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Jun 04, 2011, 12:23 AM
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Cermark Eagle One Electric Sailplane

I was not among those who heralded the introduction of foam airplanes into RC as a great thing. My first trainers were foam - a Schweizer L 26 in 1974 and a three channel high wing powered by an OS .25 in the late 1980s. Foam was for beginners or Walmart - or so I thought. A few months ago one of my flying buddies asked for help on his maiden of a new foam electric glider. It was a 2 meter ship with ailerons, rudder, elevator, and throttle. I launched it, trimmed it in, and he offered to have me fly a while. 15 minutes later I was still floating around and I started thinking that maybe there was something to this foam intrusion that I was missing. Over the next few months I flew several other models, some bigger, some smaller, and I decided that I needed to have one. But what I wanted didn't exist - I wanted 2m or larger, concealed pushrods, full house with flaps, and a some style to the design.

At this year's RCX show in So Cal Cermark was showing off a new glider called the Eagle One. The Eagle One was everything I had been looking for, and it came with everything but a receiver. It required a 3S 2200 or something close for power, which I used on my 450 helis. It came with a Neo brushless motor, ESC, six servos all installed, and a price tag well south of $150. I took one home and began "the build."

the build consisted of gluing the vertical fin to the fuselage. I used 5 minute epoxy, which after almost three hours of flight time, has held up fine.

Alex from Cermark suggested when I bought it that I cut slots in the foam hinge every few inches to relieve some of the resistance of the control surface so I did that on each surface, and could feel the difference.

Although the Eagle One can be flown with less channels (ailerons on a Y, flaps on a Y) my preference was to have individual channels for each surface, so I used a Spektrum AR 7000 7 channel receiver. I have 7000s on my Trex 700s and giant scale airplanes and with my trusty DX 7, I thought it would be a good combination.

Set up was straightfoward. The pushrods use set screws which I recommend loosening when the receiver is first powered up so the servos can find center without load. The Eagle uses a two piece wing with the servo leads exiting the bottom. Two "y" connectors are provided by the mfr, but as I said, I chose not to use them. Instead, I bought Cermark color coded extensions to help overcome the confusion of 4 servo leads.

The word I like to associate with any maiden flight is "uneventful". Just a good flight, and no surprises. The Eagle One's maiden was anything but uneventful. First, it had a climb angle that far exceeded what I was expecting. Not vertical, but it will hold a 30 to 40 angle and get you from the ground into good air in literally a matter of seconds. Higher C batteries definitely had more punch, but even with Cemark's Amped Up 3s 2200 20C the Eagle One had an impresssive climb. The flight itself was about 20 minutes, and would have been longer except for the four letter word "work". During that 20 minutes I began to remember how relaxing soaring is, and despite flying gas airplanes and 700 size helis, I still consider soaring the purest form of rc flying.

Subsequent flights were copies of the first. The Eagle would climb to altitude and I would go looking for "good air", which sometimes I did, and sometimes I didn't. Flights in excess of 30 minutes were not uncommon. When landing, flaps were deployed and the Eagle settled in. By the time of this review, it has been flown by six different pilots, including the young man seen in the picture, who is the son of one "our gang." I suspect that in the next few weeks I won't have the only one at our field.

Next post - set up and flying tips...
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Jun 04, 2011, 08:24 AM
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A link to the product would make your post even better than it is now...
Jun 04, 2011, 01:08 PM
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here is the Cermark site, can't find the Eagle One.

I am building a Cermark Cosmos, 3d flyer for my son, his first 3D plane
Jun 04, 2011, 01:20 PM
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I looked for the Eagle One last night on their site and could not find it. Seem like a real good deal for less than 150.
Jun 04, 2011, 11:59 PM
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Hey X, stumbled onto this site today. Lo and behold, there is my kid holding that sweet foamie. You definitely made an impression on his little mind.

I'm one of those six who got to fly X's Eagle One. It's is a hands off flyer and I was surprised on how well it flies without the need of constant stick input. Glide ratio appeared better than the Radian Pro. If it weren't for already having the RP...

Dude, you can fly and write!

Jun 05, 2011, 10:05 AM
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thanks jim, and you will find your son's pix in your email this morning...

Jun 11, 2011, 09:37 AM
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The Cermark site above doesn't seem to have any of their gliders on it anymore. They still producing them?

