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Aug 21, 2003, 03:02 AM

[RCSE] PROGRAMABLE is the key word.. Dial Countdown/up Watches

Yes the watches I have and use show zero when in fact there is a second left
to pass...however, its a simple matter to program in the task plus a second,
so that when the timer hits zero, it is indeed zero.

Fact is this timer (man) hits the button that precisely at the
start or the finish of a flight. No that doesn't make that second off okay, but
it does sort of put that second in perspective.

However, as I said, because because I can punch in 8:01 for an 8 min
countdown, the watch is equal to atomic time ....for about $35 and that's with Radio
Shack pushbuttons installed, not the hokey fake clickers supplied with most
stop watches, which depress a piece of spring steel to make a contact.

With the 'dial' programmables, you can toggle from countdown to elapsed time,
in case your pilot prefers one or the other on the fly.

Just thought I'd mention it....but its moot anyway cuz the timers I have
don't exist anymore.


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