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May 03, 2011, 07:02 AM
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FrSky: what's your range and configration?

I would like start this discussion to share our experience about FrSky module and his range related to the configuration used (bot FrSky and video).
On the market we have different opportunity to increase the range of FrSky (patch antenna, 1W booster, etc..) but is hard to find clear information about configuration and range, RangeVideo say that they had tested it at 10km with patch and booster but the didnt give a lot of information about the "environment", just a cool video..

I choosed this system because is very inexpensive and the two-way system in a great opportunity to have telemetry (in the future usable for a traker) with few bucks.. but is not even clear if it still work with booster, patch and so on..

Another important thing is the VTx (frequency and power) because it can reduce the range of the FrSky.

This is a small key information about the setup:

- FrSky TX & RX version
- FrSky TX antenna type
- FrSky RX antenna postion and distance from VTx
- VTx power and frequency
- Distance archived
- Telemetry is still working??
- notes

This's my maximum range record

- FrSky two-way telemetry DJT + D8R(V2)
- FrSky patch antenna
- the position is like this "|/" one is vertical perpendicular to the ground and one diagonal, about 53cm away form the VTx
- RangeVideo 900Mhz 200mw
- tested to 3km
- yes telemetry work
- with the VTx close to the FrSky the range is drastically recuded to ~50-100 mt

Soon the video.
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May 03, 2011, 07:42 AM
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I have

FrSky two-way telemetry DJT + D8R(V2)
1.3G 800mw vTX
1.3G 8dbi yagi
1.3G 14dbi Yagi
2.4G 14dbi Yagi
2.4G 500mw booster

2 planes both vtx on the tail
FrSky RX in the servocompartment

I have some problems with it
Sometimes it starts to beeping between the 800-1000 meters

My friend has his FrSky RX and VTX in the wings.
Same setup like me.
He does not get any beep till 2000 meters.
May 03, 2011, 07:52 AM
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Booster + Yagi and just 1km of range?
Did you tried some ground test with reduced power? You can easy test if the VTx create some kind of interference..

This is my procedure for ground range test:

- a friend keep the radio with (for example) full rudder, omnidirectional vertical (or patch pointed to the model)
- model powered (both rc and video)
- I start walking with model in "level flight"
- dont carrie about radio beeps, just walk until failsafe occur (when the rudder come back to the neutral position)
- switch off the Vtx and see what's happen, if you are still on failsafe that's mean you dont have any interference if not your VTx is reducing the range.

You can also move the model to find the better orientation of antennas..

With this procedure I fixed all my problems that was made by the Vtx too close to the FrSky module!
May 03, 2011, 09:11 AM
Registered User
Hi all

hereafter my confuration and performance.

- FrSky two-way telemetry DJT + D8R(V2)
- FrSky 5db Antenna
- the position is like this for (AXN Floater):

And like tHis for the HK EPP FPV

FRSKY antennae underneath

And VTX on the top

- HK kit 900Mhz 200mw
with a 11db Bi-quad antenna and omni with Eagleeyes diversity.
- tested to 2.5km and 4km
- yes telemetry work
- With the 1/4 Wave antenna i can achieve 2.5 km only
- with a 5/8 wave antenna i have less disturbance/spurious for the receiver and i can achieve 4km.

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May 03, 2011, 10:31 AM
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Roel-CP's Avatar
my friend did it this way

Test Frsky Receiver Folded Dipole (4 min 22 sec)

listen to the audio as well
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May 03, 2011, 05:09 PM
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kristaps_r's Avatar
FrSky DJT + D8R v1 with v2 firmware
Stock antennas for FrSky.
Rx antennas both vertical.

FOX800 800mw Vtx at 1280MHz
Stocka ntenna for receiver and DIY inverted Vee for Tx.

Vtx antenna 45cm from RC antennas.

I get 400m without booster and 3.7km (it is not limit) with 1W booster with stock antenna (5dB).

I don't have any filters.

Personal FPV record 3.7km (6 min 48 sec)

May 03, 2011, 05:21 PM
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The telemetry will tell you that your range is significantly reduced if you
insist on using 1.2-1.3Ghz video Tx near your FrSky Rx without a filter. I regularly fly my 2 way
FrSky system visually out to 1000m with stock antennas and power, without triggering RSSI alarm,
so if you're only seeing 400m, you're already seeing the effect. With enough
physical separation you may get lucky, but why take the risk when you can cure
it completely with the low pass or notch filter on the video Tx. For those definitely
experiencing short range using 900Mhz or 1.2-1.3Ghz video Txs with 2.4Ghz control,
that is the problem 9 times out of 10. It should be a sticky for the FPV forum.

I've been out 2 miles (3.2km) with 1W boosted FrSky with full telemetry (I've got
a Flytron telemetry display so I can watch it realtime), but I also had
what appears to have been a failure of the booster at only 3/4 mile with perfect
unobstructed LoS between Tx and Rx, resulting in full lockout and a crash. No indication that
the booster lost power, (green light was still lit following crash indicating both power and signal),
but the Rx RSSI telemetry alarm told me that the signal dropped within a few seconds and was lost. Had
the Rx simply lost power, there'd have been no RSSI alarm. So right now I'm a little distrustful of
boosted 2.4Ghz control, despite past successes.