Jun 24, 2011, 07:51 PM
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Cermark Eagle

Bought this sailplane at Toledo 2011. Could not get the motor going
due to lack of knowing how to program it and not having a program
card. Emailed Cermark for information...they have not replied to my
query. So bought a different ESC with program card to get model
going. Put in recommended battery and check for correct CofG.
Flew model and it wants to tuck under as if it was tail heavy.
Friends of mine do fly Radian and do outperform me everytime.
Did check incidences ...the wing is at 0 degree and stab/elev is
at +2 degrees.
The model has no cooling vents, wing nuts are fine thread bolts
and lasted for 3 or 4 flights. Had to replace bolts and anchor nuts.
If the wingbolts and nuts are not replace, the wings will come off.
Cheap servos, centering is a problem. $150 waisted. I will scrap it
because I do not want to damage rx and alt readout.
I do not recommend the CERMARK EAGLE
Feb 26, 2012, 04:19 PM
I bought one of these NIB this weekend at a local swap meet for a good price. It needed some work due to quality issues. There was glue in one of the wing tubes. The wings didn't align very well and required a little work. The elevator servo was DOA. The screws that hold the plastic wing joiners in place were not long enough. The wing bolt nuts are not captured and require some creativity to keep them in place.

An instruction sheet came with it to program the ESC. There was two Y extensions in the kit. The flap servos were oriented opposite each other so the designated Y wouldn't work here. I ended up removing one of the servos and flipping it over so I could use just one channel for flaps.

Overall I spent a few hours on it. Taking a tip from above, I removed all the linkages and cut through the hinge lines every few inches so only about half the material is acting as a hinge. After a little manual flexing, they worked fine.

It flies well. I used a 6 CH RX putting the ailerons on separate channels and the flaps on one. I have two stages of flaps. The second stage brings both ailerons up to help with speed brakes. It really kills energy fast and spot landings are quite easy. It climbs well and easily gets nearly out of site in 20-30 seconds.

Its bigger than some of the el cheapo 70 inch ones I have flown that are a little cheaper. The flaps are also nice even though adding them to a smaller cheaper model is no big deal. I think its a good value. It did require some intermediate modeling skills to overcome some quality issues but was worth it in the end. Its an 82 inch full-house electric sailplane that flies as one would expect. I'm pleased with it and I'm sure myself and everyone I ever hand the transmitter to will get many hours of entertainment from it

Feb 26, 2012, 04:54 PM
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This model is also known as the Cera ZD-383


There is also a simpler 4 CH version, the ZD-382

May 15, 2012, 08:59 PM
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Can anyone tell me how the wing halves are held together?

Is this meant to be a one piece wing?
May 16, 2012, 07:30 PM
They plug together using a wing tube/spar. They come off pretty easy depending on how you run your servo wires. I leave mine together for local flying but can take it apart in a few minutes to save room or transport it.
Two piece wing

Jul 13, 2012, 08:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Scott Todd
They plug together using a wing tube/spar. They come off pretty easy depending on how you run your servo wires. I leave mine together for local flying but can take it apart in a few minutes to save room or transport it.
Two piece wing

Mike Heer did a review on RC Groups this week. Comes with V tail or typical tail. Mine should be here tomorrow. Ordered from Graves in Orlando.

Review was mostly positive and Mike and a friend flew several test flights with apparently good results.

At $129 for PNP not sure what to expect. Hope to get it up and about next week.
We shall see.
Jul 17, 2012, 02:48 PM
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Got mine close to ready to fly. Was pleasantly surprised to see a cf tube molded into the fuse from the wing bay to the tail. No floppy tail end on this one, unlike certain foamies that need various mods to beef up the fuse.
Have to see if I can get crow with my DXI. Using one mix to add rudder to ailerons. Got another mix to play with.
Jul 17, 2012, 03:09 PM
I've not posted a negative on a plane ever.

Bad: I bought this at the local shop, and someone I respect said it worked fine. My experience was the wing hold downs are weak and problematic..simply a bad design. The plane was nose heavy to the point i had quarters on the tail area. Servos wouldn't center..I replaced 2 of them. Parts (like wing rod, took over 3 -4 weeks to get.
Good: When the incidence was set correctly via shimming the wing saddle, it flew fine.

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