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Apr 25, 2012, 10:35 PM
high flyer
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Dad and I have modified the rescue boat. We mounted an EDF unit on the back and put a servo under it. So the EDF unit can pivot on the back and steers the boat. It works extremely well but its very noisy. We have rescued our boats a few times with it successfully.

Its been far to windy to fly anything here lately. The winds even going the wrong way for the AXN.

Ive been slack and havent even maidened the red eagle wing yet. Im scared im going to crash it. But when these winds die down I might just chuck it up there and see what happens.

I also pulled my rc car apart and I think I know whats wrong with it now. Just have to wait till the parts come back in stock.

Happy flying all and hope everyone is well.
Apr 26, 2012, 09:55 AM
Registered User
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Hi Stal,
I've heard that EDF were their own way.
still looks cool and if it works. You can't argue with success can you?
I'm so busy that I get to look at my stuff on the fly by....some day

Apr 27, 2012, 06:13 AM
QuAd FaNaTiC
Razors edge 29's Avatar

Boat looks awesome bro
May 01, 2012, 03:19 AM
high flyer
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raz finally put in an order for a micro radjet this morning bro. I wonder if we can run a 3s on it? They look pretty fast stock anyways.

I also ordered a reaktor 800mm 3d profile plane. Should be good on a 3s.

Got the parts for my rc car as well. Got some other bits and pieces as well.

Now i just have play the waiting game. I cant believe I had to pay $45 postage and it still takes them a month to send it to me.

Oh has anyone got the new version of pheonix 4.01j ? Ive been going online a fair bit lately. So lets get a fly session going boys.

Happy flying all.
May 05, 2012, 07:15 PM
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Hi all,
just checkin in...everyone OK?
Now that I have torn most of the coop down, the wife says "Are you going to get some chickens?"...which is her way of asking me to get some. This is after I brought it up last fall and got a negative response....women!?!?
I called her on it...."Well, I'm softening on the idea".
did I say I love her, but at times.....
May 06, 2012, 04:04 AM
high flyer
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SEFF 2012-Seth Arnold-E-flite UMX Mig 15 EDF (2 min 49 sec)

hey raz heres the new eflite mig 15 edf. Looks like allot of fun but im sure my micro radjet 420 will be quicker.

Still havent maidened the red eagle wing yet. Been slack and lost inspiration a bit for flying.

Dad and I ordered a whole bunch of stuff for our rc boats the other day as well. Should be able to get dads going again soon.
May 07, 2012, 10:45 AM
The wheels touch down FIRST??
BJ64's Avatar
Yer....all ok here, Vaca.

Just 'busy' I 'spose - like everyone else.

And just as busy tyrying to finish a few models I started what seems to be yonks ago now already

The big 90mm ChangeSun fan F22 is ready for a maiden, but the weather on the weekends here has been crap. I don't mind the wind, so long as I'm flying Slope or a Parkie that I know how it's basically going to behave. This FlyFly F22 looks pretty frail on the arse end, and I'm not overly convinced the CG is right - so it's a no-fly until I get still air.

Managed to get the Tristania up and running, and I realise I have a lot to learn yet when it comes to 3D.

Trashed my beloved PA Katana - canopy came of mid-flight (nose-over outside loop) and knicked the tailplane. It was already a bit breezy by then, and the Katana is sooo light I thought about doing another lap or two sans canopy, but made the decision to land there and then. Nothing violent - just swung the nose back into the breeze and had a nice run back to the oval. Or, so I thought

100ft up... *clink*... *craaaaack*... w-t-f.. piece of covering film comes off. *Whew* me thinks... just some film. Nup... *rip*... *clang*... right stab gone... *crunch*... whole rudder flies off. Starts to spiral. *wrench*... left stab gone.

Now I'm flying a brick.

Breeze catches it...and it starts to pancake down. Bewdy! For about 3 secs... then it points the nose to the ground about 50 up..and the rest is history.

The arse-end would have been fixable, but the nose-in really fukced the port side fuze in front of the wings - which miraculously aren't damaged at all.

The PA's are built so light and fragile that she may not be fixable. Meh - one cold, boring winters night, I might just see if I can resurrect anything from it. But I'm not holding my breath - pretty knackered if you ask me.

Started my first 'balsa build' - making a new fuze for the ElectroStreak. me! Never realised how much work goes into something as simple as a basic balsa fuselage (wings and tailplane are still reusable). Makes me really appreciate how dedicated those dudes who scracth-build all the time.