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Dec 02, 2011, 05:10 AM
FPV addicted
futurebreeze's Avatar

Frsky DFT v2, Biquad antenna + 5,8 gHz 200mW

Hi everybody!

Me and my FPV partner have a different vision about medium range FPV: less miliwatts TX power and more efficient antennas. Less power, less weight, it means more range for our Easy Star plane.
And so we have a Frsky DFT v2, 8 ch telemetry RX, stock power (I quess it's 50mW for non-US) with a DIY Biquad directional antenna (10-11db). Video is provided by a 5,8gHz 200mW vTX (cloverleaf antenna) paired with a 6 turns helix as a ground antenna.
Yesterday we beated our previous record (4600m with the same setup): 5030m near a major city with a crowded 2.4 radio traffic.

These are a few snapshots from the video. Unfortunately, our ground recorder missed the most important part due to some video noise. It entered in blue screen mode and I was able to make it record again at 3800m, on our way home.
We don't have an antenna tracker so while my friend was piloting with FatShark googles I was in charge with pointing the helix to the right direction until we had best video signal. So we knew where our plane was on the sky and that's how we could point our biquad antenna too. We had telemetry all the time, in fact the RSSI alarm helped my pal to point the radio by hearing the beeps.
Dec 02, 2011, 08:56 AM
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I recently performed some flight RSSI / Telemetry tests, with my FrSky configuration.
Comparing standard FrSky antennas along with the FrSky 5db Patch. Note no FPV gear onboard.

I was using the Flytron Telemetry display panel for RSSI feedback. I documented it here (however little interest)...

Plus some great advice from Renatoa...

Originally Posted by RENATOA
Use 5.8GHz for total immunity. Below is a 4km flight done recently by a fellow.
Gear was: Frsky with patch, link alarm start to beep at 4km where returned. Video was 5.8GHz 200mW, with CL on plane and 6 turn helix on the ground.
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Dec 02, 2011, 10:37 AM
FPV addicted
futurebreeze's Avatar
We are the fellows Renatoa was mentioning about and that was a previous record.
Dec 02, 2011, 01:58 PM
FPV addicted
futurebreeze's Avatar
Here we go, we have video too, edited of course. It would have been very boring to watch about 40 minutes of flight. As on the return flight we glided most of the time we spare lot of Lipo's mAmps and we had plenty of power to fool around at launching area.
fpv flight 01-12-2011.mp4 (3 min 39 sec)
Mar 12, 2012, 12:03 AM
Registered User
Guys I have a diy frsky installed on turnigy. Initially I was thinking I was getting a low range due to 1.2ghz video setu ( I have a low pass filter too). But even after switching off my vtx I get beeps for around 400-500 feet. I know thats too less. Can anyone suggest what might be the problem. Also the receiver antennas are mounted in 90deg.
Mar 12, 2012, 10:16 AM
Registered User
7,3km with sunhan's 2W booster and 5dbi Frsky whip antenna. No telemetry - standard 7ch receiver.

Full flight:
FrSky FPV 7,3km (24 min 16 sec)

~15:50 - max distance 7280m
May 13, 2012, 04:24 PM
Destructive testing expert!
Bill Sanford's Avatar
Originally Posted by Daemon
...but I also had what appears to have been a failure of the booster at only 3/4 mile with perfect unobstructed LoS between Tx and Rx, resulting in full lockout and a crash. No indication that the booster lost power, (green light was still lit following crash indicating both power and signal), but the Rx RSSI telemetry alarm told me that the signal dropped within a few seconds and was lost. Had the Rx simply lost power, there'd have been no RSSI alarm. So right now I'm a little distrustful of boosted 2.4Ghz control, despite past successes.
Just last Wednesday evening I had the same issue with the ARGtek 1W WIFI amp quitting. I have flown this MANY times before with no issues. I was out only about 700ft when I was getting RSSI alarms on FKSky module and had a short lockout. Fortunately I was able to regain control and get her home.

When I got home that evening I hooked the FYSky TX module to my PC and ran the config / monitoring app and did some tests. With the amp in line, both my TX and RX signal strength dropped by about 25db over what the module would do without the amp.

I'm surprised I was able to get the model home. That's not much better than range test mode! :-)

I have heard of others having the same issue with these WIFI amps.

I'm dumping the amp and putting dipoles on the RX in the plane along with stub filters to keep the 1,280 MHz VTX out of the RX. I'll also put a small CP patch on my RC TX (FYSk TX module). This method will improve the return telemetry as well.

I'll report back as to how well this works.

May 19, 2012, 08:15 PM
Registered User
I just got back from flying today, I went 3040 meters (1.89 miles) before I turned around. I did not get a failsafe just decided to turn back. My setup is,

Frsky non telementry module with patch antenna (the one avail at HK)
JR 8103 with 3s lipo batt
Tower hobbies 40 size trainer 700 brushless 14.8 lipo
Frsky 8 chan rx 1 std anntenna and 1 40mm inside plastic straws to keep them vertical mounted aft of wing
900 mhz 500w VTx mounted on bottom side of left wing,11.1 lipo
IBcrazy inverted v antenna leading edge almost at wing tip. v forward
fy 31ap and ap117 osd
Ibcrazy fast patch for vrx (homemade)

No filters or boosters
I think there is more distance in the setup, it was rock soild all the way out.
I do fly in a very rural area early in the morning

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