plane...who could resist :P

Anyway...I want to get this thing flying(its nearly flying session
again!)...so I have devised a cunning plan...that needs a little help. =]

I have removed the wing and that ever so heavy sold fibreglass rod and I
plan to replace them with a carbon fibre arrow shaft and a blasa skinned
foam core wing. I have found a place locally that can CNC the wing for me
and I can do the rest.

The thing I need help with is what profile wing to use and what dimensions
etc. Here are the current dimensions of the wing...
http://ado.qgl.org/dimensions.jpg .The root is about 18mm(25mm to an inch)
thick at the biggest point and the wing tip is about 7mm thick. I wouldnt
have a clue what the profile is....they all look the same to me eheh.
Actually, I just looked it up, its a MH-22. Never heard of it :P

Well then, now for the good part. What to use? =]

I was thinking of the old trusty RG-15 or RG-14...but we have to consider
how draggy a jet fuse is like and put that in to consideration? Apart from
those 2 popular profiles I seriously have no clue. Dimensions, well to keep
things looking semi scale I think the root thickness should remain the
same, same as the sweep, but overall wing span can grow some(50-100mm..or
more if you think it needs it) to get better lift/performance. Also,
washout can be included?

So far the fuse, stabs and elevator weigh 200g. No servos, receiver or
battery included yet. The fuse will require a little work aswell from a
couple cracks and the fuse is a little weak in places and will need to be
stiffened with carbonfibre or a couple formers.

I hope thats enough information to be able to get this "plane" flying the
way it was meant to. =]

Thank you for your time!


Adrian Mallett (Australia)

ps: This was sent to the ISR email list...sorry to those that have read it already.....more coverage the better I spose
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Sep 01, 2003, 11:57 PM
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I think either the RG14 or 15 would be okay choices, just how oweight do you think the plane is? Both of those will work well with a plane that's flown fast most of the time; esp the RG14 will want to be flown fast.

MH32 seems to be pretty popular and might be a bit more of an all-round alternative.

It looks like a nice kit and I saw a review in S&E Modeler that seemed to say it flew okay. What have others said that's so bad?
Sep 02, 2003, 12:07 AM
Ado's Avatar
It never flew to specifications when I tried to fly mine......a member from ISR also could never to get his to fly either....I have heard other reports of varied success.

I think the main issue is the cockpit part of the fuse is very weak and flex alot during flight which is causing the front canards to reduce performance.

I dont think the model is over weight but weight is an issue with such a draggy plane.
Sep 02, 2003, 09:31 AM
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My F-15 has a RG-14 and it flies alright for a scale jet. It likes to go fast in a straight line. Rolls are good but it in no way wants to loop with that long fuse and short span. The best I've gotten so far is about 1/3 of the way through a loop before is flops off to the side. I have not flown it in hurricane conditions yet but even in good lift it is best left right side up. I expect the same level of performance could be achieved with the Su-35. Any of the popular airfoils will work fine (RG-14, MH-35, 6061,6062, 3016 etc) if you want to go slower then use something like a 3021 or an E205. If you're keeping the planform like the kit wing make sure to have a couple of degrees of washout (i'de go 3 or 4 if I were making it). I don't see any reason it should not fly if it's built and balanced right. Don't have your expectations too high. It's a jet and it is not going to fly like a P-51 or a 60" slope racer, it's gonna fly like a jet. Fly it fast, fly it back and forth, do some rolls etc.

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Sep 02, 2003, 06:32 PM
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TFLG - Thanks. I`ll give the RG-14 a go.