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May 08, 2011, 03:40 AM
Crashing Gooder and Gooder!
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More Mutterings for the IMAC Newbie

To be precise.. It should be easy…they make it look so easy …these planes, these patterns..

It’s 11:00pm.. I’m still downloading from the day’s was cool..

Let me start back a little way.. I decided I wanted to improve my flying.. So, I decided to learn the IMAC basic routine and compete.. Best way to get better is to compete..right??

So, I put my plan into action.. With the help of a 65” Vyper from 3DHS, I started working on the routine.. At least I started working on it as I thought it should be..

There’s a saying..the older you get..the more you realize that you don’t know much..add kids to the mix and they remind you everyday what you don’t know.. Well, going down to the field and trying to figure out a routine, that you’ve never really seen.. well, on You tube I guess.. You start out thinking it will be easy..or at least easier.. I tell you what.. go to your local field, get everybody there to watch and be ready to judge, take your plane up.. call out “in the Box” and do a slow roll.. The roll is your first maneuver. Everyone can do them.. but to really demonstrate control, you must have a steady speed, add aileron as the plane goes on its side add rudder, as it continues over back off rudder and start to add down elevator, now as it comes up on its other side back out the elevator and add opposite rudder, as it comes around add up elevator to keep the plane straight and level.. That was 1 of 10, 9 to go, and here they come..

It’s not easy.. It’s frustrating.. You can feel like you can’t fly at all.. and then.. It might, all come together..for one moment.. one glorious moment.. at a strange field, around people you don’t weird conditions..

Practice is just that, practice.. You really see how it’s going, you need to do it.. after practicing this here and there for a month, I felt it was a good idea to gauge where I was.. The Perris IMAC is on the 14th.. It might be good to do a smaller venue beforehand..

I used to race mountain bikes.. well, we spent the winter racing at this little place called Fontana..or rather “Fontucky” You could go to these little venues and see how well you did with the locals. smaller classes, but the competition was fierce. Ironically, the same people on the podium there were the same ones on the podium at the Nationals.. Training pays off..

So today we went to an EMAC venue. In San Diego.. Absolutely great!!! They were glad we made the 2 hour drive down, loved seeing the 3DHS planes, even asked if I could 3d my Vyper.. Yes I can, and a short demo followed.. Good feelings all around!!

Pilot briefing, discussed how it runs.. 4 groups, Basic, Sportsman, Intermediate and Advanced (or as I referred to that routine as “WTF!!”) Then we got a “How to” demo with a stick plane for the basic routine.. good feelings gone. Everything I had been practicing was wrong!! Maybe not everything, but there were some key things.. some key tips I had gotten that were well, wrong. Crap.. Here’s our event starting order.. first up, Basic… YamaDan… WHAT!?!?!?!? First event, first up..oh, and by the way, you’re doing a few things wrong before you even start… sweet.

“In the Box!” I started with my worst roll ever…excellent.. I get through it.. “Landing..” “no you’re not, you go through it twice..” what!?! Crap…”In the box!” Sigh.. I couldn’t even watch the next few flights..other than Rob.. He was slotted in right after me, and I was his caller.. good thing we had practiced because I got flustered and called the wrong maneuver..ooops, he caught it and it was fine.. but wow..close one.

After Round 1 I was in 3rd with a pretty good gap to first.. Ok.. stop trying to change things, just fly it the way you have been.. Round 2 was different.. I won Round 2, and made up a lot of points.. In the end it was good enough for 2nd..

Had a great time, everybody was into it.. I guess it’s to be expected when you get a bunch of enthusiasts together.. Lots of helpful advice..

Learned a lot.. Will be prepared for this weekend in Perris..
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May 08, 2011, 10:47 AM
Yeeah buddy!
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I have my first IMAC coming up on the 21st, so im excited for that!
May 08, 2011, 01:50 PM
Landings are not optional
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Awesome! I wanted to be there, but my Vyper is still grounded pending a new ESC and BEC >.<

Love the way you write the stories up, keep it up!
May 08, 2011, 03:04 PM
Crashing Gooder and Gooder!
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So, before I forget.. silly things to remember to bring..

