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Build Log

Correx-PSS: L39HawkF-18FoxxU-2ImpalaA-10SpitfireF4USeaFuryP-51VulcanFW190-free plans!

Howzit fellow Slope Addicts !!!

About a year ago, I was fortunate enough to have a two year job assignment to move my family from Michigan USA to Port Elizabeth South Africa. I met a great bunch of local “okes” who introduced me ( or infected me ) to the fine world of slope flying. There are two local slopes here in PE, the Maitlands and the Lady Slipper. Although the guys fly all sorts of stuff here, there is almost an addictive attraction to the Correx Mig. The okes started a Mig blog and then later started a thread here on RCGroups. We got together a few months ago and had a group build for another batch of Mig’s. It was this event that also got me hooked ( or infected yet again ) on building with Correx.

I have a few ideas bouncing around in my head, so I thought I would start this thread for my forthcoming PSS Correx builds, as well as offer up a place for others to post their “Corro-Scale” builds, plans and techniques.

EDIT: After three awesome years of sloping in South Africa, I moved back to the USA in July 2013. Others designers have caught the correx craze and created several more awesome scale models for slope and electric. People from all over the world have downloaded the free plans and built their own. I will attempt to keep the gallery below as current as possible, so please post pics
thank you
Jim Beagle
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The CorroScale Plans - free

pdf's for plotting, each plan has two sheets, be sure to plot 1:1 scale

Please ensure your local Print Shop does not "plot-to-fit"
the pdf files should be plotted at 100percent size or 1:1 or full scale, whatever their plotter software is set up to call it.
You can print a small set of plans on A3 or even A4 paper, but the proper build plans will only fit on A0 paper.

A0 paper is 1189 x 841mm or 46.8 x 33.1 inch
ANSI E paper is 1118 x 864mm or 34 × 44 inch ( I havnt been back to the USA, so havnt yet plotted these plans on E size )

autocad zip files also available for anyone to use

Flying Beagle - Designed, Built, Flown, with Plans attached below
CorroMig (the original Correx model that started it all, by Sean O.)
U-2 Spy Plane

TrevorJS - Designed, Built, Flown, with Plans below from TrevorJS updated plans on Trevor's blog
Fouga Magister
F-18 Hornet
BAE Hawk
L-39 Albatross
Pilatus PC7
Blackburn Monoplane
Spitfire Mk24

ExtremeSports - Designed, Built, Flown and Plans below
Avro Vulcan
Harvard / Texan - designed and plans below from ExtremeSports (not yet built)

Matrix of Dimensions
PSS.........wingspan.wing area.length.weight...wingspan...wing area....length....weight
Mig................53.5..........470.........37... ...37..........1359............3032.......940..... ...1050
CorroStang2..53............454.........41......39. .........1346............2929......1041.......1100
CorroFury......54............504.........44......4 1..........1372............3252......1118.......11 50
Corrosair.......52............509.......42.5.....4 2..........1321............3284......1080........1 200
Sabre.............50...........500.........41..... ..35.........1270.............3226......1041...... ..980
CorroSpit.......50...........460........40.5.....3 9..........1270............2968......1021.......11 00
CorrtHog........58...........506.........42....... 43.........1473.............3265......1067.......1 220
Impala............52...........468.........40..... ..37..........1321............3019......1016...... 1050
U-2...............60.............392.........36..... ..24..........1524............2529......914....... ..684
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Correx Build Videos with Flying Beagle & Bakkie

Corro Spitfire Build - Part 1 - Plans, Tools, and Correx Bits
1:20 Printing the Plans
4:00 Correx / Corroplast material description
4:43 Tools required
7:12 Tracing Templates onto Correx
8:45 Cutting out the Fuselage Skin
9:25 Trace the Formers
11:00 Trace the Rudder & Elevator
11:40 Cutting out the Formers
12:45 Elevator Hinge Line
14:33 installing elevator connecting rod
18:18 Glue Former Halves together
19:09 Dowel Holes in Formers
20:45 Skewer the Formers onto the Dowel
Corro Spitfire Build - Part 1 (23 min 8 sec)

