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Jun 05, 2011, 12:43 PM
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Just put my first lights on

I built a fairly big AP bird this winter, and I find myself often flying it late in the evening getting sunset shots, and because late in the evening is usually also good for wind conditions. I'm also new at this RC flying, and often find myself having trouble with orientation etc. and this bird has such light wing loading I find the wind can turn it in a hearbeat. One evening I lost orientation and was fighting a breeze and when I finally was losing sight of it more than I was seeing it and cut the throttle and I ended up walking almost 3 kms looking for a white plane on a frozen lake (with a brand new GoPro on it).

My next flight I just put on a cheap dollar store 3-LED headlamp on the plane, which worked pretty good actually. You can see it on the plane in this video here. (inset at 1:40)

Sunset on the ice (4 min 2 sec)

I've since put FPV on it, which helps me a LOT with orientation when flying it a long ways away, as well as being far better for framing shots & videos etc, but since I do a lot of flying in the evening, decided to put some lights on it. I started out with this set, and put the strobe on the front with the green and red LED's on the correct port/starboard sides. Actually I don't think it's so much a strobe as it's just a flashing LED. I did buy this strobe from flytron as well, which I think will be a lot better in daylight and long distances, but danged if I can remember where I set it I see now they have the green and red, and depending on how well the lumifly ones work at distance I may replace them with the flytron. The lumifly set looks pretty good at night anyway, but I have not yet flown with them.

Anyway, I notice when I turn them on with a switch I assigned to channel 5, the servos (HXT 9000) glitch once or twice sometimes, just a tiny bit. Is this something to be concerned about? I more worried about suddenly losing servo control at a long distance out. I have also noticed that on some occasions the fpv gear can also cause these to glitch a bit. I have these servos on order because they are supposed to be a lot less "glitchy", with the fpv gear anyway.

I also bought some of these glow wires with the lumifly 2 port glow controller. I put the glow wires on the wing last night with packing tape, and taped the 2 port controller to the side of the plane. There is no instructions with the driver, but from the comments I see the jumper on it is for different voltages, 4 6 or 8. I am running 3s on this plane, and the glow wires are on all the time when I press the switch on the driver, either flashing or on. I was hoping to be able to turn them on with my radio, but apparently these can't. Is there a way to do this? Is the 3s too much voltage for these? Should I get a small 1 or 2s battery and wire them direct?

I also bought these, but haven't put them on yet, I may put them along the bottom of the fuse, once I get comfortable with the ones I have on already.

Also, how does one wire the lights to run off a different battery, but still have them controllable from the ground, is it doable?
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Jun 05, 2011, 10:32 PM
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I would be concerned about the servos glitching. Are you using a separate BEC? If you are not read this.

Oh yeah Go Canucks!
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Jun 12, 2011, 03:43 AM
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A switching current limiter or voltage regulator might spew out noise causing the servo to glitch.

I am in the process of making my own lighting system circuit and am using only linear limiters/regulators to prevent such noise from occurring. I will be putting it in my Skywalker FPV plane eventually.

I will be updating the linked thread with details when I get done with it:


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