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Aug 20, 2003, 01:03 PM
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New addition - Lil' Stinker Park Flyer

I was just doing a someone a favor by cutting a wing to replace the wing of a well crashed molded foam park flyer so he could re-use all the running gear...

After we built an flew this plane I started getting request to make the kit. I had never seen this kind of response before to such a simple wing. It is a polystyrene 36" with a Sellig foil, it will almost crawl in the sky yet will still give all the speed that the GWS drive unit can put out and can hold it's own in light winds.

This plane uses the GWS C motor and gearbox, a 5 amp speed control is plenty, I am using a set of 6 270 mah nicads for testing and feel that 2 Li-Polys would give you a fun outing.

Our test pilot Rick has sent and ample supply of planes to the round metal hanger known as the trash can. Some say that he may never learn to fly... He has shelved planes that cost him far more than mine and has flown mine every day now for the last 2 weeks.

I will let the Rick's grin as he catches his own plane at the end of the flight do all the explanation needed to say just how well this plane handles even for the novice.


This plane will be available on our web site Saturday, August 23rd.
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