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Feb 07, 2013, 02:19 PM
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I can still barely fly my msr LOL. The only thing I have flown in many many months has been my mcx2. I pulled out the msr last week and tried to fly it and was all over the place. Forgot how sensitive I had made the controls compared to the mcx2 and was crashing it left and right. You really do lose some of that muscle memory if you dont use it! And to think I was actually thinking about getting the mcpx lol.
Feb 07, 2013, 03:01 PM
I'd rather be flying!
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Hi,'s everybody doing?

Belated Happy to you guys down under!

Good to hear that you're feeling much better, Stal! Those boats are nuts! Looks like a lot of fun! 60 kph sure looks a lot faster on the water than it does on land. BTW - that's quite the recovery boat! With all of that power, I bet it wouldn't take much to get her airborne! That's one of the few sides of the hobby I have yet to try, but now that I live within a few miles of a nice sandy beach, I've been thinking about it.

Hey BJ - how's it going? Get in a few flights for me, while you're at it. Glad to hear that you guys didn't get hit by the fires. That's some scary stuff. My dad used to fly his Cessna 185 as the lead plane for the water-bombers up in northern MN during wildfire season. Told me some damn scary stories about fires creating their own local wx and generating some crazy winds aloft at lower altitudes. RE - how are things up north?? Getting any flying in up there? DD - what's happening over your way? Are you getting any flying in down there? Bill - it's been quite awhile since we've crossed paths on these threads. Good to see that you're still around. Yeah - that organization part can be a real bear. Whenever I try to organize my workbench, it seems like I can't find a damned thing until I get it cluttered-up again. BTW - you can send some of that Arizona wx up my way. I'm a Minnesotan who doesn't have any winter hobbies. Go figure...

I'm hanging in there, but I'm definitely sick of winter already - and we're only halfway through it! Haven't flown anything outdoors for well over a month. It's been too cold, too windy, too snowy, too icy, too rainy - or a combination thereof. Was the opposite last winter. We had one big snow early in the season, but we ended up having one of the warmest winters in recent memory, so the club runway was clear for most of the winter. I flew outdoors more than I ever had before. The cold is one thing, but you get used to it. What really bugs me is that it gets dark before 5PM from early November through mid-January, and we get less than 9 hours of daylight from late November through early January. I never have gotten used to that - even though I was born & raised just a few miles south of the 49th parallel, and have lived in Minnesota for most of my life. At least the days are getting noticeably longer, and we'll be back on daylight savings time on March 10th.

We also lost our nice indoor flying spot this year. The sports center had been giving us a huge deal since we started flying there 4 years ago. We only paid 10 bucks apiece for three soccer courts side-by-side & 3 hrs of flying - regardless of how many or how few showed up. We used to have a big turnout, but it fell off a lot over the last two winters. Last winter, we barely averaged 10 pilots per session. And then we only had 10-15 pilots show up for our New Year's Eve indoor fly this winter. It's our first indoor session of the season, and usually brings in 30-40 pilots. The sports center said they were losing too much money due to the low turnout, and could no longer give us the killer deal. They offered us a single court for 1 hour for the same price, but an hour is barely enough time to set up & pack up. Doesn't leave much time to fly. Nobody was interested, so all of our dates for the season have been cancelled. There are three more indoor spots in the metro, but they're a lot smaller, they fly on weekday afternoons or evenings, and they're 45-50 miles from my place. If I want to fly indoors, it's either the Mini Vapor or nCPX in the house.

I shot some video of me flying the CC at our indoor spot on New Year's Eve. Probably the last footage I'll ever shoot in there. I also have some on-board video from the CC - shooting touch & goes, a one-wheel landing, and just generally screwing around, and a hatcam clip from last spring of my very first ROW flight. I also have some on-board footage from the Radian Pro that I shot from a friend's new flying field near my hometown on the SW shore of Lake of the Woods, just 5 miles south of the Canadian border. I'll post-up soon.

Feb 07, 2013, 07:47 PM
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HaHa DD...
I pulled out a CB100 and could barely fly it. Had to fight it to do anything but hover...
Remember that 90` msr style head I built? That's on my moth and if you twitch, the heli is going and until you command it to stop. and it wasn't a slug either.
Feb 08, 2013, 07:34 AM
The wheels touch down FIRST??
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Joel - HTFU mate... get out there and fly in those Arctic ball-freezer conditions LoL

I've been flying a fair bit lately - trying to get my head around this whole 3D deal. Fk! That's a lot harder than it looks. being me... ain't gonna give up. Not just yet, anyways

Got a heap of things to build/fix/trial - time is the killer. Just have to discipline myself a bit better, me thinks.

And yah - those fires are not fun. 1st assault Ash Wednesday 10am Feb 16 1983, in the Adelaide Hills. Hell on Earth. Absolute Holocaust and something I never want to be involved in ever again. Words can't describe it - before, during, or after. I take my hat off and raise a glass to those that can still manage to get on the back of a truck - I know I can't. Respect.

