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Apr 28, 2011, 05:56 AM
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my micro submarine progression

thats right, an airplane guy making a submarine?? hes got to be nuts right? well, not entirely, as we do have a pool at our apartments (not open yet) so a sub is actually a nice change of scenery for me. because of the expensive nature of underwater craft and the lack of many decent micro rtr subs, i decided to make one from things i had around here. i frequent the subs forum and always see parts similar to things i have laying around so at least they will get some use.

ok first example is one i had started a while ago but didnt progress until a few days ago. it started life as a bottle of garlic salt the bottle was just the right size (i thought when i bought it) for a micro sub. so it sat for a while until i got the itch to make a working model. i added motors, an equipment plate and a nose cone to it and even got it balanced in the tub.
but then SilentHunter posted pictures of his awesome micro sub, even smaller than mine, and i just had to take it farther

so i found another tube, this one used to hold some JB Weld putty. its 1" in diameter and has one end sealed so half the job is done right there lol
i made the nose and end cap out of sculpey polymer clay, molded to fit the tube and baked them in the oven. after baked it is fairly hard and easy to drill or cut for fittings.
after much struggling with tiny wires inside the tube, i followed SilentHunter's advise and made a tiny equipment tray to hold all the gear and even repositioned the motors to the tail cone. SUCH an improvement! i could actually get the gear in and out pretty easy now. so i made up some micro ESC's from micro servo driver boards, even replaced the pots with resistors so i dont have to fiddle with them. once i get the third one made i will work on getting the dive motor installed on a rail attached to the bottom of the tube.
i cant really test it yet as i still need to buy a new transmitter antenna (havent used the futaba for a while now, got a DX-6i)

anyways its been a fun build so far, and it may even end up looking like a scale sub to boot
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May 02, 2011, 10:42 AM
Love anything RC
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Wow be good and leave the ladies alone with that thing at the pool... no poking allowed, OK?

Sorry, I just had to do it. Pretty cool looking. Congrants on your build. It's amazing to see how the internet makes all of this possible. Knowledge being absorved by people that didn't even have a strong interest on subs to begin with. I hope you can post the maiden... although on second thought, that shape, in a pool with ladies with bikinies and you and your video camera... maybe not too safe to film it
May 02, 2011, 03:36 PM
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har har, ladies beware of the sub in the tub

at least note that i said the business end was at the REAR of the sub. i have always liked submarines, i used to watch Jacques Cousteau with my dad as a kid. i also frequently read the submarine forum and subscribe to a few sub builder and event channels on youtube
plus i found a use for my old airplane radio so i wont have to sell it lol!
May 02, 2011, 06:32 PM
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Now all you need is FPV.
May 02, 2011, 09:16 PM
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Originally Posted by tele1974
Now all you need is FPV.
problem with that is most FPV transmitters are high frequency and cant transmit from under the water. it needs a signal under 100mhz to have any penetration through the water, thats why nobody uses 2.4ghz in a submarine, it gets reflected off the water.

but yes it would be very cool. i may have to build a sub that can at least hold a mini keychain camera or something

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