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May 29, 2011, 07:49 PM
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Joe's Hanger

Like many on this group, I am obsessed. I thought I should take a few minutes and list as many of my planes as I can think of, and what I think about them. The order is approximately the order in which I aquired them.

Slow Stick: First plane, taught my self to fly, don't fly it much anymore. It was a really great first plane.

Pico Tiger Moth: I think this was my second plane. I know I enjoyed flying it. It is long gone, may it RIP.

Miss Stick: I thought I needed something big and slow with no ailerons. I have a small field at home and it really didn't fly that well out of my field. I never fly it any more.

Pat Trittle's Supercub, Tiger Moth and Waco. I spent a lot of time building them but rarely fly them. I moved on to other planes.

Steven's Aero Stick and Soar Stick. I taught myself how to use ailerons with the Aero Stick. I pretty much have not flown a rudder elevator plane since. The Aero stick was a great aileron trainer.

Steven's Aero Shaft: I really couldn't fly it properly in my small field, and eventually sold it.

Hobby Lobby Yak flat foamy: This plane changed everthing for me. I learned to hover and really sharpened my skills. I went through 6 of them my second summer flying.

MS Composite Unique: this was my next 3D plane. I loved it, but it really didn't fly very well. It was quirky at low speeds.

MS Composite Blade Dancer: This is similar to the Unique, but a much better flyer.

MS Composite Pitts: This was another fun plane to fly, though I rarely fly any of these planes anymore.

Stevens Aero Groove and Stella: I built them, but I never really enjoyed flying either that much. They weren't that good at 3D and pretty fragile for my style of flying.

Kalteisien Skeeter 30, 36 and 40: These were all really fun. I flew em and smashed em and rebuilt the many times. I still fly the Skeeter 40 now and then. It is one of very few electrics that I fly. A great plane.

Kalteisen Extra 260. OK, this kit, which was only in production a short time, is hands down my favorite electric plane. I still fly it when I want to show off down low and personal. It is an amazing plane.

Aeromax Butterfly/ OS 46 FX. My first nitro slab. It is a cheap, 40 size, Ebay ARF. I flew the snot out of this plane. It was my go to plane for practicing 3D stuff. Sadly, it bit the dust, may it RIP. It was a wonderful and fun plane to fly.

Aeromax Edge/OS 25FX. This little Ebay slab is kind of fun to fly, and and it sure doesn't use much fuel. It is small, and it does everything quick, but it is not hard to handle.

Aeromax Yak/OS FX 46. This took the place of the Butterfly. The OS 46 and all the electronics were swapped over. While it doesn't fly as well as my other slabs, it is a lot of fun and I still enjoy flying it.

MOJO 60/OS 91 FX. This was my first real high performance Profile. I had a cheapo reciever failure destroy my first one, but I soon rebuilt it. It is probably my second favorite plane to fly. Edit: I have replaced the OS FX 91 with a Saito "Hunnert" and it made a very good plane even better.

Primo 40/Saito 82a: More about that later.

Twist 40/OS 55 AX: The Twist forum is the best forum on RC Groups. Just a super bunch of guys, always ready to help, and always ready to talk any plane. I love the thread, but don't like the Twist all that much. It just doesn't fly all that well in my hands. It does some funny stuff, and is doesn't knife edge that well, and I really like a plane that does a decent knife edge. I almost never fly it.

Sig 1/6 Scale Cub/OS 46 FX: I built this years ago when I first tried this hobby. Unfortunately, I never really learned to fly and quit after a year. I flew the Cub again a couple of years ago. I don't really find it to be much fun to fly. It is boring, looks small in the air, doesn't roll very well, and just isn't my thing.

Sig Astro Hog/Saito 82: I also built this years ago when I was a wannabe RC pilot. It was my pride and joy. I never expected to actually fly it. I hung it from the ceiling with a cotton string. The string broke and the needed repairs were what got me into the hobby about 4 years ago. Originally it had a K&B engine when I first built it, but I put the Saito 82 on it a couple years ago, and I enjoy flying it. It is a pretty cool plane and it flies really well. The landing gear is too close to the CG for a grass field and it is a challenge to keep it from nosing over after a landing. I should move the gear a little more forward sometime.

