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Jan 11, 2012, 09:09 PM
The lunatic is on the grass
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Watched that vid of the mini s/c in the link,wish he would have flown it level and slow to see how it did.
That's the size i'm talking between.
But you gota do the mods,buyy the stuff...blah,blah,
You can get an rx that will work with the DX for $11 from Heads Up Rc... or an orange rx from china...or pay 15 = shipping from planesinsane RC for an orange rx...there are options.

I do have the rx from Heads Up RC in my Mustang and it works fine,just as good as a spektrum rx.
It does have a soft plastic wrap around it where the spektrum has a hard but thin plastic box around theirs but that's really no big deal...hey it's $11 and it works.

Also...i have been looking at the planes at Heads up and they have some foam ones that are around the 30'' size.
They come white and you have to paint them,put in electronics.
But they are foam,and like you said easy to fix.
Here is a link to them.....

For me,i'm set with the planes i have right now.
Maybe by spring someone will come out with an in between champ and s/c plane....i can wait.

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Jan 11, 2012, 09:51 PM
An Ordinary User

If you check my history of posts in other forums, you will find out what I think of the Mini Super Cub. I used to like it but I've found many other planes that are much better fliers.

It's just not a good flier. Just yesterday I posted on someone's thread that it "tip stalls like a SOB". It flies great under certain conditions but unfortunately they are rare. The plane is heavy (the fuselage is very dense) and the wings just don't have the area it needs for a good flier.

My Airfield 800mm T-28 turns better at low speed than the MSC haha (Mac will understand that)

Anyway, don't get it. Save yourself the energy you'll spend trying to make it great and buy the perfect RC plane with that money - a Hobbyzone Champ! The Champ is a far better plane than the MSC and cheaper too!


Oh wait, nevermind. What you really need is a ....

Seriously, you should read all the posts in the Banana Hobby vendor forum here. I've been tempted to buy a plane from them twice and came to my senses both times. I'm so glad I have been able to avoid the temptation. I do like to read the vendor forum for the nightmare stories people post day after day.

Like Mac, I've ordered a few planes from Nitroplanes and at least I got them (a lot of BH complaints are of missing parts or nothing ever being shipped). I flew my T-28 until I couldn't repair it anymore and spare parts for the Nitroplanes models are hard to come by.

The Nitroplanes models are cheap and most come with the electronics that you can reuse later.

If you want something that's larger than a Champ but will fly as slow as the Champ look into the Eflite 250 Indoor models like the
or the Fokker DVII

I had the Fokker and loved it. My son crashed it from 25-30' and messed it up but it was a beautiful thing to watch. Like the Champ, they can't handle wind but they can fly outside on a calm day. Anywhere the Champ can go, these can go.

The Electrifly FlyLite is a good flier. It's like a large Champ.

The Electrifly Sopwith Pup
and Tiger Moth are more great flying planes.

These models do not come with electronics so you'll have to buy all that seperately which can add to the cost. Once you buy them you can usually transfer some pieces from one model to another. I got several $6 motors from HobbyKing, some $10 10A-12A escs, a bag or two of 2mm and 3.5mm bullet connectors, some JST pigtails, some $5 DSM2 receivers, and some cheap 9g servos and I'm still recycling them.

I cannot emphasize how well the Eflite planes fly. The foam is brittle but they are a pleasure to fly and beautiful to watch. The drawback is the start-up cost can be rather high if you don't already have the electronics.

Jan 11, 2012, 11:36 PM
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Fishy,I learned alot about the dx6i At is so more enjoyable now.I had a hard time with the ump-51 but now I love flying it.
Jan 12, 2012, 05:07 AM
Suspended Account
thanks Guys, read all the posts, do thank you again, got some research to do now

Research research research,not yet gonna purchase, it is sweet to gather info, and then say yeah the champ.. Come on dave g et the company to push a larger ib between scale of the champ.

It is raining Like lee said, and man well anotehr research day, Lol no fly for the fish-ster
Jan 12, 2012, 06:54 AM
Flyin' low & slow T-28s!
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Originally Posted by olthump
"Bixler: elevator servo making a "SNAP" noise. Broken tooth in gear?"

Somebody on here thought my METAL GEAR $7.00 servos were overkill for my NotaBix.

