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May 11, 2011, 08:20 AM
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right got a usb cable today downloaded arduino-0022 installed it ran it then linked my arduino 2009 saw green light on the board but a found new hardware box pops up asking for drivers for F232R USB UART

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May 11, 2011, 08:35 AM
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OK so the FTDI USB Drivers worked they are in the drivers folder of the extracted arduino-0022 software for anyone else reading

now pc says hardware installed and ready to use

wait a minute that means im stuck again what next?
May 11, 2011, 08:43 AM
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so next step i start reading here

i pick my board (arduino duemilanove or nano w/ atmega328) from the tools drop down menu of the arduino 0022 software

and then in the same tools menu under serial port select com5 (or whatever port shows for you just make sure there a tick by it)

and stuck again lol just off to read more
May 11, 2011, 08:44 AM
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WHAT ARE SKETCHES??? and where do i find them?
May 11, 2011, 08:49 AM
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ummmm dunno but this vid helps

Programming the Arduino - T-Wii Copter (4 min 0 sec)
May 11, 2011, 09:15 AM
Registered User

Sketches are the Multiwii source code. Find them here:

Click on one of the .zip files shown on the right (latest one is then when in the new page right click on "View raw file" and "Saves as...". Unzip it somewhere then you can open the sketch (the MultiWiiV1_7.pde file) in the Arduino IDE. You then need to setup the parameters properly. It's dead easy. Just do the "configurable parameters" at the top for now... ignore the advanced parameters.

So set the MINTHROTTLE for your ESCs. The type of copter. Leave YAW DIRECTION and I2C SPEED for now, and leave PROMINI defined.

To change the parameters just put "\\" (without the quotes) before the option that doesn't apply and then delete the "\\" next to the one that does apply.

Example : (if you're using a quad with Turnigy Plush ESCs with the original wm+)


/* Set the minimum throttle command sent to the ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
   This is the minimum value that allow motors to run at a idle speed  */
#define MINTHROTTLE 1300 // for Turnigy Plush ESCs 10A
//#define MINTHROTTLE 1120 // for Super Simple ESCs 10A
//#define MINTHROTTLE 1190

/* The type of multicopter */
//#define GIMBAL
//#define BI
//#define TRI
#define QUADP
//#define QUADX
//#define Y4
//#define Y6
//#define HEX6
//#define HEX6X
//#define FLYING_WING //experimental

#define YAW_DIRECTION 1 // if you want to reverse the yaw correction direction
//#define YAW_DIRECTION -1

#define I2C_SPEED 100000L     //100kHz normal mode, this value must be used for a genuine WMP
//#define I2C_SPEED 400000L   //400kHz fast mode, it works only with some WMP clones

#define PROMINI  //Arduino type
//#define MEGA

//enable internal I2C pull ups
Then assuming you have the arduino plugged in then press the "Upload" button (the one in yellow below):

It should compile and upload to your Arduino. Then close down the Arduino IDE and open the Multiwii GUI (it's in one of the directories you downloaded with the sketch, for windows its in a directory called "" and the GUI itself is called MultiWiiConf1_7.exe).

Click on the ardunios COM port on the left, I think you said yours was COM5?... they should turn green, then click on the START button above the big white box... your gyro readings should now start!

May 11, 2011, 12:17 PM
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YES looks all connected as in com5 and port com are green but the only thing moving is cycle time? and its jumping all over the place i,e from -29000 to 3200?

start stop read (above) calibrate and mag are all showing green
May 11, 2011, 12:26 PM
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ok so went to arduino 0022 re uploaded multiwii1.7 scetch? went back to software multiwii1.7 select com5 (port com andcom5 turned green) clicked on start and got movement but while typing it all seems to have stopped again lol
May 11, 2011, 12:37 PM
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getting readings from gyro roll pitch and yaw now wont say for sure but it might of stopped showing info 1st time coz i clicked stop? noooooob lol so i clicked on calibrate next just to see what happened didnt really notice much apart from cycle time now seems to hover around 3064 and 3080? looking good so far?
May 11, 2011, 01:49 PM
AMA 46133
Now you can click read and get the PID values from your processor. If you don't have any values you can now input your own. You change values by mousing over the value click and drag your mouse.

After you are done click write to write the values to your processor. Click stop, wait for the LED to stop blinking and unplug your USB from the computer and go fly.
May 11, 2011, 01:57 PM
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Thats ideal Cycle time seems fine. This is the arduino with no nunchuck right? Calibrate button won't do anything then as I believe the calibrate button just calibrates the acc?