Corro Spitfire Build - Part 2 - Fuselage
0:27 The technique of “de-fluting”
3:40 De-Fluting the Fuselage Skin
6:46 Cutting the Nose Slits
8:53 Trimming the Fuselage
10:10 Wrapping the Skin around the Formers
14:37 Gluing the Formers inside the Fuselage
18:40 Glue the Fuselage Seam
19:34 Glue the Fuselage Nose
22:11 Pull out the Dowel
23:09 Tail Feather assembly
25:06 Glue Tail into Fuselage
25:57 De-Fluting the Turtle Deck
Corro Spitfire Build - Part 2 (27 min 11 sec)

Corro Spitfire Build - Part 3 – Wing, Spar, & Ailerons
1:17 the Wing Template
2:47 the wood Spar
5:02 Saw cut the Spar
7:14 Aileron cut from Template
12:11 Aileron hinge line
13:57 Contact Adhesive the Ailerons
15:54 Trim the Aileron profile
16:54 Scoring the Fold Line
18:01 Join the Wing Halves
20:19 Glue in the Spar
23:12 Glue the Tip for Wash-out
25:23 Trim the Wing top side center
Corro Spitfire Build - Part 3 (27 min 14 sec)

Corro Spitfire Build - Part 4 – Folding the Wing
1:07 Clamp the Wing Folding Jig on a table
3:03 Mark & Cut the top of Wing for Hinge Line
5:53 Test the Wing Fold
6:45 Contact Cement and Fold the Wing
8:00 Fold the Wing “Slowly”
10:00 Is the wing OK ?
11:00 Fold the other Wing half
13:15 The wing profile completed
Corro Spitfire Build - Part 4 – Folding the Wing (19 min 2 sec)

Corro Spitfire Build Part 5 - Hardware Installation
2:51 Install Elevator Servo
8:51 Glue Turtle Deck
9:56 Battery
12:15 Glue the nose formers
14:07 Insert foam around battery
15:39 Glue F1 former
17:16 Trim Fuselage to Seat the Wing
20:36 Notch the Wing
24:40 Dowels to hold Wing on Fuzz
26:42 Aileron Torq Rods
31:10 Torq Rod Bushings
35:03 Wing Skin Top Joiner
36:19 Install Servos for Aileron
37:47 Aileron Push Rods
Corro Spitfire Build Part 5 (38 min 31 sec)

Corro Spitfire Build Part 6 - Vinyl Guy
with special guest Sean O.
Corro Spitfire Build Part 6 - Vinyl Guy (32 min 54 sec)

Corro Spitfire Build Final / Maiden
Corro Spitfire Build Final / Maiden (3 min 58 sec)

CorroSpit Guest appearance
we take a phone call from Shadowman
CorroSpit Guest appearance (12 min 20 sec)
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Correx Information and other Build Videos

Correx/Corroplast Sources
South Africa
New Zealand
New Zealand Ultimate Solutions
New Zealand
France it : protecta screen (floor protection) - in black or transparent panels.
Great Britain Wickes

Blog by TrevorJS, build info, plans and pics


Let's see the S.P.A.Ds

Dave West Mig Plans

SPAD – Simple Plastic Airplane Design – Free Plans

R/C Spads Photo Gallery and Plans

Chris’ Spad Pics and Plans

The SPAD Underground - RC Model Aircraft Plans

More Plans for download(French)

P-38 Plans

CoroBat at Lake Michigan

PSS - Power Slope Scale. Any sloper based on a full scale, engine powered aircraft is PSS
Correx is a brand name of corrugated plastic and a registered trademark of DS Smith Correx (a member of the DS Smith Group). Correx has become a Genericized trademark for corrugated plastic in Europe because of its wide use.
Correx is an extruded, twinwall, fluted Polymer that can have a wide variety of additives to make it Flame retardant, UV resistive, biodegradable etc. As colour is added to the base Polymer any variation of colour can be produced. Correx is fully recyclable. (especially recyclable when used for slope combat )
Coroplast is North America's market share leader and largest manufacturer of corrugated plastic sheet for signs and re-usable packaging.
Recyclable, reusable, even returnable, CoroGreen™ makes doing good, good business. ( and for making especially good slope planes )

