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May 28, 2011, 01:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Kenpilot
Thanks for all the info Raydar.

Does the carb on the RCG 20 beam mount have a pump?
99.9% of gas RC engines have pumps. Mount the fuel tank at or near the CG.
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May 28, 2011, 02:26 AM
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as scooter says yes it has a pump. Still not flown mine with the rcg 20! Five weeks of bad weather now, driving me nuts.
Aug 31, 2012, 11:02 AM
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hi all,, i bought seagull yak 54 and im planing to put DLE 20cc, im wondering which kind of servo will be the good one for this aircraft, and which one should i use for the tx, futaba t8fg or 10cg? thanks for the help,, hope i can be a good 3D pilot hheee
Dec 05, 2012, 10:51 PM
˙˙˙ʎlɟ ı əʞıl ədʎʇ ı˙˙˙
Will the Seagull YAK 54 .90 3D with a DLE 20cc mounted on it?
Have seen alot of people state they will mount 20's on them, but hacven't seen any flight reviews. The available youtube videos (with 20cc gassers) are not showing any aerobatic potential, just noobies flying in circles.
Dec 06, 2012, 05:01 AM
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The advertised weight is 8.4-9.9 lbs and if at the high limit, a 20cc would yield unlimited vertical albeit not with authority. 3D authority for ten lbs would require a 30cc.

A 20cc would yield very good aerobatic performance. If the weight were on the light side then I'd think a 20cc would 3D well, so the question to ask is what weight are builders getting with the DLE 20?
Dec 08, 2012, 02:32 AM
˙˙˙ʎlɟ ı əʞıl ədʎʇ ı˙˙˙
I'm not looking for any extreme 3d, just some occasional hovering, and harrier torque rolling. I just have the DLE 20cc laying around that needs a plane. I had it in a corsair, but it went oops one day
I figure the DLE is pulling 14lbs static, so figured it should hover a 10lbs plane OK.
Dec 16, 2012, 09:53 AM
ProBro, 3D
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I have a DLE20 mounted on a Seagull Edge 540 60, and it's a perfect match. RTF weight minus gas is 9# exactly. Wingspan is 68". With a 16x8 wood prop I've got unlimited vertical pull and it's pretty fast. It hovers tumbles well, but I've not tried any other 3D moves (not really made for it). I've only got 4 flights on it, but I'm diggin' it! I can't wait to get a 17x6 for the extra pull, although the 16x8 seems fine. 10oz gas tank gives me 15 min. flights and comes down 1/2 full, so 25 min. flights should be doable. I've always liked the Yak54 Yellow/Black color scheme and may have to try one down the road. DG
Dec 21, 2012, 04:13 AM
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Wow cant believe how clean my shed was, now cant move for planes and crap LOL.

A wee update on the seagull yak and rcg 20 combo for you.

The seagull yak ends up 10. 5 pounds or there abouts, with a rcg/dle 20, making it not the best 3d combo choice, specially for a beginner. I sold it to go up to the 30cc size.

For example I now have a 71" yak with dle 30 that weighs that and has much more power and wing.

The RCG 20 or RCGF 20 beam mount has proven itself over the last couple of years to indeed be as strong as the dle 20, I have both the dle 20 and rcg 20 and actually have had less problems with the rcg, it is easier to tune and less viby. Go figure.
Dec 21, 2012, 01:28 PM
ProBro, 3D
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Update: I pulled the landing gear out on a not so perfect landing, not a lot of wood supporting it. I've repaired it, a fair amount of wood pillar reinforcement vs. just thin formers, and added a single piece of alum flat stock on top of the 2pc. alum. gear to lock it all together (same mod as most Revolver owners do with their 2pc. gear design). Much stiffer and hopefully will hold up, I'll probably replace it down the road with a carbon fiber landing gear. I added some black blocks (Slick scheme) to the bottom and it's a lot more visible now on overcast days. Even with the repairs, mine only weighs 9 lbs. 0 ozs. As far as 3D is considered, I've only tumbled and hovered a few times. It's was a little unstable in hovering but it could have been wind gust pushing it around. It was definately moving backwards from the wind. I'll give some flat spins and harriers a try next time out. It may not be a true 3D machine, but still flys very well, with rock steady knife edges, and is a great value for the dollar. I'm surprised how powerful the DLE20 is. With the 16x8 prop, it really moves out, but slows to a crawl for landing. The only negative with the DLE2 is that it's pretty darn loud, and I'm still fumbling with setting up a throttle curve that works well as it's wide open at about 1/2 throttle (a know issue with these motors). DG

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