Your rx values will also move when you wiggle your sticks. Make sure they're working and correct.

Stick it on a Quad and get flying! Post a vid

To play with the PIDs, when connected and streaming gyro values, press READ ... it'll fill the pid boxes with the values set in your arduino (i.e. default values the first time). To change them, click on the box of the value you want to change and drag the cursor left or right. Then click save. Although it's entirely plausible that your quad will fly with stock settings... my 9" quad did!

PID tuning guide :

What all the other setting do on the GUI (scroll down to "Configuration via GUI"):

Good luck!

May 11, 2011, 03:04 PM
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uerm i fluffed up somewhere so thinking ah great gyros seem to work ok i thought let me just try the other board with the accelerometer it showed the pic of the quad when i connected up but nothing moved at all apart from the 3000 number bit so i took it off eventually went back to other gyros and no joy again just gonna reboot and start again any ideas while i reboot plz?
May 11, 2011, 04:12 PM
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You have one arduino that you are swapped the sensor shields over? Or you have one sensor shield as well? Check the connections again and your maybe touch your solder joints with an iron again?

May 11, 2011, 07:02 PM
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just 1 arduino and 1 v4.1 shield 2 4.0 shields on order though, i uploaded this via arduino 0022 anything look wrong to you?

/* Set the minimum throttle command sent to the ESC  (Electronic Speed Controller)
   This is the minimum value that allow motors to  run at a idle speed  */
//#define MINTHROTTLE 1300 // for Turnigy Plush ESCs 10A
#define MINTHROTTLE 1120 // for Super Simple ESCs 10A
//#define MINTHROTTLE 1190

/* The type of multicopter */
//#define GIMBAL
//#define BI
//#define TRI
//#define QUADP
#define QUADX
//#define Y4
//#define Y6
//#define HEX6
//#define HEX6X
//#define FLYING_WING //experimental

#define YAW_DIRECTION 1 // if you want to reverse the yaw correction direction
//#define YAW_DIRECTION -1

//#define I2C_SPEED 100000L     //100kHz normal mode, this value must be used for a  genuine WMP
#define I2C_SPEED 400000L   //400kHz fast mode, it works only with some WMP clones

#define PROMINI  //Arduino type
//#define MEGA

//enable internal I2C pull ups

//****** advanced users settings   *************

/* Failsave settings - added by MIS
   Failsafe check pulse on THROTTLE channel. If th e pulse is OFF (on only THROTTLE or on all channel s) the failsafe procedure is initiated.
   After FAILSAVE_DELAY time of pulse absence, the  level mode is on (if ACC or nunchuk is avaliable) , PITCH, ROLL and YAW is centered
   and THROTTLE is set to FAILSAVE_THR0TTLE value.  You must set this value to descending about 1m/s or so for best results. 
   This value is depended from your configuration,  AUW and some other params. 
   Next, afrer FAILSAVE_OFF_DELAY the copter is di sarmed, and motors is stopped.
   If RC pulse coming back before reached FAILSAVE _OFF_DELAY time, after the small quard time the RC  control is returned to normal.
   If you use serial sum PPM, the sum converter mu st completly turn off the PPM SUM pusles for this  FailSafe functionality.*/
#define FAILSAFE                                  // Alex: comment this line if you want to deactivate the failsafe function
#define FAILSAVE_DELAY     10                     // Guard time for failsafe activation after signal lost. 1 step = 0.1sec - 1sec in example
#define FAILSAVE_OFF_DELAY 200                    // Time for Landing before motors stop in 0.1sec. 1 step = 0.1sec - 20sec in example
#define FAILSAVE_THR0TTLE  (MINTHROTTLE + 200)    // Throttle level used for landing - may be relative to MINTHROTTLE - as in this case

/* The following lines apply only for a pitch/roll tilt stabilization system
   It is not compatible with Y6 or HEX6 or HEX6X
   Uncomment the first line to activate it */
//#define SERVO_TILT
#define TILT_PITCH_MIN    1020    //servo travel min, don't set it below 1020
#define TILT_PITCH_MAX    2000    //servo travel max, max value=2000
#define TILT_PITCH_MIDDLE 1500    //servo neutral value
#define TILT_PITCH_PROP   10      //servo proportional (tied to angle) ; can be negative to invert movement
#define TILT_ROLL_MIN     1020
#define TILT_ROLL_MAX     2000
#define TILT_ROLL_MIDDLE  1500
#define TILT_ROLL_PROP    10