Large format plan printing and enlarging...
print your Model Airplane Plans and 3-views - up to 30 sq/ft for $10 ---That's 10 linear feet of plans on 36" paper. Don't bother tile printing and taping/gluing dozens of little sheets together.....can supply you with a professional quality plan in no time at all for minimal cost.......Hemikiller......Killingworth, Connecticut

Beyond gutter pipes and yardsticks: Share your new S.P.A.D. build tips and techniques

Andy Erwin with posted these excellent instructional videos on youtube of Scale Combat Models built from Correx

Corostang Part 1
Corostang Part 2
Corostang Part 3
Corostang Part 4

Zero Part 1
Zero Part 2
Zero Part 3
Zero Part 4
Zero Part 5
Zero Part 6

Corosair part 1
Corosair part 2
Corosair part 3
Corosair part 4
Corosair part 5


Flute cutting tool (see info at 4:50)

Palomar Flyers Combat - Coroplast MiG-3 Combat Plane Build-A-Thon

a few of my personal favorite correx videos
Bangaram Hermanus 2012 (4 min 0 sec)

Imps II (3 min 31 sec)

Good Feeling Sloping - Wilderness, South Africa (4 min 17 sec)

Stars and Stripes up above you (3 min 28 sec)

CorroFury (3 min 56 sec)

Flight of the Beagle (3 min 10 sec)
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My first CorroScale Build

"Black 7" flown by Capt A. V. Shlopov. 6 IAP, 6 IAK Fighter Air Corp
IA-PVO Moscow Air Defense Winter 1941/42
Correx Pilot and Cockpit Gages with Russian labels
1030 grams

See more MIGs here;
The Sean Oelofse Mig Thread
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My current project is the CorroStang, the other Correx P-51 free plans available are just a bit to “boxy” for my taste, so I am working on my own set of autocad plans with some of the scale techniques borrowed from the Dave West’s Mig Plans. It’s a bit of trial and error, with some general outlines drawn, then cutting some correx. I didn’t like the first fuzz I cut, the nose was shaped wrong and the tail didn’t look right either so I started again ( Correx is quick to build and cheap). This is the second fuzz, I am also building this CorroStang with Correx formers. My Mig (as with most Mig’s here in PE) used ply formers, but I want to see if the Correx formers will hold up to the abuse of the local slopes
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thanks for posting all this
i have followed the other thread for awhile and this pushes me over the edge

i gotta try one
what plans would you recommend for my first slope warbird corroplast build.
p40,stang mig i dont care
Old May 26, 2011, 01:21 AM
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pleasure, steeg

if you want to start right away, I would recommend the Mig for sure, its a proven design. the plans for the Mig are drawn for a motor mount, so they need to be altered a bit, but its easy to do.
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Watching Jim,
I need some projects for some 2mm correx !
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Wow, JB. You've been a busy boy! Is this another voting day???

-= Dave
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Busy, is an understatement!
Wow FB!

Some good research!
Looking good. Who is the pilot?
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I think I'm Mode 2
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Awesome :d
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thanks guys, the research to find more info is something I enjoy,
and I have a few more corro warbird ideas floating aroung in my head.

Sketching in autocad is pretty easy for me at this simple level, just import a scale image and "trace" lines around the wing, rudder, and elevator. The hard part is getting the fuzz correct, as I havnt figured out how to accurately predict how a flat sheet of correx will "bend" in three dimensions, after the inside flutes are cut.
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.....till the wind drops.
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Way to go FB!!
Correx will never replace balsa or glass!!......but adds another FUN dimension!!
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Rhys - Forever Learning
Lovely stuff Looking forward to more progress and plans, plans,plans!!!

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