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Jul 03, 2011, 04:42 AM
UN Earth peoples true enemy
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54 countries of Africa see the light Gadaffi V ICC (Int Criminal Court)

54 countries of Africa see the light Gadaffi V ICC (Int Criminal Court) and they voted Unamously that they would tell the ICC to go to hell


Originally Posted by African_Union
African Union disregards Gaddafi arrest warrant

July 3rd 2011

THE body representing African nations has called on its members to disregard the arrest warrant issued for Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, in a move that will seriously weaken the International Criminal Court's ability to bring him to justice.

The decision passed by the 53-member African Union late on Friday states that the warrant against Gaddafi "seriously complicates" efforts by the organisation to find a solution to the Libyan crisis.

AU executive Jean Ping also told reporters the ICC is "discriminatory" and only goes after crimes committed in Africa, while ignoring those he says were committed by Western powers in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

"With this in mind, we recommend that the member states do not cooperate with the execution of this arrest warrant," said the motion, which was shown to The Associated Press and whose passage was confirmed on yesterday by Daniel Adugna, a spokesman in the AU commissioner's office
Africa is saying simply Africa is for all Africa and this new attempt to invade and colonise Africa will be met head on by the entire continent singing "VIVA Gadaffi "as they take on the European and USA forces that try that stunt .

Get with the piture in Africa most all the 1 billion people in that continent say Gadaffi did more to help them than the colonists who use the UN & Red Cross and other fake charities to exterminate the African peoples with tainted vaccines and other bio weapons

If Euroland and USA think they are are going to get a walk in the park taking on Lybia then they should learn the Italian lesson with tanks there are four gears in Italian tanks for reverse and only one gear for forward

The only clever Europeans so far is the Italians who voted that they wanted nothing to do with repeating history from WW2 so they discovered the reverse gear solution first in 2011

Best to tell Obamination and fatso President of Euroland Von RUMPY forget it they gonna lose that war fighting Gadaffi in the Lybian quadmire

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Jul 03, 2011, 12:21 PM
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Sub Saharan Africa is a write-off, and the rest ain't far from it. Not worth the trouble...
Jul 03, 2011, 04:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Twizter68
Sub Saharan Africa is a write-off, and the rest ain't far from it. Not worth the trouble...
Pity somebody doesnt tell Obamination and Himmler Von Rompy that fact of life the Libian Sandy quadmire awaits us

Blitz and swamp the emails boxes of the USA adminstration and the EU governments dip stick department with this STICK ON logo for EURO tanks stick shift and they might get the idea and save us tax payers a packet in another useless war in another crappy quadmire desert
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Jul 04, 2011, 07:39 AM
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Seeing the light - or 'jumping on the bandwagon' as it's more truthfully described!
Jul 04, 2011, 09:38 AM
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Find all reverse gears for the war band wagon

Originally Posted by ENGINETORQUE
Seeing the light - or 'jumping on the bandwagon' as it's more truthfully described!
It expensive for any country in Africa to join that BANDWAGON and take on the entire wealth and military might of the so called free western world of the USA and Euro-land .

The USA can cut funds to its colony Liberia not that it effects it much as they been staving the place of funds for decades any way as they cut loose from protecting African Americans who returned to Africa to get away from the horror story of the USA .

France for one will retaliate with funding cuts that can even cause starvation in older colonies like Morocco ,Algeria ,Senegal ,Cameroon to name but a few.
Nicolas Sarkozy fancies himself as the new Napoleon Bonaparte of France. Last week he dropped from French Military planes weapons to the Libyan Al-Qaeda forces fighting Gadaffi .

Belgium can seriously hurt Belgium Congo but that like cutting off the toes after you already cut of the feet from the people of Congo as Belgium always tortures the Congo people with tortures like huge debts or kick starts massacres of the locals there, as some sort Belgium entertainment

The British can impact various parts like Kenya,Zambia ,Egypt,Mali to name but a few with delaying funds and charging higher interest rates on military junk they sell them .
Nigeria is effectively out of their control now with it massive 200 million population and huge oil reserves

Italy can hurt places like Libya by stealing their funds that are in their ITALIAN banks .

Italy would just be joining the BAND WAGON the USA Banks ,the BRITISH Banks, the FRENCH banks, and a few other all robbing the Libyan funds to prop up their own faltering economies and mostly creaky non interchangeable parts military machinery .
Worse most all off Euro milatary equipment is not in any way compatible with the African desert warfare
Often euroland Milatary equipment is rendered useless after a few days in the desert as sand erodes the machines parts so they fail after a few hours work .
A European army in Libya will become a stranded beached whale within weeks of landing in Libya

So the BAND WAGONS are western world stealing the bankable assets of Libya .

The western world BANK WAGON about to steal all the oil and the huge water reserves of Libya with much of the water to be sent to Israel .

Then there is the BAND WAGON puny forces of mostly Bankrupt African countries with mostly AK47 weapons declaring they probably will be forced by their own peoples outrage and declare war on the Free western world which probably includes the sending of thousands if not millions of men to fight the western world bridge head onto Africa

As big chunks of my own family are living in Africa and I have intel of how effective Africa has been in Guerilla wars using millions of AK 47 .
I can state that the western world risks to get their rear ends knocked back into the Mediterranean

OK the west might lose ~100,000 men and Africa might lose a million or two fighting men men but the west is gonna LOSE LOSE
The west risks to discover that Africa is not going to watch this attack on Libya on their TV sets Many African people now say they will if necessary get in cars trucks and planes and go fight the western forces head on in Libya if we in the west invade that place .