/* I2C gyroscope */
#define ITG3200
//#define L3G4200D

/* I2C accelerometer */
//#define ADXL345
//#define BMA020
//#define BMA180
//#define NUNCHACK  // if you want to use the nunckuk as a standalone I2 C ACC without WMP

/* I2C barometer */
//#define BMP085

/* I2C magnetometer */
//#define HMC5843
//#define HMC5883

/* ADC accelerometer */ // for 5DOF from sparkfun, uses analog PIN A1/A2/A3
//#define ADCACC

/* The following lines apply only for specific rece iver with only one PPM sum signal, on digital PIN  2
   IF YOUR RECEIVER IS NOT CONCERNED, DON'T UNCOMM ENT ANYTHING. Note this is mandatory for a Y6 setu p
   Select the right line depending on your radio b rand. Feel free to modify the order in your PPM or der is different */
//#define SERIAL_SUM_PPM         PITCH,ROLL,THROTTLE ,YAW,AUX1,AUX2,CAMPITCH,CAMROLL //For some Hitec/Sanwa/Others

/* interleaving delay in micro seconds between 2 re adings WMP/NK in a WMP+NK config
   if the ACC calibration time is very long (20 or  30s), try to increase this delay up to 4000
   it is relevent only for a conf with NK */

/* for V BAT monitoring
   after the resistor divisor we should get [0V;5V]->[0;1023] on analog V_BATPIN
   with R1=33k and R2=51k
   vbat = [0;1023]*16/VBATSCALE */
#define VBAT              // comment this line to suppress the vbat code
#define VBATSCALE     131 // change this value if readed Battery voltage is different than real voltage
#define VBATLEVEL1_3S 107 // 10,7V
#define VBATLEVEL2_3S 103 // 10,3V
#define VBATLEVEL3_3S 99  // 9.9V

/* when there is an error on I2C bus, we neutralize  the values during a short time. expressed in micr oseconds
   it is relevent only for a conf with at least a  WMP */
#define NEUTRALIZE_DELAY 100000

/* this is the value for the ESCs when thay are not  armed
   in some cases, this value must be lowered down  to 900 for some specific ESCs */
#define MINCOMMAND 1000

/* this is the maximum value for the ESCs at full p ower
   this value can be increased up to 2000 */
#define MAXTHROTTLE 1850

/* This is the speed of the serial interface. 11520 0 kbit/s is the best option for a USB connection.*/
#define SERIAL_COM_SPEED 115200

/* In order to save space, it's possibile to desact ivate the LCD configuration functions
   comment this line only if you don't plan to use d a LCD */
#define LCD_CONF

/* to use Cat's whisker TEXTSTAR LCD, uncomment fol lowing line.
   Pleae note this display needs a full 4 wire con nection to (+5V, Gnd, RXD, TXD )
   Configure display as follows: 115K baud, and TT L levels for RXD and TXD, terminal mode
   NO rx / tx line reconfiguration, use natural pins */
//#define LCD_TEXTSTAR

/* motors will not spin when the throttle command i s in low position
   this is an alternative method to stop immediate ly the motors */
//#define MOTOR_STOP

/* some radios have not a neutral point centered on  1500. can be changed here */
#define MIDRC 1500

/* experimental
   camera trigger function : activated via AUX1 UP , servo output=A2 */
//#define CAMTRIG
#define CAM_SERVO_HIGH 2000  // the position of HIGH state servo
#define CAM_SERVO_LOW 1020   // the position of LOW state servo
#define CAM_TIME_HIGH 1000   // the duration of HIGH state servo expressed in ms
#define CAM_TIME_LOW 1000    // the duration of LOW state servo expressed in ms

/* you can change the tricopter servo travel here */
#define TRI_YAW_MIDDLE 1500

//****** end of advanced users settings ************ *

May 11, 2011, 07:29 PM
AMA 46133
Originally Posted by n3m1s1s
just 1 arduino and 1 v4.1 shield 2 4.0 shields on order though, i uploaded this via arduino 0022 anything look wrong to you?
Are you using a ITG3200 gyro pr the Wii Motion Plus. You may want to uncomment the ITG3200 gyro.

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