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Jun 02, 2011, 11:02 PM
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My hangar collection

To date I am at TEN multi-copter builds... Somewhat of an addiction!

#1 was a quad made from a plastic shipping pallet. Too flexible and I did not know how to do sensor alignment, so it did not fly.

#2 was built using the Arducopter center plates from Matt, Alum square tubes from Home Depot bath towel department, DT750 motors and MultiWii code on MiniPro/ Sparkfun 9DOF sensor stick. It flew well, but always had some twitching to it even after trying to set the PIDs. Motor to motor was somewhere around 25".

#3 is a HEXA design made from the same bath towel tubes, old cooper clad circuit board for center section, KDA20-22L motors, MultiWii code on Seeedstudio Mega Arduino and same 9DOF sensor stick. I made a stablized GoPro camera mount but was never really happy with its roll correction. I flew this for two months, crashed several times, straightened the arms and kept going. I even flew it several times via VPV.
Currently it is undergoing conversion from MultiWii code to Mega Pirates beta with a FFIMU 1.22 sensor array. I have flown it, but it needs the PIDs tuned to make it stable.

#4 is my smaller fun style QUAD I named the "Kung-Fu flyer" because it has a stuffed KungFu Hamster on top of the QUAD. He works out great for orientation while flying. Reminds me of a surfer standing on his surf board when it flies by. It is built using 3/4" alum square tube, a Pipo ISU FC running MultiWii code, DT750 motors and 3-blade 9" props. Great flyer, although it is a bit heavy. It's one of those that loves to keep going.

#5 was built on my first non aluminum frame using the VC-20-450 frame. I started with a QUADRino Advanced board and KDA20-22L motors and APC 10" props. Made a great combination and a great flyer. Currently I have replaced the QUADRino with a OpenPilot CC (Copter Control) for testing. Too early to report much as to its flight characteristics on this frame/motor combination. This makes one light QUAD and I have flown it for over fifteen minutes flight time with the QUADRino on a 3000 MAh battery.

#6 is built on a Y6 frame made by JoeCNC. I used a Trex 500 landing gear extended with a copper clad board and spacers to give me 3" clearance from the props to the ground. The Y6 contains six Avroto 2814 770KV motors, HK SS 25/30 ESCs, APC 10x4.7 props and a OpenPilot Copter Control flight controller. This copter gives good stability and will make a great camera platform once I finish the testing and tuning phases. Ready to fly weight with a 5000MAh battery is a little over 2Kg, or 4.5 Lbs. You can find some early flight videos over on Vimeo.

#7 is my mini QUAD. It measures under 9" (206mm) motor to motor and uses OpenPilot CopterControl for it's brain with HK Orange satellite receiver. This design uses a G10 center plate with 3.5mm CF tubes for arms. The arms are spaced enough to allow placing the 6A ESCs between the arms and held in place with 16mm clear heat shrink tube. The motors are the 10g units from HobbyKing, swinging 5X3 props. The total weight with 2S800ma Lipo is around 170g.

#8 is another mini QUAD, very much the same as #6. I used a different method of attaching the CF arms to the center plates using CA and PFM Glue to allow it some give. Weight was around 179g.

#9 is a BlueSkyRC Spider HEX. On this build I used Hobby-Lobby eRC 300 motors and APC 8" props. It flies well, but needs some weight added to make it fly better with the Openpilot CC... Or a lot more tuning time!

#10 is a BlueSkyRC Mini QUAD frame using the same motors/ESCs as #7, turning APC 5.5 Speed props and 3S battery. Much better performance than with the HK 5" prop and 2S battery. Weight was 185g.

All of my mini QUADs are using the OpenPilot CC with the Spektrum satellite adapter with an HK orange satellite receiver. Works well and allows you to tuck the receiver and wiring up under the OP_CC board when using 1/2" standoffs.

More later..
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