I'm really enjoying mucking about doing all this. I've been so happy with my reliable Champ that I havent done any good muckin' in entirely too long.
Aww, c'mon man.
There's a HUGE difference 'tween decent T-Pro 9gram servos ($3) from HeadsUp or HobbyPartz, $7 metal servos and cheap Chinese Fitty-cent servos. And you know it because you've felt their weight in your hand!

So, PHHHHHPHT! to you, ya ol' fart!

But I know you're having a ball upgrading the Bix and it'll all be worthwhile. Hey, what kind of rx are you using in it?

If you're considering that Wing Dragon, perhaps you might consider the Firebird Commander 2 from Hobbyzone?
It's only 30" wide and is under $100.

I mention this only because of BH's horrific reputation. My buddy (who gave me the complete guts from his T-28) ordered a J-3 Cub from BH and was pissed that it took a month to arrive in FL from CA. Then it was incapable of taxiing and ROG.

At least you know what you're gettin' when you go with Horizon. Plus, I THINK someone here has a Firebird Commander (maybe RTF Thumper/Jim?).

The only drawback is, like the Mini Cub, it's older FM technology. But I'd assume a quick rx and ESC/BL change would be simple.

Here's the Wholesale Trains linkage:

And here's HH:

Also, Ridgewalker is correct: that $11 Spectrum-compatible rx from HeadsUp is AWESOME! I have it in my Bixler and have had it so high up in the sky AND far-away that I broke into a sweat -- but there was no isue with signal loss.
A great deal from HeadsUp/ (Thanks, Ridge!)

I think the search for your next plane is just as exciting as the actual purchase. I really enjoy looking at planes, comparing prices, performance and what they offer for electronics.
Hobby King is always a great website to hang-out in and size-up new possibilities!

Good luck and keep it fun, brother!


PS: OLTHUMP...when's the maiden coming?
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Jan 12, 2012, 08:53 AM
Suspended Account
Thank you Mac.

The commander 2 Big Jim, correct has one, seen his vid awhile back. It is notthe best plane, due to the V tail.. Like the idea, it is a Horizon Hobby, with the X-port features. And you are 100% correct to stick with a HH product.

I was offered advice, to look at the Flyrite y BH... reading the thread, and some information provided, the Plane is light weight, optional battery of 1000mah give or take, with most planes tail heavy, watching video. looks interesting.

One crash, showing the nose in peices, etc. the plane looks good, but again is an indoor /outdoor minimal winds. good/bad imput. nothing to arm a purchase.

Nothing beats the champ we all know that.

it is a tough decision, which to get?

Wing dragon all the extras, only means that, you got extras.

Firebird commander, FM is the downside
Electrfly Flyrite light weight

it is fun, till another plane model pops in

Come on HH get a bigger champ
flyrite is a $60.00 plane that all parts of electronics to be added in. so that I am a lil afraid to start, but know I can build.
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Jan 12, 2012, 08:54 AM
Bay Area Prop Buster
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I agree it's really fun drooling over all the planes out there! With videos online, reviews, and thread discussions it's like walking thru a candy store.

I'm thinking of stepping out of the box one more time, as I'm considering the Multiplex Dogfighter.

Jan 12, 2012, 10:03 AM
Occupying RCG
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The truth is I only got the metal gear servos because HeadsUp was out the std. T9s when I ordered. They weigh 13 grams as opposed to 9.

I'm using an orange rx and satellite from rcg member Boatdoc. I actually got 2 of each just in case I end up with somethin' else down the road.

Today I'm replacing the rudder and elevator servos and installing carbon rods on the underside of the control surfaces to stiffen them up.

Like that pig on the commercials...Wheeee, Wheeeee, Wheeee!!!!
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Jan 12, 2012, 10:18 AM
Suspended Account
that commercial, man I luv. I had the chance to Zipline, and I rather enjoy the cruise I went on with my Member, Ican always get that chance elsewhere. So each time they play it , it cracks me up.

Wee weee, then the Deep voice.

you go Olthump, thanks forthat comment cracked me up!
Jan 12, 2012, 10:50 AM
Big Jim
RTF Thumper's Avatar
HOLD on the Fire Bird Commander 2 is a pig of a plane for intermediate pilots or better. It has 2 channels and can not fly in a mild breeze, it comes with a 7 cell Ni cad and this abomination weighs in at about 3 pounds. On top of that she comes with ACT (always crash technology) and shes UGLY as Mother
other than she lands at the speed of sound she is a great plane
Jan 12, 2012, 10:59 AM
Flyin' low & slow T-28s!
MaladroitFL's Avatar
The Geico pig on the zip line? Man, I have to mute that every time it comes on so I don't suffer a migraine!