Apart from that, there's the F104 and L39 EDF glassies to finish, and the decals on the mini-BF109 to do yet. So plenty to keep me going.

Oh...and I sprigged for one of those glass/balsa sheeted foam wing BF109 'scale pylon racer' things from the HK Oz warehouse. Basic airframe din cost much, and I have most of the other bits and pieces to get her into the air.

Might be finally time to stop buying, and finish building me thinks.

Stal - saw your vid of the 'rescue boat' - looks like it will do the job, mate.

Y'alls take care now, y'hear?


May 07, 2012, 10:46 AM
The wheels touch down FIRST??
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Then double-post.


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May 07, 2012, 04:09 PM
high flyer
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sorry to hear about your PA BJ. Thats why i only stick with foamies.

Yeah we stuck a 60a 1/10th car esc in our rescue boat so she goes in reverse now. I told dad I would just need to take an easy approach to it but he wanted reverse to make it easier.

I also have a HK order on the way with a micro radjet 420 and a 3d foamy called the reaktor. Should be allot of fun when they come.

Ive had the red eagle wing built and ready to fly for a week or two but just been slack and havent chucked her up in the air yet.

Anyways good to hear from ya BJ.

Keep looking towards the skies.
May 09, 2012, 12:21 PM
Registered User
Air Vaca's Avatar
oh man...I'd be sick. so sorry to hear.
I was watching "Iron Man" the other night. Had to laugh when he was giving his rocket boots the test flight. Seeing him slam the wall reminded me of many an ill conceived heli experiment of mine.
May 12, 2012, 11:00 PM
high flyer
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Dad and I took the boats out for a spin yesterday morning and long story short we had a race and dad took the wrong line at the end and we had a full speed collision. I quickly rescued both boats with our rescue boat.

When I picked up my boat it had a hole in the bottom of it. On further inspection I found that it was cracked all along the back and the fibreglass around the rudder was all broken too. Dads boat was still perfect condition. I was shattered, lols.

Anyways dad felt so bad that we jumped on the net to find a replacement boat that will use the parts we already have. We decided on the apparition II twin.

It uses two 2858 2881kv, two 70a escs, two 3s 5000mah lipos. We also have spare shafts and props for it. Should go like a cut cat.

Dad still thinks he is going to beat me and my new boat will have two motors.

Should be here within the week and might even get to maiden it next weekend. I cant wait now.

BTW BJ i was only joking about the for sale thread. I think bigwing's little winge is what started it all off again and now the thread is dead. Its a shame.
May 14, 2012, 01:16 AM
The wheels touch down FIRST??
BJ64's Avatar
Yah - I know you wuz just razzin me. Hence the at the end of my post.

What happened in there? I remember Narcas said something in public, and I ribbed him to "keep it to PM mate" or something like that.

Next thing, the thread's closed. Again.

What a bunch of whining 4yo girls...

May 14, 2012, 01:57 AM
Gone Insane .... Back Soon!!
Meebo's Avatar
Yeap ... Is it REALLY that hard to skip over the random chat, I do and it doesn't bother me.

Come on seriously, if your not interested in what was said then just skip over it, it ain't hard and anyone who is following that thread would be subscribed so the whole dribble about for sale ads dissapearing pages back is irrelevant as your target audience would have seen it in the first place.

Bunch a cry babies
May 14, 2012, 06:13 AM
high flyer
stalyoni's Avatar
oh well at least we have a new for sale thread and I think narcas will do a decent job. Most of my stuff has sold on rctrader anyways.

It looks like my boat got shipped today and it may just turn up by tommorow. I have already received the three tacon 2858 2681kv motors from the usa today. Not sure if I will drop these motors straight or just run the stock motors till they die.

I so need to fix up my mcpx and take it out along with my modified sbach.

Its just been so cold and windy here lately.

Whats going on with your hobby fun meebz?

BJ have you fixed the PA yet or have you just buried her
May 14, 2012, 06:36 AM
Gone Insane .... Back Soon!!
Meebo's Avatar
Still haven't done anything yet bud, I've got someone interested in my 2 mSR's with all my parts and MicroHeli upgrades for $350. I've sent off a whole bunch of photo's and a list of everything I have so hopefully he will take it.

Sold all my vaping gear too for $200 so a few more things and i'll be ready to start getting some new stuff

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