Flat plate foames/Hacker electric: I have about a dozen flat plate foamies made out of 3mm Depron. A few were kits but most are my own design. I flew them indoors a bit during the winter but they are also fun outdoors on a calm evening in the fall and a semi warm winter day.

EE60/YS 110: I built this last year and I have only flown this plane a few times. I have to take the wing off to put it in the car so that inhibits me, probably more than it should. And the YS 110 is a bit of a shaker and I don't feel as comfortable with it as I do with my Saitos. I would say it is one of my best flying planes and I should fly it more!

U Can Do 60/Saito 100. I don't do ARF's very often but someone gave me this ARF for a song. I actually really enjoy flying the U Can Do. For a full fuselage job, it flies well and is totally relaxing and easy to see, and can do some 3D and also decent aerobatics and doesn't seem to have a lot of "bad habits". One of my favorites.

LamYak 40/Saito 72. This plane is supposed to be very easy to harrier. Unfortunately, it has some strange flight characteristics that keeps me on my toes. I have a hard time doing a high alpha landing with this plane. I haven't flown it in about a year because the Saito threw a connecting rod and it has been back ordered for almost a year! I would not say it is one of my best flyers. It doesn't harrier nearly as well as the Mojo or Primo IMHO. However, I like the look of it and will fly it again if that Saito con rod ever becomes available.

Goldberg Ultimate 90/Saito 125. I just built it last summer, and haven't flown it a lot, but it is a great flying plane and very aerobatic.

Lou Andrews Aeromaster/Saito 100: I bashed this kit into a Jungmeister. Just maidened it a couple of weeks ago. It flies very well and is fun to look at. I think I will enjoy it a lot.

D&L Designs Stampe Bipe/Saito 82a: Also just maidened recently. Not quite as aerobatic as the Aeromaster, but a nice plane to look at in the pattern. I have always loved the Stampe Bipe.

D&L Designs Cap 231EX/ Saito 125. Also just maidened. Had a little "incident" landing it as I had way too much control throws. It is back together and waiting for me to try again. It will take me a while to get the hang of this one. I am a little nervous flying it right now. It is faster and has a higher wing loading than I am used to and it burns up our short flying field in a hurry.

I also have taken a brief look at FPV. I built a 54" Zephyr flying wing first, but decided it flew too fast and would not be a good platform for me so I scratch built an electric powered twin boom pusher I call the Rebel because that was the name on the CF golf club shafts I used for the boom. Like the Zephyr, it is all EPP construction covered with Ducolam. It flies pretty well and I am pretty much ready to try out a little FPV. Problem is I have so many planes to fly and not enough time to fly them.

So, what do I like the best? Well, the winner is ..... the Primo 40, by a landslide. This is absolutely, hands down, the most fun plane in the hanger. It is just totally a blast to fly and it makes me look good, much better than I really am. I can fly it up and down the field with the nose anywhere from horizontal to vertical and there isn't a hint of wing drop. I can land it like a helicopter with just a little headwind. It can fly so slow it seem to defy gravity (most of the time). It will hover almost at will. It does a pretty nice slow roll for a plane with huge control throws. Pretty much the Primo is always in the car along with one other planes du jour.

The MOJO shares a lot with the Primo, and is probably my second favorite. I think the EE60 is also really great flyer but it is harder for me to transport. It is on my fly soon list though.

For electric planes, I really like my Skeeter 40, and I really really like my Extra 260 profile. I don't fly any other electrics anymore other than the Zephyr and the Rebel.

I like the flight duration, sound, and smell of nitro. Pretty much everthing I build now gets a Saito with a big Xoar prop with as low a pitch as I can get (usually 4). I really like the Saito sound. I am really not much interested in anything bigger than a 90 size (too hard to store and transport, big for the field, and too much money in the air) so I don't plan on any gasser any time soon.

For the full fuselage jobs, I like the U Can Do a lot, just because it is relaxing to fly. It is not as capable a 3D platform as the Profiles, but it is very visable and fun to fly. The Utimate is also pretty cool, and I think the Aeromaster/Jungmeister will make a lot of trips to the field this summer.

Well, that's about it. Looks to be about 34 planes in the hanger right now, not counting the flat plate foamies. Way too many, but when you build em you have to love em.
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