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Old Oct 19, 2001, 12:20 PM
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What receivers are you guys using?

Hi guys,
I'm just wondering what receiver everyone is using in their micro-helis. I had been using a Feather rx, but I got a lot of glitching from other flyers. I decided to go with a Hitec 555 dual conversion rx without the casing. It's larger and heavier, and I'm afraid it's going to decrease my flying time, I havne't had the chance to fly with it yet. Are there any single-conversion rxs that seem immune to glitching when there are several other people flying around you (say in a gymnasium)? Thanks!
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Old Oct 19, 2001, 12:59 PM
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on my FP helis, i use GWS R4P's. they work great (no glitching) and are very light.

on my CP hornet, i'm using a Berg Mini 6.
Old Oct 19, 2001, 01:19 PM
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I too use the GWS R4P on my FP helis. On CP I use the GWS R6N, it weighe less than the berg 6, and is only $32.00. I have never had a problem with this RX, and use it in some of my bigger aircraft with no range problems.
Old Oct 19, 2001, 01:58 PM
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how much does the 6 channel gws weigh?
Old Oct 19, 2001, 02:12 PM
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I remember reading some post saying the GWS 4 channel actually has 6 channels circuitry, but only pins for 4 channels. So I guess the only weight difference is in the additional pins.
Old Oct 19, 2001, 02:17 PM
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Hi Christian,

Been awhile since I've seen you here. Don't stay a stranger.

I use both the Feather and GWS with no problems. With that said, I've not taken a micro to a field yet so I can't comment on how it does with other radios on.

The R4P is a 6 channel RX. You have to solder directly to a chip if I remember right. There was instructions here but I think it may be gone since the new system was put in. Perhaps someone could post again. I bought a used R4p for just this purpose and now can't find the instructions.


Old Oct 19, 2001, 02:50 PM
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the GWS6 channel is a larger rx thand the 4 channel though. so i assume it's more than just the extra pins contibuting to it's additional weight.
Old Oct 19, 2001, 02:54 PM
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Hi John (and John),
Yeah, I haven't really been following along on this forum for quite some time. The pictures of the cp hornet have sparked my interest, I'm really looking forward to a cp bird, whether it be a piccolo or hornet. I believe I'll buy a hornet as soon as the cp version comes out. I had a hornet, but didn't have the time to get it up and flying, now I'm wishing I had kept it around
Old Oct 19, 2001, 11:54 PM
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I use the GWS 4P in my slow flyers. I also have 2 Hitec Feather receivers. The Hitec units definately have more glitches than do the GWS's in my planes. I am planning on using the GWS receiver in my new heli.
Old Oct 20, 2001, 10:43 PM
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GWS R4P Receivers "Narrow Band"?

GWS R4P is the first one who designed at this size and weight 3.6g ( 3.1g with JST connector and 1/2m wire. ) can pass European flight sight at 10Khz channel seperation, which in USA only need to meet 20Khz for FCC required. Both Germany and UK who need to meet this strictly spec, GWS R4P is being sold with excellent market share.

Unfortunately, most RC modeler did not have enough equipments to do such cretical testing. But most easy way to show how GWS R4P and others with what kinds of different to other traditional RXs, to fly with more flyers together with next upper and lower channels.

GWS spend years to complete this result made RX become clean and neat while with an excellent performance. But you can see many following design smilar to GWS RX with some "modification" to prove they are not the same tech's "Cxxx"!

Model Type R-4Pico R-6Naro R-8Micro RD-8Dual conversion
Sensitivity: 5£gv for Pico & Naro RX . service 1000 feet w/ 1m Ant.
3£gv for 8ch Micro & 8ch Dual Conversion RX, service more than 1500 feet w/ 1m Ant. Why so short? so poor to be compared with other makers spec?

Most Japanese makers said: 5uv can serve for 700m or 2300 feet, may be tested very much away from city. But actually result same as GWS R-4P when tested in the same place, same time at Taipei city area. :P GWS said 300m with a lot of spared safety range in case of unexpect weather condition may occured!

How about GWS receivers Selectivity?
10KHz/50dB for Pico & Naro
10KHz/60dB for Micro 8ch,
10KHz/65dB for 8ch Dual Conversion

All GWS RXs competiable with TOP class RXs!

If a dual conversion receiver with poor designed, sometime you may see the performance no better than a good single conversion RX as GWS designed!

GWS works very hard, but we need your supportting to us, let us feel it worthy to keep going on make RC flyers happy with us.

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