Blu, do you know how FAST those Multiplex Dogfighters are? They are long, sleek and well-overpowered!

Okay, Champ #1 is now sitting in wet glue. The problem wasn't the P-51 motor. (Yay!) It was a loose plug connector on the brick. Right where the motor plugs in. There are two tiny connector wires that come out of the connector plug and run into the PCB. One of those was loose.
Well, after 5-6 tries, and 2 burned fingertips, I put the soldering iron away and removed the entire brick. I had an old P-51 brick in the scratch-built SE.5a, so I stole that.
Then I used my DX6i to Mix the aileron stick with 100% rudder. It worked fine. So now my rudder is on the right stick with my elevator on Champ 1.
When the gue dries, she should be good to go.

Champ#2 had a brand new gear box crack. That made me angry! It lasted less than 5 flights!
And for some reason, the prop shaft would not turn easily until I removed the clear plastic reverse thread nut on the inner end of the prop shaft. But I re-used the shaft in the "Olthump Modified GB" that I repaired. It seems strong and ran fine when bench tested.
I re-glued the GB in and now Champ 2 is almost (wet glue) good to go as well.
Jan 12, 2012, 11:08 AM
Big Jim
RTF Thumper's Avatar
Any others going to try a ribbon pull? or are we done I await the yield or some one to beat me
Just a reminder of where the bar is. Also a quick note to Ridgewalker she has 78
LED's on her. Another Challenge unanswered
150 FOOT RIBBON PULL.wmv (2 min 47 sec)
Jan 12, 2012, 11:14 AM
Bay Area Prop Buster
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Oh yeah it's fast! My um's and Extra can poke along when I want slow, but as with my FR try, I'm looking for something different! I'm considering a wing also, but I love the pylon/warbird look better.

I still might go at the Racer again god help me if I can figure out what went so wrong with it. I'm almost convinced it was a lack of thrust angle.

My head says just get another big T-28, hot it up some and enjoy a proven design with nice tricycle gear landings!

Jan 12, 2012, 11:50 AM
The lunatic is on the grass
ridgewalker's Avatar
Originally Posted by RTF Thumper
Any others going to try a ribbon pull? or are we done I await the yield or some one to beat me
Just a reminder of where the bar is. Also a quick note to Ridgewalker she has 78
LED's on her. Another Challenge unanswered
I didn't forget about the ribbon pull.
Thing is the #3 camera didn't give a clear picture aaaannnnd...i wanted there to be snow on the ground

Well today we have snow on the ground,snowing as i type and the #16 camera is working good and is giving a nice picture compared to the #3
So hopefully the snow sticks around through the weekend and i'll get out there and pull a ribbon.

My pc has low RAM and can't handle playing HD video.
So with the #16 cam you can choose between 3 different resolutions.
For the videos to play on my pc the resolution has to be set at WVGA 848x480,which is not HD so the picture is not quite as sharp as it can be.
But hey...theses are the things i need to to for the video to play for now and it all works out.

Youtube really degrades the video when you upload it.
Never really noticed that with the #3 cam because it's picture quality is low to start with.
But when i upload a vid from the #16 on yt it lowers the picture quality,when i watch the same vid from the video file stored on my pc the video is very nice.

Soon as i get a new pc the videos will be in HD but for now have to stick with WVGA 848x840,it's still much better than the #3 cam ever could be.

Vimeo also degrades the video when you upload but not as bad.

Here is a short sample video from the #16.
There was no editing done to the video,this is how it comes off the cam.
It was late afternoon when the video was filmed and the cam was seeing through a windshield which also degrades the picture a

Jan 12, 2012, 12:00 PM
Fly em if ya got em.
leethetreeguy's Avatar
Morning guys! I slept for 12 solid hours. hahahaha. So, my mind is great. Looks like I am gonna have to work on our well later today. Keeps cloggin up. I am gettin tired of priming it every few hours.

If I was gonna get a BIG plane right now, my choice (money no thought) would be that Trojan from nitro planes. Retracts and flaps sound good to me. And I like the looks of the pilots. I am gonna try to carve my own pilots soon. hehe. Should be a fun project.
Hope you all are having a good day. Pretty here now. Cept for windy as heck.

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