Vac & DD - great to hear from you guys again. It's been a while, and I hope the future bodes well for you - and the rest of us all

Raz - where the hell are ya? Ain't heard a report for a while ~S~

Our 'Bud' is doing it tough - I do hope he's managed to get his feet back on the ground again. What he's going through to try and salvage a life for he and his Son must be unbearable.

Take care ya'lls...and please post-up what's been happening in your life.

It's good to catch up with our old 'crew' again... yah?


PS - Stal - Kris is still around the traps, but I'm afraid we may have lost Meebo as a contributor (unless he's got a new Id).. That crap that went down a while back put a lot of noses out of joint. One has to wonder "for what?"...and what price was paid by a lot of us for the sake of one or two total jerk-offs...
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Feb 08, 2013, 10:15 AM
QuAd FaNaTiC
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I'm around

Been busy

Just bought a house and been playing with my crawler

Not much flying as of late

Good to see you gents are still haven fun
Feb 09, 2013, 12:29 AM
high flyer
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took the boats out for a spin this morning. It was good fun. That is all....
Feb 09, 2013, 08:59 AM
The wheels touch down FIRST??
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Sounds good, Stal.

At least you're still getting out there and having some RC fun

We might have to send a few Deg C north-west to TurboParkie, who sounds like he's freezing his balls off (when he's not getting blown away by 'katabatics' instead ).

Managed to get a few packs through the Stiffy Extra, Siren, SBach and the ole Electro Streak that I plan-built a replacement fuze for following that nasty trash I did to it when I got blindsided by the sun

It's a kinda special feeling when you've fired a balsa plane up there that you have hand-built from sheets and sticks of balsa, iron-on film etc. Ok, in my case, not the whole shootin match, but the fuze.

And dang, that thing seems so small now - was my biggest plane at the time. She still flies sweet but...

Feb 09, 2013, 09:23 AM
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Meebs is still caught up in that "ID" theft.
Something went way wrong there and it's too bad.

I'm plying my trade for the next few weekends to work a tournament at the bowling alley. There was some noise of offering me a few regularl shifts...but I don't know if I would be able to do "repairs" the way they want them done. They are OK-fine with "Disney engineering" and I want to FIX the problem.
Feb 09, 2013, 09:52 AM
The wheels touch down FIRST??
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Bugger - what happened with this 'ID' theft thing..??

And hey, if it ain't fixed properly, it means you have to go back again and again to 'fix it their way'... which can't be a bad thing re revolving-door repair$

Feb 09, 2013, 07:28 PM
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...but I have some pride in what I do.
Not a bubblegum/baling wire/duct tape type. I will do what I have to, to get a machine to run. But it gets FIXED ASAP.

Speaking of the machines....they woke angry today.... They were spewing all over the place. I was directing traffic. Diagnostician... A couple required immediate was rather embarrassing....for the staff. I'm just the "necessary evil" that needs to be called in in a pinch.
I was the head mechanic...but they didn't want things fixed and we parted ways.
Feb 10, 2013, 08:22 AM
The wheels touch down FIRST??
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Dude - don't fix the problem.

Just turn up every time to repair things.

One thing I've learnt in IT being outsourced - keep ya mouff shut.. fix it according to the SLA's and guidelines.. and come back to work to fix it again tomorrow. For I still have a job, thanks to the Gimps.

Perpetual maintenance...

Feb 10, 2013, 03:25 PM
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There's enough routine maintenance to keep busy. Putting off repairs is asking for big stuff, that can't be fixed with a belt or bearing gets chewed up and then..
..I say I told you so and am still expected to fix it w/o buying any parts.
Mar 17, 2013, 06:16 AM
The wheels touch down FIRST??
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What's been happnin, dudes?

No "reports" for a while.

Can't say I've been flying a lot lately - though I did latch on to a HK 5-cyl radial engine.

Managed to strip a couple of teeth off a timing gear, so I'm in 'rebuild' mode.

What's been happening in your neck/s of the woods?

Mar 17, 2013, 01:12 PM
QuAd FaNaTiC
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I a in love with the vaterra twin Hammers

Newest toy
Mar 18, 2013, 06:00 PM
I'd rather be flying!
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Not much going on in my neck of the woods. Winter has been sucking big-time around here. Haven't flown a damned thing outdoors for months. Got another foot of snow a few weeks ago, another 6" last weekend, followed by another 4" or so this weekend. I've got nearly 3 feet of the crap sitting in my yard. Guess that's Old Man Winter's payback for the unusually low snowfall & warm temps we had last winter.

Glad I've got a sim. I've been DSSing in RF 6.5. Flying a glider @ 400 MPH is a blast! Keeps the reflexes sharp, too.


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