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Jun 27, 2011, 02:34 AM
Electronics and RC
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New Product

HobbyKing SuperMicro 2.4GHz system... New brushless brick!

SUPERMICRO RECEIVERS ARE NOT DSM/DSM2/Spektrum/ASSAN/FLYSKY/FRSKY/FUTABA COMPATIBLE. You can however connect a Spektrum satellite receiver to the SuperMicro transmitter module. Then it works like this: Spektrum radio -> Satellite -> SuperMicro Tx -> SuperMicro Rx

"Perfect for indoor flyers and anyone who likes to tinker with micro sized air craft. The hobbyking indoor 2.4ghz system has a host of optional receivers, ESCs and all-in-one units available for your custom projects. When keeping compent weight down is critical the the SuperMicro series is one of the most affordable and simple solutions on the market today."

Receiver, Brushless ESC and 2 x Linear Servos All-in-one (5ch)

Receiver, ESC and 2 x Linear Servos All-in-one (5ch)

2.4Ghz SuperMicro Systems - JR Module (

Frequency: 2.4ghz
Type: FHSS
Module Type: JR
Size: 64.46mm x 51.80mm x 23.27mm
Transmission Power: 18DBm
Input Signal: PPM (50mv or 2~5v)
Weight: 42.5g

2.4Ghz SuperMicro Systems - Futaba Module (

Frequency: 2.4ghz
Type: FHSS
Module Type: Futaba
Size: 58.15mm x 37.26mm x 22.05mm
Transmission Power: 18DBm
Input Signal: PPM (50mv or 2~5v)
Weight: 42.5g

2.4Ghz SuperMicro Systems - Receiver and ESC All-in-one (5ch) (

Channels: 4 (Support up to 5 channels with “Mul-CH”)
Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Type: FHSS
ESC: 2A integrated Brushed
Size: 21.40mm x 12.00mm x 6.00mm
Weight: 0.8g (not including wires)
Voltage: 3.0V~5.0V (1S Lipoly recommended)
Antenna Length: 30mm

Programable terminal output mode
Programable ESC
1mm JST connector
Compatible with the SuperMicro double linear servo (HK2400)
Compatible with the SuperMicro brushless ESC (HK030)

2.4Ghz SuperMicro Systems - Receiver and ESC All-in-one (3ch) (

Channels: 3 channels
Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Type: FHSS
Size: 20.00mm x 12.00mm x 3.62mm
Weight: 0.65g (not including wires)
ESC: 2A Intergrated
Voltage: 3.0V~4.2V (1S Lipoly recommended)
Antenna Length: 30mm

Cable of driving 2 x electromagnet servos directly (Requires Soldering)
Compatible with Brushed or Brushless Motors
Ability to connect a second ESC (HK030)

2.4Ghz SuperMicro Systems - Brushless ESC - 3.5A (

Max Amps: 3.5A (Burst 4A)
Voltage: 3.0v ~ 4.2v
Weight: 0.3g
Size: 12.60mm x 13.25mm x 3.2mm

2.4Ghz SuperMicro Systems - Single Linear Servo (

Size: 18.1mm x 15.2mm x 7.8mm
Servo throw: 8mm
Weight: 1.1g (wires not included)
Torque: 35g @ 4.2V
Speed: 0.12s @ 4.2V
Voltage: 3.0V~4.2V

2.4Ghz SuperMicro Systems - Double Linear Servo (

Size: 33.35mm x 15.25mm Hight:7.80mm
Weight: 2.0g (wires not included)
Torque: 35g @ 4.2V
Speed: 0.12s @ 4.2V
Voltage: 3.0V~4.2V
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Jun 27, 2011, 04:34 AM
Team30 Micro EDF
NitroCharged's Avatar
Oh man!!.....

Just in time for the indoors season down here!

That in line twin servo is perfect for thinner fuses like the micro moth etc!
Jun 27, 2011, 05:43 AM
Only nerd in the village
I received early samples of that system from the manufacturer some time ago. Worked fine. Looks like they have made some improvements on the layout. Nice to see they still offer an actuator RX. Actuators are still the way to go for really light aircraft.