Food.. It's a long day, pack a lunch..
Drinks.. It's a long day..
Wet wipes.. Track trick.. noting better for keeping a dusty face and hands clean..
Sun screen
Chairs, EZup
Sweatshirt, jacket.. it was warm where I was..2 hours later, at the even, not so much..

We get so wrapped up in making sure our planes are ready.. often we forget about us.
May 08, 2011, 05:57 PM
It's just a plane.
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Congrats on your 2nd place. I want to start flying Pattern as well but it seems no one here in South Carolina cares about it . I'm planning to go watch some competitions before I give it a go.
May 09, 2011, 10:35 AM
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There is definitely something to be said for the precision/IMAC flying style, and actually making it look good

I had about 3 total days over the last two weeks to learn the routine ....killed the 3DHS 68 Velox Friday leading in to the event, bad brownout, completely lost it practicing for this first EMAC in San Diego , gone, non-repairable. Really the only plane I had been practicing with and was comfortable with. Didn't have anything else electric that was size-able enough to handle the wind. Yama was gracious enough to loan his 3DHS 72 SC, programmed the radio on the car ride down , bound at the field , center the surfaces on sub-trims, etc. got (1) trim/maiden warm-up flight...then we were slated #1 and #2 to start off our first ever IMAC/EMAC precision event LOL ....of course right

I think the pre-round 1 pep talk from the regional AMA rep. got us a little confused on some aspects of judging, round 1 was a little brutal. Speaking for myself, geometry was off a bit from entry to exit on several maneuvers, loop was more of an oval on the first pass, didn't really maintain a consistent speed through either run....but didn't completely blow anything either, even though Dan tried to get me to by calling "sharkstooth" on the loop maneuver finished fourth after round one, oh well. At least the first ever was over with

Talked to a few guys after round 1, everyone was really helpful and wanted to "get those 3D guys set-up and dialed in for next week"

Round 2 was night and day. Much, much better, I thought I flew everything the best I could at this point with my IMAC knowledge and skill level, and the scores showed. I was fairly disappointed in myself over round 1 and set out to fix that in round 2. Finished 3rd overall when both rounds were combined, just behind Dan, made up a ton of points on the guy in first in round 2. If there was a round 3, I think we would have finished 1 & 2 instead of 2 & 3

I'm really glad we decided to go. This coming weekend in Perris/Riverside would have been really tough without the experience we gained on Saturday. It was a alot of fun, and I think I'll make the effort to compete in the rest of the EMAC series now.....hey, "3D guys" can do this too
May 12, 2011, 11:28 AM
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Getting ready for IMAC

So I said at the start that the reason I'm doing this is to become a better pilot.. well, pattern will highlight your weakness.

For me, it's inverted flight. In general, I have a hard time telling left from right unless I think about it.. and when you're flying, you can't really "think." That's for after.. when you go through the flight in your head..

Inverted has always been tough for me for this very reason.. I can lean on the stick, I can fly upside down.. but when a "reaction situation" comes up, 10 out of 10 times I'll push the rudder the wrong way.. Yes, you need the rudder in inverted flight. Inverted Harrier.. Smoothing out turns.. When you really start to focus on what you're doing, inverted flight, because of the rudder, gets tough..

This becomes relevant in IMAC and wind. You need to wind correct in the radius.. the edges of the maneuvers, as the wind blows you around, the best place to correct, is in the radius maneuvers.. and that takes RUDDER.. For example.. at the end of the immelman, if it's blowing, you're correcting all the way up.. then you roll 180, now you need to switch the correction, or you're off line, and you're trying to stall the plane so all the movements count, they can't be masked with speed.. Learn inverted people.. it will help..
May 12, 2011, 04:45 PM
ADC Vinyl
Fliprob17's Avatar far my #1 weakness is crappy luck
Nov 04, 2011, 03:34 AM
Registered Addict
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Nice blog mate.
Feb 17, 2012, 02:06 AM
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