Friday 1st July 2011 there is live Internet radio report direct from Libya Tripoli from Tarpley who is a USA American who knows the truth .He explains on this show ~38th minute onwards how well defended Tripoli is how it will be river of Western troops blood flowing just from the fanatical Libyan peoples armed to teeth ready to fight back to the death
On this day film footage from Tripoli shows 1,000,000 peoples with AK 47 In the green square ready to fight to the death against the western armies

Add the hundreds of thousands of African volunteers who could probably start heading there now or later before the invasion in October and the balance could change .
Libya can arm from their huge reserves of arms ( if volunteers haven't got guns ) and pay them well with gold reserves
This risks the western armies attempt to invade Libya is going go down in history as the biggest military defeat the western world will ever have seen

Best to copy the Italians BAND WAGON who don't do war these days and find the REVERSE gear for this planned military adventure

Just in North Africa alone from Nigeria one country it takes only a few days for trucks to drive to Libya.

If only ~0.1% of that 200,000,000 peoples jump onto trucks cars and so forth to go join the battle that 20,000 extra troops that Gadaffi can arm for his cause .If he just pays them $50 a day he will probably get double or triple this amount to fight for him .many of these guys will be ex Nigerian army with full combat experience from local African wars

Egypt with ~90,000,000 beside Libya has many volunteers ready to support Gadaffi and the cash would also be useful. Its not unreasonable to expect Egyptian volunteers to number in the thousands also many will have military experience with wars with Israel

The real cat among the Pidgins is South Africa a well armed country with missiles helicopters jets good accurate long range dangerous field guns guns and a well trained army
If they decide to support Libya who they regard very favourably as a very good friend of Africa . The defeat of the western armies will be speeded up drastically.
Intel strongly suggests that South Africa will send whatever it can to help Gadaffi including state of the art missiles which can destroy western aircraft as effectively as western or Russian weapons can
Also south Africa controls certain rare metals needed to toughen steel alloys for weapons systems and cars ,trucks ,planes ,and other industrial parts etc .
If they stop exporting these to the west as boycott measure only a new western military invasion will stop the west going into total industrial collapse as no products like cars planes trucks or weapons could be made .
The idea that china will take a back seat and see its South African investments taken away from them in a South African invasion in to Africa is unlikely. The result could be the western armies pushed back into the Atlantic or Indian ocean by the combined military forces of the Chinese Red army working with the South African Armies

Every day in all Africa the cry goes out “down with the west Long live Gadaffi Long live Africa .”

The days of a walk in the park for the western military forces into Africa are rapidly become a yesterday dream
The day when the west can fool Africa its only small piece of Africa they want are also diminishing having seen the white man speaks with forked tongue they ant so stupid as they were in the past to believe our lies any more .
Africa knows this attack on Libya is the western worlds bridge head for the expansion into Africa to rape it of everything and exterminate the African people with more bio weapon attacks
Africa will not join the either the USA native Indians mass extinction event or the Australian Native peoples mass extension event without putting up a severe fight
China too has many investments in Africa and its armies are often welcome to African leaders looking for a more robust reply to Western military forces aggression and new found adventurism into Africa to steal it wealth like they try to do to Libya today


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Jul 04, 2011, 11:05 AM
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This type of NATO lead missile attack on four non milatary family houses in the Libyan desert which killed mostly young children is what lights the fire of Africa to repel the killer western milatary forces .

We know that Iraq kiled a million iraq people mostly civilas targeted for no reason accept the Western fources of that war enjoy killing defenceless citizns

Africa will now resist with all its might as they know the truth the west are the real bad guys of the planet and thier entire milatary machine is out of control


Originally Posted by infowars

Meanwhile, in Brussels, NATO spokespersons declared to have bombed the headquarters of pro-Ghaddafi militia in order to protect the civilian population from the tyrant who is repressing it.

It is not known how the whole thing was planned by the targets committee, nor how the chiefs of NATO’s general staff followed the unfolding of the operation. What is clear is that the Atlantic Alliance, with its spruced-up generals and right-thinking diplomats, has decided to murder the chidren of Libyan leaders to break their psychological resistance.

Khaled Al-Hamedi on the grave of his wife and children.
© Franklin Lamb / Voltaire Network

Since the XIIIth century, European theologists and jurists have prohibited the assassination of families. Only the mafia has broken this absolute taboo. The mafia and now NATO.
Until we in the west face up to we are the real bad guys we are going to head to the abbiss until we are ruined from our own blowback where our war economies collapse from too many forgien missions

Jul 04, 2011, 11:17 AM
UN Earth peoples true enemy
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Here on film are in June 2012 the planners of the attacks on Libya and middle east they dont care less about Gadaffi or how many European American Libyan army or civilans get killed or hurt
They just want the chaos from the wars to enrich themselfs


Originally Posted by infowars
As noted in our previous newsletter and in detailed reports posted on Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com, the agenda during the meeting of the globalists at Bilderberg 2011 in Switzerland last week focused on a plan for expanded war in Libya and the Middle East. The purpose of this criminal expansion is three fold – to spread chaos throughout the region and install new regimes amenable to the elite and their banking system domination; to profit as banksters have for centuries on war and misery; and finally to further weaken the global economy by raising the price of oil, disrupting its delivery, and introducing the economic decline war brings.
Most all Africa knows this type of more true medai info so they are preparing to repulse this NATO lead asset seizing of the African Continent


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