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May 15, 2011, 04:50 PM
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Radian Pro finally ready to go.

We'll, I finally have my Radian Pro that I got for Christmas ready to maiden. Now, if this rain would just clear up, I'll be able to fly. Lucky me, I took my vacation this week, travelled to my parents' house in upstate New York to fly, and it's supposed to rain almost all week. As they say, !!

My full list of mods is as follows:
-replaced tail pushrods with gold-n-rods
-replaced prop with EMP Neodym 10x8 electric folding prop
-covered wings, tail, and fuse with Econocoat black, Insignia blue and red covering, as well as florescent red, florescent orange, yellow and black checks, and chrome trim sheeting.
-painted plastic cowling and radio compartment cover with glossy black spray paint, and spinner with florescent orange.
-rehinged rudder with pinned Dubro pinned hinges
-made a whole new stab and elevator from3 layers of 1 mm Depron layered with carbon tow reinforement in between (I did this because I warped the original stab either when I covered it, or it might have had something sitting on it on my work bench while I was working on the rest of the airplane. )
-added a set of clear servo covers from Morgan Mill. These I trimmed down significantly. I left only a bit of the horizontal plane on the front of the covers, and I attached them with packing tape.
-added 4-pin Dean's connectors for wing servos. I also trimmed out quite a bit of foam from the radio compartment in order to fit all of the additional wires from all of the extensions. I may go back and fiberglass the inside of the radio compartment later, if this needs to be reinforced. I'll see how it holds up to flying and landing stress (hopefully, not crashing stress!) first before adding any more weight.

Anyway, it's supposed to clear up a bit this week after today, so I should be able to get in a few flights. I doubt we will have any real thermalling weather, but I can always power up and glide back down a few times without the aid of thermals, and still probably get much more flight time out of my batteries than I'm used to with powered planes. I should be able to get about 5 minutes of full power out of my 2200 mAh lipos, which is ten 30-second motor runs. If each of those motor runs leads to just 2 or 3 minutes of flight time before the next relaunch, I should be about ready for a break from flying by the time I have to switch batteries.

So, hopefully, I will be reporting back here soon with a flight report.
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May 21, 2011, 12:44 AM
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Why so much tape? Wont that just give tons of extra weight and drop the glide ratio and thermal capability? It wont be hard to see though. lol
May 23, 2011, 10:22 PM
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Originally Posted by fishon2
Why so much tape? Wont that just give tons of extra weight and drop the glide ratio and thermal capability? It wont be hard to see though. lol

Tape? You mean the covering? It's Econocoat, and that stuff is actually pretty light. However, my Radian Pro did come out a bit on the hefty side from the other mods. My all up weight is 40.5 oz., which is 5.9 oz. heavier than the stated weight from Parkzone. I would attribute that mostly to the Sullivan Gold-N-Rods and glue used to attach them, (I probably should have used the smallest size they have, or a lighter pushrod) the hot glue in the nose used to reattach the plastic cowling area, the home-made stab and elevator (this was layered Depron with carbon tow in between for stiffness, (I could always make a new one of these. I replaced it because I kind of ruined the stock stab that came with it.) the servo covers, and the 2200 mAh battery that I use. I also rehinged the rudder. I used Dubro pinned hinges on the elevator and rudder, which is a heavier option than the stock hinges.

So, yeah, it's a little heavier, but I feel that most of the mods I made were necessary to produce a model that has control surfaces that are both freely moving and reliable and a model that I can see. I probably could have done it lighter, and if I do it over, I probably will do it lighter the second time around, but I like the way my Radian Pro flies. It doesn't thermal as well as it could, but I like the stability it has in the wind and the penetration I get coming back upwind. But, everything's a trade-off. Better penetration into the wind means that it will also plow right through thermals without giving as much indication as a more lightly loaded wing.

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