I like the double servo as it works well for slimmer fuselages where an AR6400 brick won't fit. And yes, there is only 3 wires going to the RX! Obviously it will only work with the dedicated RX but work it does. Stick the RX on the back, remove connectors and solder leads directly onto the RX and you have a slimline brick weighing under 3 grams for around $25.
Jun 27, 2011, 06:56 AM
derk's Avatar
dang, does anyone know how to jerry-rig a module into a trainer port? i'd really like to add another module onto my futaba, but it'd have to go through the trainer plug.
Jun 27, 2011, 07:14 AM
Only nerd in the village
I do. I'll take a picture over the weekend.
Jun 27, 2011, 07:14 AM
Power Wheels Guru
UNGN's Avatar
Thanks for the heads Up MT!

How does the twin Servo work. It looks likes ints intended for ailerons.

I'm trying to figure out how it does Rudder/Elevator with only 3 wires. Seems like a 4th wire would make it 100X easier.

Is that the MULCH in the RX doing this?
Jun 27, 2011, 07:15 AM
Only nerd in the village
Probably some sort of multiplexing. It will work for rudder/elevator.
Jun 27, 2011, 08:40 AM
Flash, AAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhh
flashkick's Avatar
this looks really nice. pretty cheap too. about time hobbyking lol
Jun 27, 2011, 09:25 AM
derk's Avatar
I read that the twin servo will operate both sides with a normal receiver, or as seperates with their receiver. It sends a twin coded signal to tell each servo what to do.
Jun 27, 2011, 09:44 AM
Registered User HK-X600F good for my Futaba T7C? If it's good.. I will be very habby with a less than 1g receiver

Jun 27, 2011, 10:09 AM
Gravity is a harsh mistress.
Tim Wolff's Avatar
The receivers should be DSM2 compatible if they expect to sell them in any significant quantity. Few people are up to screwing with yet another proprietary system.

The servos look good, but I'll bet every listed weight is a lie and they come with "the heaviest wire know to man". "Without wires" is code for "we are lying about the weight because it is actually heavier than our competitor's product". It will be interesting to see some real world weights.

Edit: Just noticed the servo plugs are AR6400 compatible. Cool
Last edited by Tim Wolff; Jun 27, 2011 at 10:23 AM.
Jun 27, 2011, 10:10 AM
Check out my Shapeways Shop
ICU's Avatar
I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but I'll ask anyway..

Will that JR module work with my Dx7? Or as I'm suspecting these only work with the older FM/AM systems.
Jun 27, 2011, 10:59 AM
Only nerd in the village
I'll weigh the servos and post the weights here. I decided not to stock them because of the lack of DSM2 compatibility. I did ask the mfg if they had any plans in that direction but didn't get an answer.

Since I don't have a TX that uses modules I had to hack the module so I could connect it to my TX. Simple enough to do though.
Jun 27, 2011, 11:08 AM
"Nenecesa Neceso"
coriolan's Avatar
The DX7 has no plug-in ability, the JR module will work with some JR Tx. It can be made to work with a DX7 but it will require some surgery! Another excellent choice for DSM2 system is this:
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Jun 27, 2011, 01:02 PM
Registered User

Fitting a 2.4Ghz module to a Tx that has no module compartment.

Dear epilot,

"Since I don't have a TX that uses modules I had to hack the module so I could connect it to my TX. Simple enough to do though."

I am in the same boat. I have an old HiTec Flash X5 and I want to surface mount one of these modules to its back and connect the cable extrernaly to the training port using a DIN plug.

1- Are you talking about a similar method of mounting the module/ attaching the cable? Or did you mean that you will be taking the guts out of the module and soldering these inside the Tx case just like is usually done with a DIY (Hack) module?

2_ Would you know if the antenna on this module will clear the Tx carrying handle on the Flash 5x when the module is surface mounted on the back of the Tx case?

3_ Any chance you might show us some photos of your own conversion of your Tx to take this module?


Last edited by Model Mad; Jun 27, 2011 at 08:26 PM.

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